Supreme Martial System
166 I Don“t Like Them
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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166 I Don“t Like Them

Zhihao's Mansion, Guest Room.

Seeing a Snail coming out of nowhere, Everyone was shocked, including Ying Mai and Ma Dong.

Amro, hearing everyone's words immediately became enraged, veins popped at his tiny head as he tried to keep it in.

Amro finally calmed down as he spoke.

"Yes, I`m a very mild, and well-tempered God, I won't be offended by a group of mere Mortals calling me like that, I`m a kind God, A very, very Kind God indeed."

The five of them immediately responded.

"A Snail is really talking! HOW!?"

"Its real! A Snail talked!"

"I Thought it's just my Imagination at first, What the heck."

"Woah! Such a cute snail!"

"Indeed, maybe it's a type of a Morphed species."

All of the five smiled as they talked in excitement, excluding Kazim who is always dark.

Amro became enraged as his body started to morph, turning his body to a bigger size until he almost hit the ceiling while glaring at them.

The five of them immediately shuddered at the big fluctuation of power coming out of Amro, they started to tremble as fear swept across their whole body, shaking endlessly as they looked at the Cute tiny black Snail turned into a Monstrous Black Tortoise.

Amro with his glare striking at them as he spoke: "I had just said, that I`m a God, My name is Amro, The Deity of Protection, the Supreme and Almighty..." but before he could finish, someone cut his speech.

Zhihao then finished the rest.


Amro nodded as he continued: "Yes, Almighty Snai..."

Amro pointed at Zhihao, realizing that he had been tricked again as he spoke.

"You kid, don't think I can't harm you!"

"But you really can't right?"

"Well, yes, but... But...!"

"See, you can't, Hahahahaha"

"I`m not saying that I couldn't do anything to you, but you wouldn't be able to do anything to me!"

"Yes, of course, who would want to fight with a Snail anyway."

"I`m no Snail!"

"Then you are a slug with a shell."

"I`m not even soft!"

"Hahahaha, but you looked like one when you are small right?"

The conversation made them calm down as they saw the two of them chatting equally.

A God, talking to a Human like they are of the same position.

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke.

"Do you guys, want to see, how strong of a Celestial General will be when they have the Celestial Beast as their partner?"

Going with the Flow, everyone nodded as they looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao casually smiled at Amro and spoke.

"Partner, should we go and let them see a great scene?"

Amro grinned as he replied.

"Why not, let's go out Partner."

All of them then walked to the Backyard of the Mansion with the lead of Zhihao and Amro.

After a while, they had finally arrived at a farther place to avoid any accidents happening to the Mansion.

Zhihao then looked at Amro as the both of them nodded.

Amro started to transform yet again as he became a 350 meter monster.

Zhihao then looked at them as he asked.

"Would you guys like to see how much I my strength increase when I`m using 100%?"

All of them nodded their heads, even Ma Dong and Ying Mai.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Amro, Let's get it on."

Amro sneered as he replied: "No biggy, shorty."

Zhihao immediately released all of his aura as he focused everyone on his whole body, wind as strong as a mountain pushing downward blew out as it scattered through the whole surrounding.

Roland, Mary, Kazim, Dennison, and Stephany were immediately blown away, they were extremely shocked, and further more witnessing what is currently happening as they were in the Air.

Zhihao is floating in the Air!

Then, out of nowhere, two silhouettes appeared behind them as they catched the five of them.

Ma Dong caught Kazim, Dennison, and Roland, while Ying Mai catched Mary and Stephany.

The five of them were shocked witnessing such a scene, not only is Zhihao flying, but also his two subordinates! How come these people are strong! But their surprise haven't ended there as they were shadowed by something big in the sky!

Ying Mai had summoned her Arc!

All five of them were shocked.

How come these people are hidden? but then they came to a sudden understanding.

These people are going to fight a Grand Battle in the future, such Behemoths wouldn't include themselves in such a tiny matter such as their war with the Demon Race.

Dennison looked far more shocked than the rest as his thoughts only wondered in a single question.

