Supreme Martial System
171 Three Superstars
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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171 Three Superstars

Holy Magic Academy.

Zhihao, Ying Mai, and Ma Dong went to their classroom, and as usual, they are being surrounded by their classmates, a lot of from other classes also roamed around, wanting to have a glance at the very least.

Zhihao sighed, he wanted to keep a low-profile but he kept getting attention, now he just doesn't really know what to do.

Zhihao then closed his eyes as he browses for any interesting thing to see, then he saw some incredibly good looking Armors, Zhihao's lips arched into a smile as he wants them.

Ma Dong and Ying Mai noticed this, the smile of someone planning something really fun for him.

The both of them shook their heads, not knowing what to do, but just then, they heard a commotion outside.

Someone's bringing a lot of people towards their classroom, shoving their way in.

One of them shouted: "Zhihao! Come out! I've brought the Disciplinary Committee! Hand over yourself! You demon! You are a spy of the Demon Race planning behind our backs! You won't escape Death!"

Zhihao opened his eyes as he frowned and thought.

'Do I have to be bothered by something like this every day? I think I should just quit the Academy, it is too annoying, I've already learned everything here anyway, Adventuring sounds more fun.'

It was Michael, wanting some revenge from yesterday's humiliation, the surrounding students were shocked at first as they started to chatter amongst themselves.

"Eh, Michael? why is he here?"

"Don't you know? He was so scared of Zhihao yesterday, he was so scared that he ran away, leaving a pool of pee on the floor."

"Really? That was hilarious, It would've been great if I actually saw it."

"Shhh, can't you see? that's the Disciplinary Committee, they held power in enforcing the laws, and what's worse, that's his Uncle, Disciplinarian Monshige."

"Ha, such bravery, bringing his uncle to get a revenge, what's so good about him? I heard he is extremely handsome, but he's just a so-so, and a wuss too!"

"Hmmp! Bringing your Uncle to get revenge, such a weakling."

"Yeah, just because his Uncle is a 6th Grade Magician, he wants to flaunt it around the world for people to see."

Hearing this, both Michael and his Uncle frowned, but they really can't say a word about this, so they just targetted Zhihao.

Michael's Uncle, Monshige walked forward until he reached Zhihao's place and spoke.

"You are Zhihao? Come with me to the Judgement Hall, The Academy's President is there, we will judge you from what had happened yesterday."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai were about to kill the bu;b monkey talking in front of them, but then, Zhihao stopped them as he spoke.

"Okay, I`ll go."

Monshige nodded as he led the way.

Zhihao then spoke to the both of them.

"Tell those other 8 not to cause any big commotion, just tell them that I want to keep a low-profile, nothing big, it will be over in a min or so."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai immediately nodded, who could even hurt their Master in this World, as such they thought of something quite opposite...

If Zhihao got annoyed and destroy this continent, then they would have to think of cleaning up his mess.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong sighed as they both sat in the Chair, thinking of how to solve the problem.


Zhihao then Arrived at the Judgement Hall, Monshige led him in the Center and left him there.

There are a few people inside, around 18 of them.

Zhihao looked at the Man in the middle, sitting atop the highest desk.

"I am Marcus, the President of the Holy Magic Academy, I had received a plea, in which concerns the whole of the Human Race if it is something false, please forgive us for the rudeness, but these concerns us as a Whole, we could not just ignore these issue."

Pausing for a bit, Marcus then looked at Zhihao and asked.

"Are you a Demon Race's spy?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "No."

Marcus nodded as he continued: "But the one that pressed the issue says otherwise, he said that you used some sort of 'Demonic Technique' on him, yesterday, what do you have to say about that?"

Zhihao rolled his eyes and casually answered: "Well, I didn't use any of such Demonic Technique that you are referring."

Marcus frowned at Zhihao's attitude, then continued: "Michael, over there, said that, you looked at him, and just after a few seconds, he witnessed a Demon's silhouette appearing behind you, I was going to neglect this, but I heard rumours he left a pool of his own waste as he ran away,We asked a lot of your classmates and they had said they didn't see anything, just you casually looking at Michael."

Pausing for a bit, his expression then changed into a that of a stern one, seeking answers.

"Did you use some sort of technique? not a Demonic Technique, but a technique that can make other people fear you?"

Zhihao got annoyed as he glared at Marcus, it seems to him that they already made their decision.

