Supreme Martial System
164 Scheme
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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164 Scheme

Forest between The Sacred Moonlight Kingdom and Zhihao's Mansion.

Five silhouettes of people are on the ground while looking at a Young Man.

The shock in their eyes can only be described as fear, The time that Zhihao had released a quarter of his killing intent towards them, the five veterans of war became like ants, looking at a Slaughtering God himself, adding the power that Zhihao had released, they were rendered powerless.

Zhihao walked towards them as he tilted his head and spoke.

"So, which one of you five should go first?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the five of them had cold sweats coming out of their body, they even forgot that It was just a spar, but who could blame them, faced with such godly might, they can't help but tremble in fear.

One of them tried to break out of it and with every ounce of his strength broke through from Zhihao's intent, but being suppressed by Zhihao's power, he's still gritting his teeth and stood in front of the other four.

"Get out all of you, I`ll try to stall for time!"

The four of them gritted their teeth as they tried to fight too, releasing their powers out as they gathered mana to protect themselves, they then held their weapon and prepared to fight, but what they are feeling as they stood up was like they are carrying a very big mountain on their shoulders.

Zhihao then picked up a pebble on the ground as he flicked it at the five of them.

Seeing Zhihao's action, they were bewildered, but when the pebble hit Dennison's shield, he was blown a few hundred meters away.

Dennison immediately stood up and charged back as the other four created a barrier to protect themselves.

Zhihao tilted his head and asked.

"Are you guys serious? We're just sparring right?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were shocked and calmed down as they sighed, yes, they were just sparring, but due to the overwhelming power, they felt that their life is threatened and instinctively tried to fight it out to the death, but when Zhihao said that they were sparring, it made them remember how everything started.

Ying Mai then approached Zhihao and spoke.

"Master, the amount of power that you had released is enough to tear a normal person to death, and with the killing intent, they were most probably became overwhelmed."

Zhihao touched his chin and spoke.

"I only used 4% of my power, they can't take it?"

Ma Dong then looked at them and smiled, he then looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"Master, they are humans that learned how to control Mana, they don't have anything like a Physique to help protect themselves, they don't have any cultivation method, that is what I have observed."

Hearing the three of them spoke, they were shocked as they felt really powerless, I mean, seriously? 4% and we can't even fight? How are you guys so strong!

Zhihao then nodded as he spoke: "Should I try with 0.5% then? maybe they would be able to handle it?"

Roland was about to speak and reject the offer as they had already proven that they only want a vacation if they really fight, who in the whole continent can contend against them. but before he could speak, he saw Ma Dong approaching Zhihao.

Ma Dong immediately answered: "Master, maybe I should go and try it out, I`ll just use my physique and a Mana power."

Zhihao nodded as he approved.

"Go on, let me see what they can do."

Ma Dong smiled at the five of them and spoke.

"Hello everyone, I`m Ma Dong, I`m Zhihao's first Disciple, My Master's first subordinate, I won't be using any power, only Mana, I hope you make do with me."

If it was any other people, they would just sneer and become angry at someone belittling them, but for a Strong person's disciple saying that they are just preparing to be bullied yet again.

The Five of them firmed their stand as they prepared to fight Ma Dong, they then summoned Mana and enhanced their Armors, providing Elemental defense around them.

Ma Dong then smiled at them as he asked.

"Are you guys ready?"

The Five of them nodded as they placed their stance.

Ma Dong then smiled as he charged forward, like before, Dennison goes in front, while Roland behind him, then Kazim tried to go around within the forest to hide, while Stephany and Mary gathered Mana in their staff.

Ma Dong smiled as he nodded, then he summoned Mana trying to imitate how they enhanced their armors, Ma Dong immediately tried it and what actually happened was that the Mana turned black as it then went towards his body, his normal uniform turned into a Black Armor within a few seconds, it looked like a Death Knight's armor.

Ma Dong frowned inside the Armor and spoke.

"Is the Mana designed so the Armor would look like the one used by people here? That's weird, I was trying to Copy Master's set..."

Zhihao chuckled and spoke.

"Based on my understanding, Mana evolves around the people of the world, which would mean that it would turn out how the People here use it."

Ma Dong nodded and looked at the five of them, he smiled as he charged forward.

Zhihao and Ying Mai sat at the ground watching the fun.

Zhihao then thought of something as he tried to use his Talent Appraisal, but before he could, someone spoke in his head.

Amro sent a message towards Zhihao.

"Hey Kid, do you see that guy holding two big shields? our Capabilities are quite in sync, appraise him for me, we're about 80% compatible."

Zhihao nodded and appraised Dennison.

Name: Dennison Zelis

Race: High Human

Level: 298

Magical talent: 56/100

Swordsmanship talent: 12/100

Item Amplification: 100/100

Elemental attachment: Earth(Metal)

Zhihao smiled as he let Amro see it.

"Not that good if you talk about offensive power, but I guess if it's in term of Defense, I can make him stronger and make him one of your Celestial General."

Zhihao nodded and replied.

"It will depend if he wants to or not though."

Amro nodded as he spoke: "Yes, I don't want to have a half-assed person to teach."

Zhihao then proceeded to scan the other four.

Name: Stephany Alzie

Race: Human

Level: 279

Magical talent: 84/100

Swordsmanship talent: 31/100

Item Amplification: 51/100

Elemental attachment: Fire

Name: Roland McArthur

Race: Human

Level: 321

Magical talent: 24/100

Swordsmanship talent: 87/100

Item Amplification: 39/100

Elemental attachment: Nil

Name: Mary Sanquez

Race: Human

Level: 289

Magical talent: 89/100

Swordsmanship talent: 2/100

Item Amplification: 77/100

Elemental attachment: Water

Name: Kazim Shadowstorm

Race: Human

Level: 269

Magical talent: 43/100

Swordsmanship talent: 89/100

Item Amplification: 21/100

Elemental attachment: Dark

Zhihao seeing their stats, he then remembered someone else and spoke.

"They are the highest ranking humans in this continent, but, Urokai's talent in swordsmanship seemed to surpass them."

Amro then spoke to him: "Actually, those over 100 is the first Barrier that they needed to complete, and once they evolve, they will be much stronger than before, in terms of cultivation, that would be the same as us crossing from Heavenly Sky Realm, to Divine Realm."

Hearing this, Zhihao then replied.

"Doesn't that mean, that they can also be trained to be a lot stronger?"

Amro nodded, and a smile formed in the lips of the two, Amro and Zhihao formed a lot of plan in their head.
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    《Supreme Martial System》