Supreme Martial System
153 How Dare You!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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153 How Dare You!

Treasury room of the Dawnton Holy Empire.

The Treasures floating around Zhihao kept dancing, circling around him, trying to attract his attention, seeking his hands to grab them.

Everyone was shocked at what's happening this time, something incredible is going in front of them again.

Even the Heroes' weapons wanted to break free from their clutches just to attract Zhihao's attention.

Zhihao sighed as he couldn't think of any excuse.

Ying Mai giggled as she spoke to Ma Dong.

"So much for trying to have a low profile."

Ma Dong chuckled as he replied: "Well, who can deny the Supreme One's extreme elegance and his power."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai only nodded their head as they already got so used to it.

Takeji and his group became shocked as they thought inside their head.

'Is he really an ordinary human?'

Everyone is starting to think otherwise.

Then the King broke the silence as he spoke.

"Everyone, I think it's the same thing that happened before, Like the creator of the testing crystals, the treasure seemed that they want to protect him because he is too ordinary, and him living here is definitely dangerous."

After hearing the King's words, everyone accepted it as if it's the fact, well I mean, even the heroes only had one or two weapons flew in front of them, so how can an ordinary human attract their attention, that must be the only explanation they can get, to protect the most ordinary human.

The King then looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Go and pick some out then, It would help to protect you in our world."

Zhihao breathed a sigh of relief as he nodded and opened his palm while gathering his Spiritual Energy in it, trying to look at which items would suit him.

Six pieces of stone with different colors then immediately flew towards his hand, White, Black, Red, Blue, Brown, and Grey. at first glance, those stones looked like it is a single piece, but if you looked closer, each stone can be separated in four.

Zhihao looked at the stones in confusion, the knowledge that the Supreme Martial God, Arthariaz, had given him doesn't seem to have any knowledge with the stones.

Zhihao then sighed as he grabbed them.

Everyone saw it happened as they pondered what were those stones actually are, then they looked at the King for his opinion.

The King coughed as he spoke: "I haven't seen those stones before, I think we would only be relying on his fate if he could ever do something about it or use it himself, we can't really do something about it as the treasure choose him."

Pausing for a few seconds, The King looked at them as he spoke: "Let's have a banquet for welcoming the Heroes into the World! The savior of Mankind!"

"Yes!" Everyone immediately bowed as they went into their way to prepare for the banquet as they scattered amongst themselves, dividing the duties for themselves.

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai and Ma Dong as he spoke: "You two, come here and check if you`ll get anything out of the treasure room, King, can my two companions get some too?"

The King seeing everyone had left and only 9 of them had been left spoke: "Yes, yes, of course, go and let them in the Treasure room."

The King actually had forgotten the two of them as he was shocked at what Zhihao had shown them.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong immediately nodded as they walked closer towards the Treasure room.

The King only nodded at them as he spoke.

"We'll go to the throne room first, you should follow us afterward."

The King thought that it would be another disappointment since those two were just normal working class talent, so he just went and proceeded back to the throne room, to introduce the Heroes to their Mentors.

Zhihao smiled as he saw the silhouette of the King and Takeji's group leaving, he then looked at Ying Mai and Ma Dong and spoke.

"Try it for now."

"YES!" Ma Dong and Ying Mai replied after hearing Zhihao's word.

Ma Dong and Ying Mai stood in the middle of the treasure room, immediately like the treasure's reaction towards Zhihao, they all vibrated as they tried to attract Ma Dong, and Ying Mai's attention, the only difference is that it wasn't as grand as when Zhihao did it, they only floated from their original position.

Ma Dong and Ying Mai then opened their hands as they stretched it forward, gathering their Spiritual Energy in the palm of their hands.

Towards Ying Mai flew pieces of something that looked like wood, a massive amount of it. In Ma Dong's side then flew a big hammer looking thing with a very sharp edge, and a few iron looking things as well.

Zhihao then scanned the things with his appraisal as he spoke.

"High Elf Wooden Enhancer, Dwarven metal and a hammer?"

Zhihao scanned the hammer as another information kept showing in front of him, he then continued.

"Mountain Dwarf King's Great Hammer Ax?"

Zhihao then nodded at the great treasures they had acquired, he then continued.

"Keep it in your Interspatial Ring, for now, find a new one and less showy to show later."

"Ma Dong and Ying Mai nodded their heads as they responded.

"Yes, Master."

They then picked up some treasure with a really weak power to just show them, for some reasons, Ying Mai picked a carving knife, while Ma Dong chose a Blacksmith's hammer.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke.

"Yep, those are definitely very ordinary, let's go to the Throne room then."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai nodded as they followed Zhihao.

After a while, the three of them finally arrived at the Throne room as they saw a very grand feast already in place.

The King and Takeji's group didn't notice Zhihao's entrance, but there are other four noticed them standing, surrounding Takeji's group as they spoke happily, then those four silhouettes noticed Zhihao's entrance as they frowned and withdrew their weapons.

One of the Silhouettes immediately withdrew his weapon as he dashed forward to Zhihao's location, the other three then nodded at each other as they followed him.

The one leading the four arrived in front of Zhihao as he wielded his sword and slashed down.

The King noticed their movements as he looked at where they went, then he noticed that It was Zhihao's group!

Takeji's group immediately noticed it as looked, they immediately got shocked as their group, the King, and the Princess shouted.


The Man wielding his sword down toward Zhihao heard it as he shouted.

"Not Good!" He wanted to stop his sword from going down but it's actually too late, his sword is already halfway to Zhihao, and with the force he used, He can't pull it back up now.

But just right at this moment, the Man wielding his sword down towards Zhihao felt a very tremendous killing intent, it feels like time has slowed down as he looked at the ones beside Zhihao.

What he actually saw were just normal eyes, but this time, while looking at them, it felt like two Death Gods had descended in front of him.

Ying Mai immediately rushed forward together with Ma Dong, Ma Dong was about to smash his head with his hammer, but Ying Mai already stole his spotlight as he saw her wielding her Knife.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Ying Mai shouted in extreme thirst to kill.

Ying Mai collected all of her Spiritual Energy toward's her knife as she intended to slash the man wielding his sword in front of her Master in half, then she heard Zhihao spoke through her mind.

"Low Profile."

Ying Mai immediately collected 99.99% of her Spiritual Energy as she redirected her body slash towards the sword instead.

Ying Mai's knife immediately hit the sword as it pushed the sword back towards the Man and immediately blowing him away in front of Zhihao.

The Man saw this as he immediately exclaimed: "What?!"

But just right after speaking, he was blown away as he slammed back to the wall and even penetrated it, he finally stopped at the second wall that he slammed into.

Everyone's mouth opened in shock, as they all have only one thought in mind.

"What the f*ck did we just saw?!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》