Supreme Martial System
165 A Snail
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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165 A Snail

In the Middle of the Forest.

Ma Dong sighed as he patted a few specks of dust away from his shoulder, he then looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"Master, I'm done."

Zhihao nodded as he looked at the five people laying on the ground while panting heavily, he sighed and spoke.

"Who gave you the most trouble?"

Ma Dong looked at them and replied: "Well, this one with the Shield is like a fly, he kept going in front of his teammates, trying to guard them and continuously receiving my attacks, Like I thought Master, my 4% is different from your 4%, I still have a long way to go."

Zhihao nodded as he threw five pills towards their direction, all five of them immediately reacted as they caught those pills.

Roland is the first one to react and asked: "These are?"

"Just eat it, it's definitely good."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the five of them looked at each other as they nodded, if Zhihao wanted to kill them, he wouldn't need to resort to such tricks like poisoning them, hence, after a few more seconds, they placed the pill inside their mouth, They were immediately shocked, as the rock hard pill was dissolved inside their mouth like it was some sort of water.

After a while, they felt all of their wounds healed so fast that they can actually see it, they then looked at Zhihao not knowing what to say, what kind of treasure is this.

Zhihao casually smiled at their questioning face as he replied.

"Don't worry, I got a lot of those, it is not some precious pill."

This reply made them shudder and thought.

'Something this divine is not precious? then what is!?'

Zhihao then looked at Dennison and spoke.

"Do you want to follow me? I`ll train you to be someone as strong as them, although it would only be for protecting others, no offensive powers will be granted."

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of them including Ying Mai and Ma Dong looked at him in a bewildering and questioning manner, then Dennison became excited, then frowned the next second.

The other four also looked at Dennison for his response, being a subordinate of such a powerful human would definitely be a big gain, even bigger than clearing a whole dungeon or more.

Dennison was stuck at a decision whether to accept or not.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke: "Don't worry, I`m not rushing you, and there is one more thing that you should know, you won't be staying in this world after a few years."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the five of them looked at him in shock as they asked.

"Are you a God?"

Zhihao laughed as he responded: "I`m not a God yet."

They immediately caught the word "yet" and was shocked further, a person can become a God!? And if you become a Subordinate of a God? You`ll be an Apostle?

All of them wanted to protect the Human Race, but how can they protect it with little power.

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke: "Let's go to my Mansion first, we'll continue there."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they immediately nodded, but just right after that, their Transmission stone vibrated as someone is trying to reach them.

They looked at Roland meaning for him to answer it, Roland picked up his stone and immediately received the voice.

"The Demon Race are invading! There are four Elite Type Monsters, and a lot of Elite ones, We need back up here at the Southern border!!"

Hearing the voice from the stone, Roland frowned as he looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"Apologies, but we must go, for now, there is some sort of trouble that came up."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Let me handle it then."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were bewildered, but the next thing they saw made them shut their thoughts.

Zhihao gathered Mana in his hand, a suction force that they haven't experienced before had happened in front of their eyes, it's like Zhihao's hands turned into a black hole, sucking all of the Mana in the surrounding.

Zhihao then asked: "Where is that southern border?"

The five of them point at Zhihao's back.

Zhihao nodded as he scanned the distance, after a few seconds, Zhihao smiled as he threw the Mana in his hands towards the Air, it then turned into flame spears, thousands of them had appeared!

"Flame Spears..."

Stephany was shocked beyond belief, the maximum flaming spears she could create were at least a hundred, but Zhihao casually did thousands of them without even breaking a sweat.


After Zhihao shouted, the Flame spears immediately soared in the sky as if it had locked on its target, after a few seconds it then vanished from their sight.

Roland tremblingly picked up the stone and contacted Baram.

"How is the situation?"

Baram shakingly replied: "This... I can't explain... I... I don't... I don't understand... All of them... are dead..."

Roland and the other four looked at Zhihao in fear, if Zhihao is really the enemy of the Human Race, then it is no enemy of theirs, it is just someone watching them and would have a play with them.

Zhihao smiled at them as he replied: "Then, shall we go to my Mansion? We can discuss some matters there."

