Supreme Martial System
170 Gods Exists
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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170 Gods Exists

Not knowing what to do, Zhihao decided that he could just let it go.

Seeing this, Ying Mai smiled as she embraced Zhihao tighter.

After a while, Ying Mai separated from Zhihao as she walked towards the bed, and spoke.

"Master, I`ll go and sleep first."

Zhihao nodded, letting her be.

After a few more hours, Zhihao decided to sleep too, but when he just came to bed, he heard a notification.


=Hello Zhihao, This is Arthariaz, I`ve left these message to inform you that, I`ve made some things for you, you I've to spend 10% of my remaining power to do this, you can go back to Earth once every month for 24 hours, and it will start 2 days later, when the sun is at its Peak, I wish you some good years to come, I have some minor powers scattered throughout everywhere, please try to find it and it will immediately merge with your body, I don't really know where they are since I've scattered it randomly, Goodluck with everything, I`ll come back, someday.

Hearing this, Zhihao smiled as he closed his eyes and spoke.



Morning came immediately.

Zhihao and Ying Mai woke up as they took their bath separately, after a while, both of them got dressed as they went to the Guest room.

Ma Dong and the other Five are already in there, waiting for them.

Zhihao then spoke.

"Let's go to Class first."


Everyone nodded as they went to the Carriage.

Ma Dong seeing that Zhihao and Ying Mai had already sat inside, drove the carriage to move.

The other five decided to just walk beside the Carriage, not willing to ride together with their Master, they thought that it would be disrespectful of them.

After a few minutes, when they are nearing the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom, the stones in the Five vibrated.

They looked at Roland, meaning for Roland to answer it.

"Yes, this is Roland, what's the matter?" Roland sighed, not knowing how to tell them of what actually happened.

"Where are you guys? We three had been searching for you all, what are you guys doing?" The one contacting them is furious, getting left out for a whole day.

Roland scratched his head as he replied: "Uhh... do you want to meet us first?"

"Okay, where are you guys?"

"We will be arriving at the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom in a few minutes," Roland replied.

"Okay, we'll go there, I`ll leave a few of my Men here in the border, Machas, make a Teleportation formation, Roland, I`ll wait at you in the Gate."

"Okay, well take your time." putting down the stone, he looked at the rest of his comrades as he spoke.

"Well, you guys tell them, I`m not really good with words."

The other four chuckled as they nodded.

After a while, Zhihao's group finally arrived at the Gates.

Two Men and a Woman approached the Carriage, then they looked behind as they saw Roland and asked.

"What are you guys doing? Why are you following someone in the carriage? We're the strongest Human in the continent, are you guys lowering yourself to follow some noble now?"

"Roland sighed as he looked at the other four, Mary then spoke.

"Well, Margarette yeah, we are currently following someone really noble right now, and will do so forever."

Mary and Margarette are always having a quarrel with every single minor detail.

Margarette frowned as she looked at Dennison and spoke.

"And you, what are you doing? didn't you vow to protect the Peace of the Human Race? why are you serving a useless noble?"

Hearing the Useless word, Ying Mai and Ma Dong frowned, but not only them, even the five, Roland, Dennison, Mary, Stephany and Kazim did the same.

The five of them immediately brought out their weapons and spoke.

"How dare you slander our Lord's name?" Dennison glared at her, preparing to have a clash.

"Margarette, don't blame me for beating the crap out of you!" Mary smiled as she finally had a chance to fight it out with Margarette.

"Don't you even speak of anything Ill towards our Lord, or Injuries, and bruises would be the least of your problems" Kazim immediately warned, daggers within both of his hands.

Roland only frowned, but he had already drawn his blades, ready to battle it out, so did Stephany.

Margarette, Machas, and Luise were shocked at how they were behaving.

Margarette immediately replied: "What happened to you guys? Why are you doing this? what did he offer you!?"

