Supreme Martial System
154 Drunken Haze
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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154 Drunken Haze

Throne room.

Everyone was shocked at what they had just witnessed as they looked at the man that flew out of the Throne room and slammed towards the next wall.

They then looked at Ying Mai again as they became even more bewildered.

One of the three silhouettes spoke.

"Who is she?"

The King answered in a murmuring tone.

"A normal... Human..."

Hearing the King's word, all of the ones in the throne room shook as they looked at Ying Mai.

The one that spoke before shuddered as she replied.

"Is she really a human?"

Everyone looked at Zhihao's group of three immediately, they still remembered how the talent crystal's reaction earlier happened. they were all categorized as working class, and Zhihao is even a regular human, what the hell is happening now.

Zhihao then broke the silence as he spoke: "She's my bodyguard, they have a very good balance to their core, I hired them for a hefty price."

Hearing this, The King and Takeji's group nodded in confirmation, but they are still mesmerized by how powerful Ying Mai became earlier. they were still carrying a little doubt.

I mean, which female on Earth could actually throw a very well built man away to penetrate a wall until slamming the next one.

Zhihao then laughed as he continued: "So we should go and have our introductions now right?"

The King sighed as he replied: "Yes, It seems that I had forgotten to introduce my self, I am the King of this Empire, I am King Philip the IV."

The other three then nodded as they spoke.

The two Ladies started first.

"I`m Patricia, The Greatest Flame magician within the Empire."

"Nicole, The Best Magician in terms of Ice magic."

The man behind them then spoke.

"Ricardo, the dual blade swordsman."

Patricia then looked at the hole that was made by Ying Mai where she placed their comrade in and spoke.

"The one in that hole is the greatest knight within the whole empire, his name is Arthur."

Takeji's group immediately became shocked, The strongest knight in the whole empire got thrown off by Earth's bodyguard? and a woman at that?

Zhihao chuckles noticing Takeji's reaction he then spoke: "Well, I might call her my bodyguard, but I guess there's some evolution within her muscles after arriving here."

All of them looked at Zhihao and then just sighed, maybe that was the case since the Talent Crystal only showed them that.

Zhihao then broke the silence again as he spoke: "Should we star the Banquet?"

The King lightly nodded as he clapped and spoke: "Okay, let the banquet start! Everyone!"

After speaking, people outside the room poured in as they chatted with one another.

Takeji immediately went and sat at a table as he called out.

"Zhihao-sama, Let's eat together in this table."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, Ying Mai, Ma Dong, Let's go."

The three of them immediately walked as they sat together with Takeji's group.

The two groups chatted amongst themselves, although Ma Dong and Ying Mai only nodded occasionally, as they ate.

Takeji kept glancing at Ying Mai's direction while eating, Ying Mai noticed this as she looked at Takeji and smiled.

Takeji immediately blushed and goes back to eating.

The King immediately broke the small chattering with his next speech.

"This would be the time that I`ll be releasing my best wines stored!"

After the King spoke, a lot of beautiful maidens brought over jars after jars of wines, a lot of jars were placed in front of Zhihao's and Takeji's group.

Zhihao was about to reject, but then, he remembered his wives back in the cultivation world, he then immediately opened one up as he lifted it and placed it at his lips, drinking the whole jar full of 3 gallons of wine in a single breath.

"Gaaa! soo good! I need one more here!" Zhihao spoke after finishing his jar.

The King looked at Zhihao as he nodded.

"Give our heroes' companion some more wine!"

The King already noticed it since the beginning, that Zhihao had been the most bothered transferring to their world, how much would a person miss their loved ones after leaving their original country.

He himself, as a King had those times, especially when his wife died, he immediately smiled resembling himself in Zhihao's position.

Zhihao then took it easy with the next jar of wine as he actually poured it in the glass, he then looked at Takeji's group as he spoke.

"Come on! Let's drink!"

Takeji and the rest smiled as they shook their head and spoke: "We're actually minors, we're only 17 years old."

Zhihao smiled and nodded as he replied: "That's a shame then, I guess more for me!"

Ma Dong joined Zhihao as he drank the wine, one glass after another, he also missed his family after all.

Ying Mai was thinking of not drinking but seeing Zhihao's depressed mood, she joins him as she took some wine and had some sip of it too.

After a few minutes, a person arrived near them as she spoke.

"Hello Heroes, and Mister."

Takeji was stunned yet again as he saw a very gorgeous woman.

She then introduced herself to Takeji's group.

"I`m the Princess of Dawnton Holy Empire, My name is Maria Lorelei"

Maya and Nanami tugged at him as they whispered in his ears.

"Isn't the hero usually gets the Princess?"

"Yep, Yep, those were usually what happens when a story ends right?"

Takeji shook his head as he spoke: "I already have someone I like, so I really can't"

Maya and Nanami giggles as they continued to eat and chatted among themselves.

Yoshiro chuckled as he adjusted his seat, Maya and Nanami did the same.

Takeji followed them as they let the Princess sat beside Takeji and Zhihao.

Lorelei smiled at them as she spoke: "Thank you, heroes."

After speaking, Lorelei sat at the chair as she adjusted it a little closer to Zhihao.

Yoshiro, Maya, and Nanami almost spat out the food and water in their mouth as they saw what happened.

The Princess is interested in a normal human rather than the Hero itself, the three of them stood up as they patted his shoulders.

Takeji shook them off as he spoke.

"It's not a big deal, I just said that I already have one I like."

The three of them sat as they continued to chat with others.

Zhihao kept drinking as he finally got a little drunk.

Lorelei immediately felt the depression in his face as her heart felt his pain immediately. She tried to

comfort Zhihao and spoke.

"Sir, if you drink too much, it would definitely be bad for your health."

Zhihao looked at her and replied: "Don't worry, something this mild wouldn't affect me in the least."

Although Zhihao had said that, he is starting to feel a little bit cloudy, he could easily disperse it but, he just wants to be drunk just for once, he missed his wives so much.

Zhihao then stood up as he spoke: "Well, nevermind, I actually feel that I`m a little drunk now, I`ll go to my room then."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai stood up as they followed Zhihao out.

The Princess also followed and spoke: "Wait, I`ll lead you to your rooms."

The Princess followed them and led them to their rooms, after reaching there, Ying Mai spoke.

"Princess until here is good enough."

Lorelei smiled as she walked and returned to her own room, if Zhihao wasn't there, it would be really boring for her, so she had decided to turn for the night.

Ma Dong looked at Ying Mai as he spoke.

"I`ll need some fresh air, Take care of Master for now."

Ying Mai nodded as she closed the door, she then walked while assisting Zhihao to bed.

Zhihao then woke up with a bit of a headache as he looked at Ying Mai, he then spoke.

"Ning'er? is this a dream?"

Zhihao immediately touched Ying Mai's face in a daze as he spoke.

Ying Mai was shocked, she then replied.

"Maste..." but before she could finish speaking, something soft blocked her lips.
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