Supreme Martial System
169 Warmth
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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169 Warmth

Zhihao's Mansion, Guest room.

Zhihao looked at the five of them and asked.

"What's the level of power in this World? It would help if you`d include the Demon Race's power too."

Hearing his question, Roland talked immediately.

"Lord, that is... from lowest to highest in a regular test would be 1st-grade to 10th-grade, and after that is the stronges... The titles... We 5 and another 3 of our members have, for example, is Mary, she's titled as the strongest fire mage, which is The Sage of Fire, while Stephany is the Sage of Ice, ahem, Me as a graduate of the 10th-grade in swordsmanship..."

Hearing his words, the other four looked at him in contempt.

Zhihao nodded from the explanation as he waited.

Seeing that Zhihao is waiting, Roland continued.

"For the Demon Race, they have a really weird ranking so far as we know of, They have different titles, we've encountered a lot of them, but for a few times, they looked different from the ones we kept encountering."

Zhihao frowned at the explanation as he asked: "What kind of difference?"

Roland frowned as he wanted to explain, but then Stephany continued.

"Lord, the difference is, the time where we fought a lot of them, they always stink, they can't talk, and usually goes GRaaa! Roooo! Waaaa! but the ones we had encountered a fewer times were different, We tried to fight them, but every time we charge, they just frowned at us while they back away immediately."

Hearing Stephany's explanation, Zhihao frowned as he questions.

"Have you ever thought, that those are not the ones you've been fighting? Maybe a 3rd race that's trying to have a joined force in dealing with a common enemy?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were shocked and immediately went to contemplation.

Mary then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "But! They didn't even try to speak, they were just floating in the sky, we sometimes wait but they just kept flying towards us, but if that really was the case...Then, Haven't we been too aggressive if that was the case?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "Well... if you were the one trying to form an alliance with another Race, but then got chased away, what do you think?"

Thinking about it, the five of them felt really terrible.

Zhihao has a theory, in one of those that he had read coming from the Earth's novels he had bought before, Zhihao smiled then asked: "What are the characteristics of these "Demons" you are talking about?"

Dennison then looked at Zhihao as he replied: "Lord, that is, they have Horns, some has big, some has small, I think the ones with small ones are the Females, while the ones with big horns are Male, they also have a tail and a pair of black wings."

Zhihao's thinking is slightly becoming more and more coming to life, he then nodded as he asked one more.

"Then, what about the ones you are saying with weird noises?"

"Lord, that is, some of them looked like them, but the difference is, some has horns while others do not." Mary immediately reported.

Zhihao immediately stood up as he spoke.

"Hahahaha, then there really is the 3rd race."

The five of them was shocked, they then asked.

"Lord, What do you mean by that?"

Zhihao chuckled as he made a mysterious pause, holding his forehead with one hand, while the other in his hips, while he faced the other way and spoke mystically.

"The ones you spoke that were flying were the real "Demon Race", but the one you guys are fighting is different, they are "Undead"! They make the dead come back to life! But these time, they are powerful, but without a brain, is what I think, I call them Zombies!"

All of them, including Amro, Ying Mai, and Ma Dong tilted their head in a questioning manner as they all have the same thought in their head.

'Master/Lord/Boy... Do you have to pose like that? you look stupid...'

Just to keep his pride, all of them decided to keep it amongst themselves as they looked at each other and nodded.

Zhihao chuckled as he returned back to his seat and spoke.

"Now, we should sleep and go on an Adventure tomorrow! After my class is over!"


Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Now, we Sleep!"

Zhihao walked towards his room full of confidence.

Ying Mai sighed as she followed behind.

Ma Dong coughed a little as he spoke.

"You guys can go sleep in any room, there are a lot of vacant rooms here."

Dennison immediately stopped Ma Dong as he asked.

"Sir, Is the Lord always like that?"

Ma Dong immediately glared at Dennison clenching his fist tightly.

Dennison immediately got cold sweats while the other four felt similarly scared, then they heard Ma Dong continue.

"Well... he was... like that too, when I first met him... I think it's some kind of a hobby for Master, he likes to do that once in a while, but you`ll get used to it, in time..."

Ma Dong immediately coughs as he went and walked to his room.

The five of them looked at each other.

Mary then spoke: "Did we make a right choice?"

"I don't really know, but I miss my friends..." Roland immediately looked at the sky outside as he spoke.

Kazim and Stephany nodded in a sad manner as they sighed.

Dennison just frowns as he coughed and then spoke.

"Let's go and search for our rooms."

The other four nodded as they walked upstairs.


Within Zhihao's room.

Zhihao sat on his chair as he pondered for something.

Then a Ying Mai's voice came.

"Master, What's wrong, is something bothering you?"

Zhihao shook his head and replied: "It's not of an importance, but out of all those that I had known, there wasn't an Undead in an Isekai novel..."

Ying Mai tilted her head and asked: "Ehsikai?"

Zhihao chuckled as he shook his head and spoke.

"Nothing, it's just one of those stories I've recently known."

Ying Mai nodded and laid in the bed.

Zhihao pondered as he silently spoke.

"Will Takeji's group be okay?"

Zhihao thought that the story would just be developed into one of those that he had read, but then, just now, he realized something, not everything is like those of with happy ending, Zhihao frowned as he then found something really terrible to compare with Takeji's group.

'Didn't I almost die from the Explosion that Bugal had created? I was only saved by Arthariaz at that time, who will save Takeji's group if something bad happened?'

Ying Mai heard Zhihao's words and spoke.

"So Master, you are worried about those so-called Heroes group?"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke.

"What if, something horrible, something unexpected came out, is there a reason why I was sent here? Someone that should go to a higher realm instead of a really weak realm? is there something going on here? I need to know."

But just right after speaking, Zhihao felt something as he opened his eyes.

Ying Mai wrapped her warm smooth slender arms around Zhihao's body as she closed her eyes and then spoke.

"If there is something unexpected happen, Master will definitely solve it, if it is not something Master can solve, I`ll sacrifice my life so that Master can be at ease."

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