Supreme Martial System
160 Making New Friends
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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160 Making New Friends

Within the Reception area.

The crowd went wild!

They were chatting amongst themselves about what had just happened.

Zhihao and the other two ignored everything as they proceeded with the enrollment.

The Receptionist smiled at Ma Dong as he spoke.

"You three are going to enroll?"

The Receptionist smiled as having someone that can throw a 4th-grade swordsman just like that is definitely a prodigy.

Zhihao let Ma Dong do the talking as the receptionist looks like he wanted to drag Ma Dong inside, just right after a few minutes, they immediately got enrolled immediately.

The Receptionist gave them some papers and a key to their rooms, although they didn't need such things since they had a Mansion, they just took it in case something happened.

Zhihao and Ma Dong immediately walked away from the registration area and went inside the Academy.

Every student dwelling inside looked at Zhihao's group whenever they went and pass by, some of them even fainted occasionally.

Zhihao then finally arrived at the classroom where they would be studying from now on, Zhihao immediately walked in as he tried to look for some seat for the three of them.

The Classroom has three rows wherein a single table can fit four people to sit on it comfortably.

The Students inside saw Zhihao as they became awed struck, and yeah, the females and males closer to the three of them immediately fainted as they saw a very bright light shining from them, the brightness that only gorgeously handsome and beautiful people emit.

Everyone from the Class immediately made some space between them, wishing that they could sit together with any of the three.

Zhihao then saw from the top middle row a person sitting alone, Zhihao then walked towards that location as he thought that it could fit the four of them.

All of the student that got passed by Zhihao's group either fainted or sighed in depression.

They saw where Zhihao is heading to as they spoke among themselves.

"Why is a prince sitting with a weirdo! It's such a shame!"

"Nooo! Of all the people to sit with, he had to choose that crazy idiot!"

"A Talentless person sitting beside two Princes, and a Goddess, how illogical!"

All sorts of protests sounded out in the air, trying to put a bad impression on the sleeping young boy to at least make Zhihao change his mind.

Zhihao sat at the table as he ignored the voices and nudged the person who's sleeping at the table and spoke.

"Hello, we'll be seatmates from now on."

The sleeping young Man finally woke up as he grunted and took his hands out intending to shake his hands.

"Nice to meet you, I`m Urokai Vandolf."

"Zhihao, this is Ma Dong, and this is Ying Mai."

Urokai finally lifted his eyes in a very lazy manner and scratched his head, he then looked at Zhihao's group and immediately became shocked as he spoke unconsciously.

"Such Beautiful Humans actually exists in this World..."

Zhihao just chuckled as he replied.

"Nice meeting you too."

After speaking, a person appeared in the front and spoke.

"Class will start now, you guys already know of the transfer students so I won't introduce them to you, Last time, I introduced to everyone how to control Mana, today, we will have a practical test, but before that, I`ll review you guys again, since there are three new students it would also help them."

After pausing for a while, the Man continued.

"To the new Students, I am a 5th Grade Magician, teaching Magic in the Academy, My name is Cragus Davidad, Mana is something that is around us, surrounding us with its mystical powers, the power of Nature, and we, as Magicians try to control them through and bend them to our will, for example."

Cragus stopped speaking as he opened his palm, a vortex of weak air formed in his hands as energies gathered in the Middle.

Cragus then continued: "This is Mana, and what I`ll do next is bending the Mana with my focus."

After speaking, the Mana in Cragus' hand flickered as it started to be changed its color and form, it then slowly turned into an arrow looking flame.

Cragus then looked at them as he continued.

"I slowly did this so that you guys could observe, have you seen it? This magic spell is called Flaming Arrow."

After speaking, Cragus dissolved the flames and continued: "Let us go to the Training yard now."


Everyone was very excited to have a try too, so they immediately stood up as they prepared to leave.

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai and Ma Dong as he spoke.

"Have you guys comprehended it?"

Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded as they replied.

"Yes Master, but only a little bit of it, I can't really say how much I had learned through that lecture without testing it myself."

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Okay, good, let's go."

Zhihao then looked at Urokai as he spoke.

"What about you? going to continue sleeping?"

Urokai smiled at Zhihao as he replied: "You guys go on, I don't really have any talent for Magic, didn't you hear them? Those words are really true."

Zhihao nodded as this guy really didn't have much of a connection with him, thus he just led Ying Mai and Ma Dong out, Zhihao then remembered something as he looked at Urokai and spoke.

"Urokai, Everything will turn out for the better if you try harder."

Urokai smiled at Zhihao as he went back to sleep.

Zhihao then used "Talent Appraisal" Towards Urokai.

Name: Urokai Vandolf(Hellscream)

Race: Hybrid Human and Elf

Level: 24

Magical talent: 1.5/100

Swordsmanship talent: 100/100

Item Amplification: 49/100

Zhihao was shocked, then shook his head and followed the rest of his Classmates.

After a few minutes of walk, they had finally arrived at the Training Yard, It was full of Mannequins on a stick.

Cragus immediately looked at them as he spoke.

"This would be your target to practice, when you reach 2nd-Grade Magicians, you`ll then go and start with Moving ones, Understand? Who would like to go first?"

Zhihao then spoke.

"Sir, we three would like to start."

Cragus smiled at Zhihao as he spoke.

"Good, I like your boldness, you three go here."

"Yes." The three of them then walked forward after replying.

Zhihao then looked at Ma Dong and Ying Mai and sent them a message.


Ma Dong and Ying Mai nodded.

Cragus looked at Zhihao then spoke.

"You go first."

Zhihao nodded as he tried to gather some mana in his palm and immediately tried to form it immediately.

All of them was shocked at what they saw.

Zhihao then opened his eyes as he frowned, he tried to minimize the Gathering of Mana, but then what he saw are 10meter flame arrows, and there are thirty of them floating around him.

Cragus shakingly muttered.

"Flame Spears, a 7th-Grade Magic! and 30 of them..."

Hearing this, everyone was shocked even further.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong chuckled as they thought.

'So much for keeping a low-profile.'

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