Supreme Martial System
152 Dancing Treasures.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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152 Dancing Treasures.

In front of the Treasure Room, Corridor.

After hearing the voice spoke, Zhihao, Ying Mai and Ma Dong looked behind them.

They saw a fine Lady full of elegance, long black hair, smooth skin jade white skin, blue eyes, and a very gorgeous face, wearing a blueish dress, she smiled at them and bowed, showing her royal manners.

She saw the three of them looked at her at the same time, she then turned her eyes towards Zhihao's direction as she waited for his response.

Zhihao tilted his face as he asked: "You are?"

Hearing Zhihao's question, she almost stumbled, she then fixed her posture again as she looked at Zhihao and smiled.

"I am the Princess of this Empire, My name is Maria Lorelei."

After speaking, Lorelei smiled as she bowed towards Zhihao's group.

Zhihao scanned her as he nodded and replied: "I`m Zhihao, this is Mai, and This is Ma Dong, nice meeting you."

After introducing them real quick, Zhihao's group immediately faced the treasury room as he followed the rest.

Lorelei's smile vanished as she tilted her head and asked in a low voice.

"That's it?"

Lorelei sighed as she followed behind Zhihao's group.

The King smiled at them as he proudly introduced.

"Heroes! This is our Treasure room! All the things inside are powerful items that came from the previous generations, the heroes of that time, the saviors of our world, the ones that had fought for our Empire before and established the paradise of humans."

After speaking, The King smiled as he opened the Door.

A Majestic sight was revealed after the door was opened, mountains and mountains of dazzling golden treasures can be seen piling up together.

Takeji, Yoshiro, Maya, and Nanami opened their eyes in shock as they couldn't believe what they are actually seeing.

Maya looked at Nanami as she asked: "We would be billionaires, even trillionaires if we bring half of these back with us to Earth."

Nanami nodded her head repeatedly and couldn't reply.

Takeji and Yoshiro smiled at the two of them as they sighed.

The King looked at Takeji's group as he spoke.

"My Father, once told me, if there were ever an event where the human races face extinction, four heroes will be summoned in the Grand Hall to help us resolve our catastrophe, and once we bring them inside the treasure room, the treasure itself will choose them instead."

Takeji's group was shocked, they then looked at the King waiting for him to continue.

The King noticed this as he nodded.

"Let's enter, Let us see which treasure will choose the Heroes."

After speaking, the King led the way inside as he spoke.

"Try to concentrate and calm yourself, feel the fate that you have and a treasure will immediately respond to your call."

After hearing the King's words, they immediately looked at each other, this time, Takeji took the initiative as he walked forward.

Takeji closed his eyes as he started to focus, feeling the energy within him as he releases his thoughts.

After a while, a sword in the top of the treasures vibrated as it flew up in the air, after that, a shield also slowly floated together with the Sword as it started to make its way to Takeji.

Everyone nodded as they clapped.

The King then spoke: "The Sword and Shield of the founder of our Empire, Our very own legacy itself!."

Takeji opened his eyes as he grabbed the sword and shield, he then walked back towards his classmates as he spoke.

"It is your turn now guys."

The three of them walked side by side as they stood in the middle of the treasure room.

They immediately imitated Takeji as they released their thoughts and focused solely on their heart.

After a while, the treasure trove shook as four items floated in mid-air,

Two Swords and two Staffs slowly came closer as it stopped in front of them.

The Three opened their eyes as they stretched their hands to get it.

Yoshiro smiled as he spoke.

"Two swords! Wow! Even on Earth, I haven't seen any of such quality before."

Nanami also smiled as she replied: "Mine is a staff made of steel too! It looked like those that were wielded by the monks on Earth."

Nanami and Yoshiro immediately went super excited as the ones they had received are too awesome, they then looked at Maya waiting for her reaction, but after a few seconds, they didn't hear anything.

Yoshiro and Nanami walked closer to Maya as a voice spoke.

"Don't come any closer."

Yoshiro immediately stopped, but on the other hand, Nanami smiled as she immediately rushed towards her and grabbed Maya's arms, Nanami immediately saw her weapon as she laughed.

"Hahahaha! A wooden stick! A wooden stick! HAHAHAHA"

Maya glared at her as she tried to grab Nanami's weapon and spoke.

"No! this is mine! This is mine!"

Nanami laughed at her as she spoke: "Here take it."

Nanami gave her staff to Maya as it immediately returned back to her.

Maya had eyes full of tears as she spoke: "This is not fair! This is not fair!"

The King sighed as she looked at her and spoke: "That wooden staff, is the most powerful weapon in the Treasury, It amplifies the power of a Magician when they used fire by ten folds, if you combined all the three weapons here, The wooden staff would at least surpass them but only a little."

Hearing the King's words, Maya immediately stood up as she calmed her self down and spoke.

"hmmp! Such weak weapons you guys have."

Maya immediately returned beside Takeji as she proudly walked with her Wooden stick.

The four of them laughed awkwardly as they chatted some more, then Takeji looked at Zhihao as he spoke.

"You should take some protections too."

Zhihao wanted to decline again, but meeeh, something getting for free is good.

Zhihao then nodded as he walked and spoke: "Then, I`ll try my luck too."

But just after Zhihao had entered the door, the mountains of treasures immediately shook as everything immediately floated, surrounding him.

The pile of treasures looked as if it's dancing around him as some of them are even glowing, it can be described as something like a group of girls dancing in front of him wanting to catch his attention.

Even the weapons that Takeji's group held wanted to break free from their grasp as they wanted to join their fellow treasures in attracting Zhihao's attention.

Everyone was shocked as they opened their eyes widely in a very confused state and exclaimed.


Ying Mai and Ma Dong only shook their heads as they chuckled and thought.

'Master really is the supreme being, even the treasures won't deny him of his extreme elegance.'
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    《Supreme Martial System》