Supreme Martial System
155 I Love You
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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155 I Love You

Zhihao's room.

Ying Mai wanted to stop Zhihao, but something inside her broke, the crystal that she wanted to keep until she dies, she then instead gave in, she thought.

'Master, forgive me for this selfishness as I`ll take advantage of your depression.'

After just thinking, Ying Mai immediately hugged Zhihao's body as she embraced her tighter.

Zhihao went with the flow as he also embraced Ying Mai's body, he then slowly pushed Ying Mai to the bed as he passionately undressed her slowly, then when Zhihao touched Ying Mai's chest, he immediately woken up from her drunken haze as he looked at Ying Mai and spoke.

"Since when did you grow Ning... Ying Mai?"

Zhihao immediate dispersed the alcohol out of his body as he distanced himself from Ying Mai.

Ying Mai's eyes immediately went wet as she stood up and looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao noticed the tears gathering in Ying Mai's eyes and spoke.

"Ying Mai, I`m really sorry about..."

But before he could finish Ying Mai bowed and spoke.

"Master, It was my own selfishness, I took advantage of your depression and took action, please punish this subordinate of yours."

Zhihao shook his head and spoke.

"I`m sorry Ying Mai, but let's just forget that this happened."

Ying Mai smiled sadly as tears flowed to the stone floor and nodded.

Ying Mai then looked at Zhihao as she thought inside her.

'To you Master, It might've just been some sort of accident, but to me, It would be a memory that I'd like to treasure forever."

Ying Mai then spoke: "Yes Master."

After that, Ma Dong knocked on the door as he entered and spoke.


Zhihao nodded and spoke to them: "About the situation we are currently in, I was about to go here alone, but due to you guys coming so close to me at that time, you both were dragged together with me, due to the power that I had used that time, I was exiled here for 50 years, It was a type of power with a contract, and my contract is to be exiled from my birth world, our Cultivation World."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded in response.

Zhihao then continued: "We'll have to try and live our normal lives here and also wouldn't intervene with how this world will continue, I`d like to ignore the situation they have as much as possible, is that alright with the both of you?"

The both of them nodded, no questions asked or doubt in their heart.

Ma Dong then suggested.

"Master, should we just leave this place and make our own vacation place instead then?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he nodded and replied: "Yes, that's a very good idea, why not then?"

Ma Dong smiled and spoke: "Yes Master, should I ask for a copy of their continent's map?"

Zhihao nodded and spoke: "Yes, do that then."

Ma Dong smiled as he nodded and spoke: "Yes Master."

After speaking, Ma Dong looked at Ying Mai as he sent his voice in her mind.

"I`ll take at least a few hours, make it count."

Ying Mai was shocked at first, she then smiled and replied: "Thank you."

Ma Dong then bowed to Zhihao as he left walking.

After Ma Dong left, the atmosphere between Zhihao and Ying Mai became awkward again, remembering what happened earlier.

Zhihao then sat in the chair in some distance away from Ying Mai.

Ying Mai saw this as she spoke.


Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and asked: "What is it?"

Ying Mai smiled at him as she replied: "I Love you."

Zhihao became speechless as he avoided her gaze.

Ying Mai then continued and spoke.

"I won't give up..."

Zhihao glanced at Ying Mai as he was about to speak and prevent her from saying anything else, but Ying Mai already continued.

"I`ve tried to force myself to give up my love for you, I even sealed my feelings to avoid hindering your path to supremacy, but everything broke up when I felt your lips in mine."

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai with sympathy as he tried to speak.

"Ying Mai, I... I don't know how to reply."

Ying Mai then shook her head and spoke.

"I won't give up the second time Master, I`ll take my love until the end until you finally notice and accepts my feelings for you."

Zhihao then looked at her and spoke.

"Ying Mai, My feelings for you is of one I have with my friends, my closest friend, not of the opposite sex."

Ying Mai finally gained her composure and spoke: "Master, Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up, Nobody learns how to do something without getting it wrong once, twice, three times, or more."

Zhihao was about to speak, then Ying Mai persistently continued.

"I won't give up Master, I won't give in to my selflessness until the end, until you finally accept my feelings and love me back, like the ones you have with Lady Verushka, Lady Ning'er, and Lady Xiao'er."

Zhihao calmly looked at Ying Mai, not knowing what to say anymore.

Ying Mai then continued again.

"And If that time is not enough, I`ll start all over again, and try it until I finally succeed. I want to try everything, I still want to try even though I could fail. Until I reach my end, my death."

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai as he spoke.

"Ying Mai, we should stop this discussion, nothing will come out of it."

Ying Mai then replied: "That doesn't matter Master."

Zhihao asked: "Why?"

Ying Mai spoke again: "I`ll keep making the same mistakes, even every day, those mistakes until I get the attention and love from you Master."

"Why would you go to such drastic measures for me, I don't deserve such. " Zhihao spoke.

Ying Mai smiled at him and replied.

"Master, It's the selfishness of us women, It's because what we thought of that we love someone, we won't give up, I`m not asking for you to accept me immediately Master, but I`ll work hard, this I swear on my life, until my death."

Zhihao couldn't figure out anything anymore, he can't think of any reply.

Ying Mai then spoke: "It's because, Master, I loved you from the bottom of my Heart, any other Men, even wealthier, more handsome, and stronger would not do, I don't know why I feel like this, but this is my resolution, Master."

Zhihao asked again.


Ying Mai shook her head as she couldn't get her intention to Zhihao and spoke.

"Master, I`ve already said it a lot of times, It is my selfishness, Forgive me for being selfish, but just this once, Master, Please let me do something I want to do, because I love you."

Zhihao sat on his chair looking the other way not knowing what to do or say anymore, while Ying Mai is looking out of the window, feeling really inspired and motivated as a very long silence filled the whole room.
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