Supreme Martial System
172 My Very Own
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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172 My Very Own

Leaving the Academy's grounds.

Zhihao and his group went towards the nearest Inn.

Zhihao made all of them wear a mask to attract fewer attentions.

Zhihao ordered two separate rooms, one for women to use, and another for them.

When the 11 walked up, the other three, Machas, Margarette, and Luise spoke.

"Lord, we also wish to serve you."

The Three of them knelt as they bowed their head.

Zhihao seeing the three of them kneeling sighed as he casually spoke.

"Okay, okay, you may rise now."

Just right after speaking, Zhihao opened up his palm as 9 Shiny boxes appeared, each of these boxes floated towards everyone except Zhihao and Dennison.

Receiving this, Roland asked.

"My Lord, this is?"

"Go to the room, place it in your chest, It will be your new armors, I will teach you everything once we've gone on a mission."

Zhihao spoke as he entered the room.

"Yes, Lord."

The Men followed Zhihao, while the Women followed Ying Mai.

All of them then inserted the shining cube inside their chest.

Waiting for something to happen, they prepared themselves, all of them frowned as Roland looked at Zhihao and asked.

"Lord, is that it? nothing is... URG!" before Roland could finish his words, he felt something very painting surging out of his chest.

Except for Ying Mai and Ma Dong, everyone else that had received the Cube started to clutch their chests with their hands, the intense pain made them tear up as they tried to fight the pain, powers poured into their body, uncontrollable power surged fort as they collapsed in the ground, trying to hold on as much as they could.

Blood started to make it's way out of their head, their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth started to have blood going out of it.

Zhihao looked at them as he appraised their talent, he smiled at the continued growth of it but shook his head in the next moment, their talent is growing, but their capacity is not.

Zhihao sighed as he sat on his chair and watched everything, observing if anyone would need any help.

After a few seconds, Kazim and Machas fainted, but just right after that, they woke up from the extreme pain again.

All of them gritted their teeth, waiting for it to end.

Zhihao then heard a noise in the other room.



The women on Ying Mai started theirs.

Zhihao frowned as he released his power to make a soundproof room, he then activated his Supreme Martial God's Fortitude and Fortification.

Roland and the others felt a surge of Aura that had entered their bodies, lessening the pain by two-fold, All of them, for the first time in their life, felt shame, they now realized that Zhihao is not torturing them, but instead, he is tempering them.

Zhihao even felt that they needed an assistant, they wanted to follow him, yet they had doubted him instead.

Roland immediately looked at Zhihao, gritting his teeth through the pain, he squeezed out a few words out of it.

"Lord... We... Can... Handle... This...!!"

Zhihao smiled at them as he nodded, he released his aura from the males but kept the auras around the females.

Zhihao then spoke: "You can shout, don't hold it in, it will be more painful, I`ve already placed an anti-sound-leaking barrier around us, it won't be heard by others."

Just right after he spoke.




All sorts of shouts were heard.

Zhihao watched the process as he looked at them, in pain and agony, he then smiled as he remembered something.

'Was I like this when I evolved? Was I this miserable too that's why Arthariaz took pity at me?'

Zhihao shook his head as he thought that he understands Arthariaz better than before.

After a while, the shouts and screams decayed as they lay flat on the floor, all of them had already fainted.

Zhihao looked at Dennison and Ma Dong as he spoke.

"Clean their bodies, and dress them up, also clean up the floor."


The both of them immediately cleaned up their comrade as they let them lay in the bed one by one.

After a few minutes, everything is finally done.

Zhihao then looked at the two as he spoke.

"Sleep now, we need to do something tomorrow."


Zhihao looked outside the window as a smile formed in his face, he's cropping a very wicked plan.


The next day.

Everyone woke up, with the aching of their whole body.

They looked at Zhihao as they smiled and spoke.

"Good morning Lord."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Make them all go here."


Ma Dong replied as he went and knocked on the other room.

After a while, Zhihao looked at them as he smiled and spoke.

"Let's all go outside."


Everyone followed Zhihao to the forest outside the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom.

Zhihao smiled at them as he spoke.

"You will do what I tell you to do, Okay?"

Everyone tilted their head as they nodded.

Zhihao with his wicked smile started.

"First, focus the Mana into your Heart, feel the Cube that's inside it."

Everyone nodded as they started doing it.

Amro in Zhihao's mind frowned and spoke.

"Kid, what are you planning?"

Zhihao replied in his mind and spoke.

"Just watch. Kukuku..."

Zhihao then looked at everyone as he spoke.

"Good, now follow my Lead."


Zhihao lifted his left hand to his waist, then lifted his right hand from his legs opening it wide until it riched the sky, he then lifted one of his legs as he placed down his right hand in his chest and crossed his left hand with it, he then smiled as he shouted.

"Zhihao's Ranger, Change!"

All of them nodded as they tried to copy his move.

All of them simultaneously shouted.

"Zhihao's Ranger! Change!"

All of their bodies transmorphed as they were covered with different kind of colorful armors.

Witnessing this, Zhihao snickered as he silently muttered.

"My very own... My very own Sentai! hihihi..."

Everyone was shocked as they looked at their armors, a smile formed in their lips, they felt very light!

They then realized something, then Roland asked.

"Lord, do we have to do that pose every time?"

Zhihao returned to his calm as he coughed and replied in a dignified manner.

"Of course, that will be your very own pose from now on, take it in as my Prideful knights."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the eight of them smiled as they nodded, the shame would be overcome in time, but the honor of being Zhihao's knight, a future God's knight is irreplaceable.


Zhihao nodded as he spoke.

"Okay, Let's go and take a mission from the Adventurer's Guild!"

"Yes Lord/Master!!"

Zhihao led his group as they returned to the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom, covered with their shining new powerful armors.
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    《Supreme Martial System》