Zhihao was about to answer, but someone from outside reported.

"President, 8 people are outside! they want to talk to you!"

Marcus frown, he finally saw how Zhihao was about to show his real self, but someone interrupted him, Marcus angrily stared at the reporter as he released his power surged out as he bellowed.

"Drive them away!"

Marcus is an 8th-Grade Holy Magician, he has a bad past because of the Demon Race, and every time he heard it, he couldn't stop but want to kill any Demons he faced.

The one that reported trembled, but still insisted.

"President, they are the 3 Great Magus and 5 Masters of the Human race!"

The reporter bowed his head as he trembled in fear.

Hearing the reporters words, Marcus trembled as his body shook a little, his expression immediately changed as he calmed down and spoke.

"Let them in."

The reporter immediately stood up as he nodded and went back outside.

After a while, The eight of them walked inside, they then saw Zhihao, the usually calm person is not showing any expression, but they noticed his hands clenching.

The eight of them immediately got cold sweats as they feared something, if they had just arrived a little later, they might not see the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom ever again.

Marcus smiled at them as he spoke: "Great Masters, to who do I owe the honor of you all visiting my humble School?"

Shivering, Roland immediately replied: "Ah, this, I heard my Nephew got into some sort of trouble."

Marcus frowned as he asked: "Who's your nephew?"

Roland then looked at Zhihao as he shakingly spoke: "The... the one standing in the Middle, he's my Nephew."

Marcus' eyes were immediately opened wide as he asked.

"You didn't have a Sister or Brother right Sword Master Roland? how come you got one?"

Roland frowned as he shouted: "IT JUST HAPPENED!"

Roland and the rest were shaking, extremely fearing of what Zhihao would do.

"This... But... This..." Marcus trembled at Roland's shout, who in the Whole Human race not know of Roland's might? The Berserker's Howler.

Stephany looked at Zhihao as she tremblingly spoke.

"This... I`m already here, to... to get my Niece's Lover, that's also him."

Marcus was floored, all of the Human Race knew that only Mary, Machas, and Margarette has siblings, how come two of them immediately got one.

Dennison almost flees from his fear, but then he walked forward as he spoke.

"He's very important to us, he's our Friend's son, we cherish his Talent the most, he'll be the strongest person that the Human Race will rely on, he's can already have a spar with us using half of our power at such a young age."

Hearing this, even Marcus started to shake, if that's true, they can just wish that Zhihao wouldn't take revenge, or Zhihao might go berserk and destroy the Whole Academy right now.

Their wish is true actually since Zhihao's berserk would destroy their whole World if that happens.

Marcus nodded as he spoke: "I`m sorry Masters, someone reported a false news, we'll immediately call out a punishment for that person."

The eight of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Marcus immediately looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Little friend, I apologize for the rudeness that you had suffered, I`ll definitely punish Michael."

Zhihao rolled his eyes as he walked out, not saying anything, Zhihao then looked at Michael, and this time, Zhihao released 1/10th of his Killing intent directly at him.

Michael saw this as he felt it again, the Death God's glare this time!

His mouth immediately foamed as he peed himself, and this time, there's an included stinky odor coming out of his behind, he lost conscioesness as soon as it had happened.

Such an innocent soul faced with Killing intent almost died.

The other 8 and Marcus noticed it as cold sweat dripped out of their backs.

Marcus's only thought is 'That's no f*cking Demonic Technique! That's a killing intent you f*cking brat!"

Zhihao then smiled at Stephany as he asked in a low and cold voice.

"So... Who's my lover again?"

Stephany immediately shook as she replied: "Lord, it's miss Ying Mai's wish to be told, she wanted me to say it no matter what..."

Zhihao then looked behind them as she saw Ma Dong and Ying Mai.

Ying Mai's face is as serious as ever but with a lot of blush on her face.

Ma Dong is just laughing inside his head.

The group immediately went out as Zhihao spoke.

"Ma Dong, drop us out of this Academy, we already got what we need here."

Ma Dong bowed as he answered: "Yes, Master."

The news that Ying Mai is the Niece of the great Ice mage scattered throughout the whole Academy, but in less than a day, it would scatter through the whole Kingdom, and next is the whole Human Race.

And that Roland's nephew and Stephany's niece are lovers are of the most outraged news, it spread through the whole Human Race immediately in the whole day!

Thus, the Three Superstars were born.

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