Dennison looked at Margarette as he spoke: "We, had already vowed to serve the Young Noble, we look at his powers with acknowledgment, his Authority with respect, and his Kindness with grace, never ever insult our Lord."

Hearing the events happening outside, Zhihao sighed as he spoke.

"You guys, talk it out, don't go around waving your Weapons around like it's some toy."

The five of them immediately hid their weapons as they replied.

"Yes, Milord."

Seeing their reaction, the other three were bewildered, Machas then asked.

"Can you guys tell us what actually happened? to make you become so loyal to him?"

The five of them then looked at the Carriage, then they heard a voice.

"I permit you."

The five of them nodded as they spoke.

"Well, first seal everything around us so that no voice can be heard outside."

Machas nodded as he cast a sound barrier around them,

Roland, Kazim, Stephany, and Mary looked at the Carriage and spoke.

"Master, you should go now, we'll follow you afterward."

Zhihao nodded as he signaled Ma Dong to go.

When the Carriage had finally gone inside the Gates.

Roland looked at Dennison as he spoke.

"Den, go and show them what our Lord had given you."

Dennison immediately nodded as he summoned his armor.

Margarette, Machas, and Luise were equally shocked, as Margarette spoke.

"You guys had sided with the Demon Race?!"

The five of them chuckled as Kazim spoke.

"Well, if it is based on power, he could very well be called a Demon, and will only be entitled as the Only Demon in the world, but he is quite the opposite of what you think."

Machas frowned as he asked: "Then what is he?"

Dennison smiled at them as he spoke with benevolence written in his face.

"He is a Human, entering the Stage of the Gods."

"Stage of the Gods? What do you mean?!"

Margarette is being hysterical. witnessing such fearsome armor.

Dennison chuckled as he spoke.

"Roland, Stephany, Mary, Kazim can you guys do the honor?"

The four of them nodded as they summoned their weapons, they then immediately gathered Mana in their weapons.

Margarette, Machas, and Luise were shocked.

Margarette immediately shouted.

"Stop! Stop it! It will cause some..."

But before she could finish, she was shocked, the amount of Mana they are gathering is abnormal, too abnormal! they are gathering Mana ten times faster than before.

The four of them immediately shot the Power they had gathered to Dennison.

Machas immediately shouted.

"No! He will die!"

But what happened the next moment made them even more shocked.

The clouds of dust cleared out as they saw a silhouette standing, unharmed, without any scratches in his armor.

They were speechless by the outcome.

Roland then looked at Machas as he spoke.

"Machas, I want you to make a Teleportation formation 500 miles south for us 8."

Machas immediately made one as all of them entered.

Roland chuckled as he led them towards the Top of the cliff.

Machas and the other two are bewildered, what are they even doing here.

After a while, they finally arrived at the top.

The three of them opened their eyes wide in shock.

Stephany nodded as she spoke.

"That... Is that the power of our Lord, the one we serve, our only God."

The Landscape is totally a mess, as mountains after another had holes in them, a very big and straight mass off land had been scraped out of the earth, as dead trees laid at the side, all destroyed by the aftermath

Was Such destruction caused by a single person?

Kazim then spoke.

"If we didn't reprimand you three earlier, the two by his side would've killed you on the spot, due to their teachings just yesterday, we've improved by leaps and bounds, but we are still no match to either of them, even if we helped save you. it might've been a single second, and you won't even notice how you died."

Roland added in.

"Even if the eight of us fight him, we would not even scratch a skin out from any of the other two, us five fought one of them, the one driving the Carriage, he did not use his power, only 4% of his physique, but he overwhelmed us without a scratch in his body."

Mary chuckled as she continued: "Margarette, you should thank us right? thank me now, or else you would've died earlier."

Margarette trembled but she then shook her head and spoke.

"Thank you all, for saving my life earlier."

Mary giggled with joy seeing Margarette trembling.

Machas and Luise looked at the destruction as they spoke.

"So... Gods really do exists?"

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