'Such Grand People are willing to take him in? what do I have that others don't?'

Ying Mai and Ma Dong soared to the Arc as they placed the five of them down. Ying Mai immediately let the Arc go closer into a safe distance.


Zhihao looked at Amro as he spoke.

"I`ll use my Heavenly Pierce, that's my strongest offense."

Amro snickered as he replied.

"No problem Kid, you won't damage me even for a bit."

Hearing Amro's words, Zhihao sighed, but then he immediately thought of something else, why not use Mana together with his Spiritual Energy?

Zhihao smirked as he opened his palms, like a blackhole, every Mana in the surrounding covering an area of 40 Kilometers vanished.

Amro frowned as a smile formed in his face and spoke.

"Not bad Kid, now I don't know if you won't be able to damage me."

Zhihao's spiritual energy immediately got contained by the Mana as it started to merge into something like a humongous sword without any form but has a very sharp feeling to it.

Zhihao smirked as he spoke: "Don't die on me Snail."

"Pfft, someone like you kid, I won't suffer like that."

Zhihao solemnly looked at the Energy in the sky as he spoke.

"I`ll name it... Will of the Supreme One."

Amro smiled as he knew what it meant, tears formed in his eyes that looked very heart warming even though he kind of looked scary now. Amro then spoke.

"Give it here Kid!"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and spoke.

"Take it Amro!"

The "Will of the Supreme One" Immediately rushed forward as it Aimed at Amro. A heavenly supressing aura burst fort as the Sword moved, a overwheling power that can make people die just from getting near it.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong's heart clenched withnessing such power, if they were just a hundred meters near, they would've already died, such overwheling strength!

The five, Roland, Mary, Stephany, Kazim, and Dennison couldn't believe what they are seeing right now, Human can become as strong as that?!

Amro formed a Barrier using 10% of his power in front of him as he tried to measure the skill's power.

The skill clashed with Amro's barrier, After a while Amro smiled as he nodded in approval, after that, A Crack appeared in the Barrier.

Amro then chuckled as he placed another Barrier with 20% of his power.

After a while, the first Barrier broke as it continues to the second one.

Zhihao felt excited as he became a stronger through the process of adding Mana in his power.

Amro chuckled at Zhihao's excitedness as he stepped aside.

The sword energy then formed a crack as it blew past the 2nd Barrier, the Sword energy then immediately rushed out like a Bird that was caged, blowing past.

The environment that was passed by the Sword Energy immediately turned into a wasteland as the overwhelming power left holes on the Mountains, and made a path of destruction at its wake.

Zhihao noticed it and immediately controlled the Sword Energy to go up into the Sky.

Zhihao tried to retrieve some of the Spiritual Energy, although the power of the Sword Energy was decreased to 1/10th of it's original power, it would help decrease the cost of rejuvinating everything again.

The Sword Energy then morphed as all the left over Spiritual Energy came back to Zhihao, the Mana that was left immediately exploded in the Sky, creating a very fascinating Firework.

Ying Mai then let the Arc come closer to Zhihao as they spoke.

"Master, your power has improved once again."

"Master, it was such a good Idea of you pulling that power up, you might have destroyed half of this World's Continent."

Zhihao chuckled as he nodded and looked at Ying Mai as he spoke.

"Ying Mai, you`ll also get your Celestial Beast as a partner in the Future."

Zhihao knew that there are three others out there that Arthariaz want him to search, which means that his four Celestial Generals would have one each.

Ying Mai shook her head strongly as she rejected.

"Master, I don't want to."

Zhihao tilted his head and spoke: "Why?"

"I don't like Snails."

"Pffft! Hahahaha, No, it won't be a snail, yours will most likely be something else."

"I`m not a Snail! I`m the Black Tortoise!"

Amro strongly fought with their conversation as the four of them had a very strange but good Conversation.

Roland, Stephany, Mary, Kazim, and Dennison is looking at the Damage that Zhihao had done to lands, if something like that was to hit their continent, in its full power, everyone would definitely die, and vanished from the whole World.

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