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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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157 Mana

Dawnton Holy Empire's Capital, Sacred Moonlight Kingdom.

Within a distance, the foot of the mountain near the Kingdom, a big void crack appeared as three silhouettes walked out of it.

It is Zhihao's party of three.

Zhihao looked at the horizon and asked Ma Dong.

"Find a suitable place for us to settle in."

Ma Dong immediately flew towards the sky as he scanned the Kingdom, he then contacted Zhihao.

"Master, would you like to have a new Manor or would you like to purchase a new one."

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he replied: "Just pick a location, I have a Mansion stored in my Interspatial Ring."

Even though Zhihao had said that he scanned the Store that Arthariaz had left for him and found some great Mansions inside it, it also costs few points since it has not much of an effect, only relaxing effects.

Zhihao immediately purchased one as it immediately went to his inventory.

Ma Dong after scanning the surroundings for a few minutes, finally found one, a very spacious area with a pond beside it, he then immediately spoke.

"Master, I`ve found one."

Zhihao nodded as he flew towards where Ma Dong is, Ying Mai, followed behind them.

Zhihao smiled as he saw the area, he then immediately tried to take out the Mansion, but then instead of a Mansion showing up, a blueprint like a window showed itself in front of Zhihao's eyes.

Zhihao then started with clicking the Mansion in the Blueprint as it showed a silhouette of the Mansion's core placed on the ground.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke: "So, I can adjust it? that's pretty cool."

After a while, Zhihao placed the Mansion as it started to automatically build itself from the roots, Zhihao then placed all the other areas where he thought it would suit quite well, Gardens, Fountains, walls, etc.

All types of decoration were immediately placed one by one, after two hours of floating, Zhihao smiled as he nodded at the Abstract he had made.

Ma Dong and Ying Mai got cold sweats while staring at the Design of the Mansion, they immediately looked at Zhihao as they both spoke.

"Master, Should I help you design the Mansion and its exteriors?" Ying Mai spoke nervously, she wanted to live with her Master, Zhihao, but if they'll live here, they would definitely be mocked and that would ruin their peace.

"Master, Let me help you in placing the other structures, please Master, I`m begging you let me help! PLEASE!" Ma Dong is on the Edge, just thinking about the fountain near the stable made his heart ache so much.

Zhihao was shocked at the two of them and spoke: "Why are you guys being like that? You don't like how I did it?"

Both Ying Mai and Ma Dong kowtowed as they replied: "MASTER! PLEASE!"

Zhihao was bewildered and shook his head as he replied: "Okay, Okay, stand up, we're in the air, how can you guys even kowtow like that."

The both of them immediately replied: "If it is for our Master's Life, we might even be able to do the impossible!"

Zhihao sighed as he spoke: "Okay, okay, Just tell me where do you want me to place the things."

Ying Mai immediately started: "Master, please remove the green colored roof and replaced it with a brown wooden color, and the pinkish brown walls should be white, or black depending on your taste."

Ma Dong started too: "Master, the Garden should be placed behind the Mansion, and please put the fountain in there too, the other fountain should be at least 70 meters away from the Mansion's door, please remove it outside of the Mansion's gate."

The Both of them combined their might as they flooded Zhihao with their "suggesting" in what to change and what should be done.

After another two hours, Ma Dong and Ying Mai panted while trying to save... remodel the Mansion's designs.

Zhihao looked at the Mansion as he touched his chin and spoke.

"Should I color the Table pink with floral desi..."

But before he could finish, both Ma Dong and Ying Mai interrupted him as they spoke: "Master, this is good! This is good!"

Zhihao then nodded at their undefeatable wills and determination and replied: "Okay, let us enter then."

Both Ying Mai and Ma Dong sighed a breath of relief as they nodded and replied.

"Yes, Master."

All of them entered that Mansion as they sat on the Guest room.

Zhihao immediately tried to recover the Spiritual Energy he had used with the Dimensional Scar.

Ma Dong and Ying Mai saw Zhihao and immediately followed suit. but just right after a few seconds, the three of them opened their eyes as they simultaneously spoke.

"I can't recover my Spiritual Energy!"

The three of them looked at Each other as they pondered deeper into this.

Zhihao then looked at the knowledge that Arthariaz had left for him, immediately he opened his eyes and spoke.


Ying Mai and Ma Dong looked at Zhihao as they asked.

"Master, what is Mana?"

Zhihao looked at the two of them as he nodded and explained.

"Mana is something like a Spiritual Energy, but the structure from the both of them are very different, we gather Spiritual Energy from the Heavens, while the Mana is gathered from the Earth, it's nature, it's inhabitant, everything that has a life has Mana."

Both of them nodded as Ying Mai asked.

"Master, if everything that has a life has Mana, how are we not benefitting from them?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "We have mana in our bodies when we had arrived here, it started pouring into our body, we just don't know how to use them yet."

Both Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded at his explanation and asked.

"What are we going to do then Master?"

Zhihao closed his eyes as he looked into the Knowledge of Arthariaz, after a while, he opened his eyes as he threw some High-Grade Spiritual stones to the both of them and spoke.

"We'll use these stones to recover our Spiritual Energies, but you won't be using your Spiritual Energy afterward, we have a limited supply of High-Grade Spiritual Stones right now, and we can't just do anything about it."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded as they replied.

"Yes, Master."

Zhihao thought for a bit as even Arthariaz didn't know how to use Mana, which only led him to think of a very interesting solution.

Zhihao looked at Ma Dong as he spoke.

"We'll enroll in an Academy, within the Kingdom, Ma Dong, you said that there are Academies here right?"

Ma Dong nodded as he replied: "Yes Master, there are academies within the Sacred Moonlight Kingdom."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay then, let's go and learn how to use Mana there!"

Ma Dong and Ying Mai smiled as they replied.

"Yes, Master."

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