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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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163 Bully

Roland looked at Mary and spoke.

"Call Stephany and Earl Dennison, we need some help here."

Mary nodded as she took out a green colored stone.

"Earl, Steph, We need your help here, something came up."

Earl Dennison was the first to respond and replied.

"What kind of problem?"

"Something like a 1st class disaster, or might just be the 5th class, we can't tell anything yet, and we need some back up if we want to know which class it is."

Earl Dennison immediately replied: "I`m going there now, Holy Magic Academy right?"

"Yes, please make haste."

"I`m going there too, I`ll create a portal now, I`m currently in the Border with Kazim, he'll go with me too, in case something went wrong." Steph continued.

"Yes, the more, the better."

Mary then looked at Roland as she spoke.

"We'll need to better hide our auras further."

Roland nodded as the both of them immediately contained their aura from leaking out.


Within the classroom.

Zhihao frowned as he snickered.

"They decided to contain their Energy? Well Sadly, I can still detect them."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded.

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he touched his chin, then a woman entered the Class.

"For the three new Students, I am Riza, I`m a 5th-Grade Magician, I`ll be teaching you with Water Elemental Magic."

Riza looked at Zhihao and was amazed by how handsome he is, she then shook her head and continued.

"We'll start with the Basics... What's that liquid on the floor?"

"Maam, someone peed there, An upperclassman named Michael!"

Riza frowned as she opened her palm and immediately controlled the liquid, throwing it to a nearby tree.

Everyone was amazed as they clapped their hands.

Riza then clapped to stop them then she continued.

"Water Magic is an element that can both Heal, and Kill, it is a well versed Magic which can help a lot of people, and can also kill a lot, Water Magic can heal mild injuries, unlike the Light Magic which can heal fatal ones, but Water Magic has one advantage from a Light healing magic, and that is to remove poison."

Everyone nodded in understanding as they kept writing notes.

Riza then continued: "But, unless you are at the 6th or 7th-Grade Magician that focuses on water elements, you should not try it, as a very high focus is needed to handle removing poison from the body."

Zhihao, Ying Mai, and Ma Dong then ignored the two from the roof as they started listening to the Professor's lecture.

After a while.

Riza looked at them and spoke: "That's the end of our class, see you the next day."


Everyone packed their belonging preparing to leave.

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai and Ma Dong as he spoke.

"There are five of them now, I guess they really want to trouble us, Don't do anything unless I say it so."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai immediately nodded as they continued to scan the five of them.

Zhihao's group immediately evaded all of the student's attention as they reached their carriage, they then drove towards their Mansion.

Halfway from their journey, Zhihao, Ying Mai, and Ma Dong smiled simultaneously as five figures appeared, surrounding the carriage, one of them then spoke.

"Can we please have a chat amongst ourselves?"

Ma Dong immediately rebuked.

"Having a chat with weapons in your hands is a bad thing to do, you might scare us."

Ma Dong jokingly teased the one that spoke.

Then one of them spoke: "We can't really put our weapons down if we aren't sure of your origin, especially since you guys have a very strong power."

Zhihao and Ying Mai then walked out of the Carriage as he looked at them and asked.

"Excuse me, but what trouble did we do to have the attention of such great warriors and mages such as the five of you?"

The five of them frowned as one took a step forward, a beautiful woman dressed in a Magician's robe with a lot of armors in it, she then spoke.

"Hello, I`m Stephany Alzie, We'd like to talk to you three about your powers, and what are you three intending to do in our Human Race."

Zhihao looked at her as he bowed and replied.

"I`m Zhihao, you are referring to Human Race like we three aren't one, are you all that sure that we are not Human?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they then looked at Stephany.

Stephany then sighed as she replied: "We have always been wandering all of the places of the Human race, and we haven't seen anyone as powerful and handsome as you, so I could only guess that you are from the Demon Race."

Zhihao shrugged his shoulder and replied.

"Well, I`m definitely a Human, and so is the other two with me, we're trying to take a Vacation in this Kingdom, and we don't want to cause any trouble."

Then a Man wearing a full body armor wielding two heavy shields walked forward and spoke.

"I am the Earl of the North, Earl Dennison, We want to protect the Human race, no matter the price, even if it's with our lives, so having a threat like you wandering about so suddenly, we are definitely alarmed."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Yep, you are right, if someone wanders in a Kingdom of mine that has unknown power, I`d definitely be in high alert, But what I`m telling you is the truth, I am here to relax, no other intentions."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they still couldn't relax as they got even more caution around him.

Dennison then frowned as he asked: "How powerful are you then? We need to at the very least know that."

Zhihao sighed as he looked at him and replied: "Well, I`m not really as powerful as any of you, but I`m at least a 6th-Grade Magician based on your standards."

The five of them immediately realized simultaneously. 'Based on our standards? then where did he come from?'

Zhihao sighed and was about to speak, then a very bulky man walked forward and spoke.

"I`m Roland, The Berserker's Howler, I know that you are stronger than any of us, that I can be sure of, the amount of killing intent you released earlier is enough to testify that."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong looked at Zhihao as they chuckled.

Calling yourself a "Berserker's Howler" in front of someone that has the "Berserker God's blood flowing in his veins, such irony.

Zhihao sighed as he spoke: "What do I need to do for all of your suspicions to vanish?"

The five of them immediately spoke: "Prove it through your actions."

Zhihao them smiled sadly and replied: "I would like to, but I just wish that none of this will ever come out of your mouths, would that be good? I want to live a really peaceful life together with my two friends."

The five of them looked at each other and replied.

"I`m Stephany Alzie, vow to not speak of what will happen today to anyone, and will only stay amongst us, the 8 Human Pillars."

"Roland McArthur, Vow to not speak of anything that will happen today to anyone, other than us eight."

"Mary Sanquez, vows the same."

"Earl Dennison, Vows the same."

"Kazim Shadowstorm, Vows the same."

Zhihao frowned as he replied: "There are eight of you? nevermind, but just be sure that the other three will not speak of it, do you guys understand?"

The five of them smiled at each other and simultaneously replied.

"Of course."

Zhihao smiled as he also asked: "Not even the King."

Stephany walked backward as she replied: "We are not under any Kings, we are a sole Organization, helping to keep the peace with Humanity as long as we live,"

Zhihao nodded as he smiled.

Roland then asked: "Who would you like to fight with?"

Zhihao pondered for a while before he spoke.

"I don't like to bully some people who's weak, so why not the five of you come at me?"

The five of them frowned as they became enraged of what Zhihao had said, but just right after they felt that they were being belittled, a very scary Killing Intent pushed them all down to the ground, and a very big power suppressed them immediately.

"This!.... what!... urgg!..."

Zhihao then smiled at them and spoke: "Shall we begin, As a bonus, I`ll only use a single finger of mine."
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    《Supreme Martial System》