Supreme Martial System
159 Cutting in line
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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159 Cutting in line

Outside of Zhihao's Mansion.

Zhihao and the other two walked out of the Mansion as they came in front of the Carriage.

Ma Dong immediately went to the Driver's seat.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai as he spoke: "Go in."

Ying Mai smiled as she replied: "Yes Master."

Ying Mai then entered the Carriage as she sat on the other side.

Zhihao then entered afterward and sat, he then called out to Ma Dong.

"Ma Dong, Let's go."

Ma Dong nodded as he replied.

"Yes, Master. Hya!"

After replying, Ma Dong immediately made the horse move.

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao as she blushed slightly as she gritted her teeth and stood up, she then sat next to Zhihao while looking out the window.

Zhihao was shocked as he was about to speak.

"You... you...."

But before he could utter a word, Ying Mai intervened.

"I`m not touching."

With a blush that is turning her face as red as a tomato, Ying Mai smiled satisfied.

Zhihao was about to say some more, but then just gave up as he shook his head and stared at the other side of the window.


After a few minutes, Zhihao's party finally arrived in the Entrance of the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom.

Seeing their Luxurious carriage a lot of people was bewildered and started a chatter amongst themselves.

"Why are they falling in line?"

"Maybe it's cause it is their first time lining up."

"Yeah, I guess it's their first time on the Capital."

"Yep! but such Modesty, I think they are good Lords from other provinces."

"Yep! Definitely."

The Chatter continues as Zhihao's group finally arrived at the entrance.

The Guard took the 8 silver coins and let the Carriage pass after searching the whole carriage for any weapons.

After a while, Zhihao asked Ma Dong.

"Which Academy would suit us more for learning Mana?"

Ma Dong pondered for a bit and replied.

"Master, there are three which I think would suit us in learning how to control Mana based on the people I had asked, It's the Blue Pegasus Academy, the Dragon Blaze Academy, and the Holy Magic Academy."

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Which are the characteristics of these Academies?"

"The Blue Pegasus focuses on all magic, but they are more versed in Water Magic, the Dragon Blaze Academy is the same, but they focus on Fire Magic instead, then the Holy Magic Academy is a jack of all trades, but Masters of none."

Zhihao nodded and spoke.

"We'll go to the Holy Magic Academy."

Ma Dong immediately drove towards the Holy Magic Academy as they parked the carriage and move towards the enrolling section.

The Holy Magic Academy is almost as big as a City, with its glorious sky scrapping building it its very wide spaces with a lot of Facilities.

Zhihao and the rest finally arrived at the reception area of the Academy as they lined up.

A lot of the enrolled students wonder about in the vast Academy, and some had the chance to witness their arrival.

Witnessing Zhihao's appearance together with Ying Mai and Ma Dong, everyone was shocked.

"Look at that man! is he enrolling in our school! I wish they get accepted!"

"Yeah! although the other one isn't as handsome as he is, he's also a really great catch!"

"One of them must be taken, look at that gorgeous girl beside them."

"Woah! So beautiful! They perfectly fit together!"

All sorts of commotion were heard, seeing the three of them.

Zhihao casually waited in the line as he heard the noise, Him and Ma Dong casually ignored it and didn't make a big deal out of it.

But Ying Mai, on the other hand, kept smiling with a beautiful blush on her face, especially when she kept hearing how she and Zhihao looked very good together.

With that said, everyone that spoke that they look together, Ying Mai would look at them as she smiles.

Male or Female, after seeing Ying Mai smile at them immediately fainted, they felt like they had witnessed an Angel smiling at them.

Thus, the start of the Ying Mai's fan club was established, and their Motto is.

-Protect our Angel's beautiful smile!-

After a while, when Zhihao was next, a noise entered their ears as they looked where it came from.

"Give way! Give way!"

The Men kept pushing everyone around as they headed towards the Reception room to register.

Zhihao frowned and ignored it, he then looked at the Receptionist and spoke.

"We three would like to enroll in your Academy."

But right after finishing, the one causing a ruckus arrived beside him and spoke.

"Boy! Let my Young Lord enroll first, I`ll give you a gold, so adjust yourself."

The Receptionist frowned and was about to speak, but before she could do it, she saw a silhouette appeared in front of her.

Ma Dong looked at the Man and the three others behind him and spoke.

"I don't know where you came from, but I won't permit you to cut in front of my Mast... My friend!"

Ma Dong glared at the man, making his stand.

Zhihao had warned him not to call him Master, instead call him Zhihao or friend outside of their Mansion before, thus making this outcome.

The Man chuckled as he rebuked.

"Oh? What will you do? I`m a 4th-grade Sword Master, what will you do about it? Huh?!"

Hearing the Man's word, the surrounding students went pale as some of them spoke.

"No way! A 4th-grade swordsman!"

"Yeah! They are very strong!"

Then someone narrated behind.

"You needed to be at the very least be a 3rd grade swordsman before you could graduate in any academy, this man must be a Mercenary, or might be a great Swordsman that was hired by his Lord, after the 5th swordsman, there will come 10 more grades, but from 6th to 10th grade, only a few had ever reached it, numbering from less than a thousand in the whole Human race."

The Man then looked around as he continued: "Why did I talk like that? I must be having a weird delusion earlier."

Everyone looked at him weirdly as they shook their head and immediately focused their attention back to Zhihao's group and the Man.

Ma Dong then frowned as he was about to take action, then Zhihao spoke.

"Get lost, or you won't be able to move your hands again."

Zhihao's eyes were just as casual before, but he released a tiny bit of his killing intent focusing solely on the Man.

The Man at first was about to laugh, then he felt the extremely mountain pressuring killing intent coming from Zhihao, his body immediately sweated a lot as he unconsciously retreated a few steps.

The Young Man that was behind got tugged by the Man as he spoke.

"What are you getting your legs to shake like that after just looking at that Young Lad, let me talk instead."

The Young Man shove the swordsman in the back as he spoke.

"I`m the Duke of Raking Mountain Kingdom's son, and I`d like to enroll here, My name is Earl James de Carpio, It would be an inconvenience for you if you block my way."

After speaking, everyone around them came to a chatter again.

"No way! one of the top 500 Kingdom's Duke's sons!"

"Yeah! oh no! Such a handsome guy immediately had a fight with him, this is bad!"

Zhihao heard everything as he spoke.

"Would you go behind the line, or want me to send you there?"

This time, Zhihao didn't release any killing intent and just casually spoke.

Earl James frowned as he rebuked: "Arrogant!"

But right after shouting, Zhihao spoke.


Ma Dong smiled wickedly as he replied.


Ma Dong immediately walked forward as he tilted his face, his lips arching into a very evil smile as he looked at James and spoke.

James was about to speak, but before he could, Ma Dong did something.


Ma Dong threw the four of them to the back of the line as he went back to Zhihao's side, but he didn't forget to leave a message.


Everyone that witnessed it became shocked, a 4th-grade swordsman couldn't even fight as they were all thrown to the back of the lane.

The Males felt admiration towards Ma Dong's action as they saw him like an Idol, while the Females looked at him with flowers floating around him every time they stare at him.
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