The Five of them nodded in response.

Zhihao smiled as he walked towards his carriage together with Ying Mai. Ma Dong then rode the Driver's seat as he drove the Carriage forward, Mary and the rest looked at each other as they followed behind the carriage.

Roland looked at the other four as he spoke in a lone tone.

"If we have his support, we wouldn't need to worry about the Demon Race, nor will we have to worry about the Human Race's survival."

Mary immediately frowned as she replied: "If that is what he's intending to do, we won't be having all of these problems with the Demon Race."

The three of them nodded as they looked at the Carriage.

Denisson the shook his head and spoke.

"We still have the heroes that were summoned, if we can hold back until they become strong enough to confront the Demon King, we might stand a chance in the Future."

Hearing Denisson's words, they nodded as they prayed for it to happen sooner, then they heard a voice spoke.

"You guys can just talk using your casual voices, I can hear them anyway."

The five of them sighed as they nodded, then Stephany asked.

"Are you going to help the Human Race fight against the Demon Race?"

The other four looked at the Carriage expectantly.

Zhihao smiled as he casually replied.


Hearing Zhihao's words, they felt that reality is harder than they thought, then they heard him again.

"But I`m staying here for at least 50 years, more or less."

The five of them had a face of hope as they thought of something similarly, if Zhihao is staying here, no matter how many the Demon race sent, even the Demon King himself, they would just be brushed off like the Demon King is nothing, a glint of hope arises, if they could just help the Human Retreat further to the Main Kingdom, they will be safe as long as they are near Zhihao's territory.

Zhihao then spoke.

"Dennison, What I can only promise, is for you to become someone that would be able to protect the ones you love and cherish, not including this World."

Dennison was at first smiling at his words, but the last sentence caught him as he asked.

"What do you mean by that Sir?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied.

"The four Heroes that you guys are talking about, came from my World too, although they have not as much potential as I did, I have something of what you might call a cheat, but those four have hearts of gold, they will definitely do everything they can to help you guys."

The only thought in their heads now is that "They came from the same world as this guy!"

After a while more, they had finally arrived at Zhihao's Mansion.

The five of them was shocked, such great Mansion, since when was there such a Mansion before?

The eight of them walked towards the guest room and sat.

Zhihao then looked at the five of them as he spoke.

"I`ll introduce myself first, I`m Zhong Zhihao."

"I`m Ma Dong, Master's first Direct Disciple."

"I`m Ying Mai, Master's Celestial General."

Hearing these, they were shocked, even Ying Mai is a powerhouse? then they remembered something and looked at Dennison, he was offered the same position as Ying Mai, but what exactly is a Celestial General?

Zhihao then continued: "My aim is to stop the chaos, the chaos that not any of you can imagine, well just think of it as, I need to fight Monsters, more than a million times stronger than me." After speaking, Zhihao looked at Dennison and continued.

"A Celestial General is someone that I only command, leading the charge towards that chaos along my side, my Direct Disciples are people that will inherit my will if I fail, they will help me too, but I`ll immediately send them back when the challenge is too great."

Ma Dong was about to speak, then he saw Zhihao looked at him while smiling, Ma Dong then shook his head as he clenched his fist. If it really is something that his Master can't handle, he'll reject the idea as he sends his juniors back and dies together with his Master.

Zhihao then sighed seeing his resolution and spoke.

"Don't worry Ma Dong, as their Seniors, you will be with me Until the end."

Ma Dong smiled as he nodded.

Zhihao then spoke again.

"Dennison, I will be needing your help if that time comes, I need my four Celestial Generals, although as of now, Only Ying Mai is with me, do you know that you are a genius if it comes to protecting and defending?"

Zhihao then closed his eyes as a silhouette appeared beside him.

Amro smiled at Dennison as he spoke: "I can't have him talk to you since I will be the one making you stronger Kid, that is If you agree."

With a smile, Amro chuckled as he continued: "I`m in your terms, you would call a God, the God of Protection."

Seeing a snail talk, the five of them became extremely shocked! What kind of thing is this! then one of them couldn't reject and spoke.

"Ahh! A... A Snail!"

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