Supreme Martial System
162 Demonic Technique
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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162 Demonic Technique

Holy Magic Academy.

After three hours of class from Cragus, the next one is their last class for today.

The chattering of the students build up as the focus of all the attention is Zhihao's group of three, they are currently surrounded with a group of students asking.

"Hey! Ying Mai, can you teach me how to modify fire magic?"

"Yes, It is too awesome!"

"Ma Dong, your name is weird, where did you come from?"

"Ma Dong, are you single?"

"Ma Dong, can you teach me how to make those explosive skills?"

"Zhihao, those mirage skills are the best, if you can teach me that, I can scare Monsters away!"

"Yeah, it would really be a big help!"

Questions keep flooding to the three of them, Zhihao's group kept sighing as they really can't explain anything, and they just can't say that they have Godly physiques from the cultivation world, or they are just so powerful that Mana bends for them.

These questions made them sigh, not knowing what to do, but before the questions continued, someone barged into their room and spoke.

"Hello Dear classmates, I`m your senior from the 3rd year department, I`m Michael Mediev, Is this the place where the beautiful princess, Ying Mai studies?"

Some of the student's got excited as they spoke.

"Isn't that the genius magician Michael Mediev?"

"Yeah, although he's only 20 this year, he's already a 4th-Grade magician, although, doesn't his appearance a little stretched from the rumors?"

"Yeah, I can't really say that he's handsome, more like above average..."

"Yep, he isn't that handsome as the rumor say."

"What a disappointment."

Although they say that, they just got used to how Zhihao, Ma Dong, and Ying Mai looked, which made their standards soar leaps and bounds.

A decent looking guy entered the classroom as he scanned the whole area since no one responded to his question, after a while, Michael saw a group of people gathering in a big group, he smiled as he approached them.

Noticing that Michael is approaching, a lot of students made way to him, he is their senior after all.

Michael then smiled at those students as he continued walking forward.

Then, just like a meteor hitting him, he saw Ying Mai, he became speechless immediately.

Ying Mai looked towards Michael, but just after a glance, she then looked back at Zhihao and smiled.

The smile that Ying Mai did was so mesmerizing to him, Michael immediately resolved his will and spoke.

"You are Ying Mai right?"

Ying Mai tilted her head and nodded before ignoring him again.

Michael frowned as he felt very sad by what Ying Mai did, he was always called the most handsome male in the school, hence, his pride was wounded, a lot of the female members of the academy would just at the thought of getting to talk to him, yet Ying Mai had ignored him.

He then looked at who is she smiling at, and yet, another one appeared, no two of them!

Seeing Zhihao and Ma Dong's face, he paled and spoke.

"What kind of group are you guys."

Michael's words caught Zhihao's attention and looked, but then immediately disregarded him.

Michael gritted his teeth and spoke.

"Which of the two of you is Ying Mai's boyfriend?"

After hearing Michael's words, almost everyone pointed at Zhihao.

Michael glared at Zhihao and spoke.

"I challenge you to a duel, the price is Ying Mai's hands."


Almost everyone became excited and awed at Michael's declaration, then it was immediately halted by Zhihao's next word.

Zhihao looked at Michael as he smiled and had gone with his play.

"Are you stupid? She's mine already, why do I have to challenge you? What benefit would I get?"

Everyone in the classroom was shocked as they exclaimed.

"So they are really going out together!"


"Such a great news indeed!"

"I`d like to see them grow old together."

Zhihao's group and Michael ignored the chatter, Zhihao's group laughed while Michael felt ashamed, what kind of duel is it that only one benefits, Michael then thought of something to trade.

"If I lose, I`ll give you my staff. this Staff is our Family heirloom, and its value is very good if you`ll wish to sell it too."

Zhihao frowned as he looked at Michael, immediately, Zhihao released a tremendous killing intent focusing solely towards Michael.

Zhihao then glared as he spoke.

"Would you sacrifice a woman for a staff? How dare you even have a duel with those thoughts in mind."

Although the tone that Zhihao had spoken is very calm, everyone is actually bewildered.

As before Zhihao could speak, Michael had already fallen in the ground with his rear first, everyone can see a pool of watery spot beneath him, they alternately looked at the calm Zhihao and the very terrified Michael.

Michael shuddered as he stare at Zhihao, Zhihao is looking at him calmly, but to Michael, The God of Death is looking at him, prepared to devour his very soul.

Michael stood up as he runs away and repeatedly shouted.

"Demonic Technique! Demonic Technique!"

Everyone tilted their head as they saw the running Michael, then one of them laughed as he mockingly spoke.

"Hahahaha! The great handsome genius, Michael ran away with his tail between his legs, only leaving a pool of pee in the floor! haha haha this is really great!"

Waking up from their stupor, everyone started to laugh at the event that had happened.

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"Yes, Master, I am definitely yours."

Zhihao smiled at her and replied: "Yes, of course."

Ying Mai blushed a little as it ended with Zhihao's next words.

"You are my Celestial General after all."

Ying Mai's smile vanished and was replaced by a poker face.

Throughout the whole day, Ying Mai ignored Zhihao.


Two silhouettes were watching closely, it was the previous observers.

"Roland, did you feel that?"

The one that was called Roland nodded and replied.

"Yes, Mary, That is no ordinary Killing intent."

"How many battles did he have to go through, to have that kind of killing intent?" Mary spoke questioningly.

Roland frowned as he replied: "Mary, you should know that I`m the one amongst the 8 Guardians of the Human race that had killed the most demons numbering at least more than a million, but one thing I can say to you is, I`m not even at the tip of that killing intent, and what's worst is, he's trying to hide it from other people, only directing it at that Kid, I`m also sure that, it was not his full intent."

Hearing Roland's reply, Mary is shocked and couldn't think of any reply as the both of them looked at Zhihao.

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