Supreme Martial System
151 Statue
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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151 Statue

Dawnton Holy Empire, Within the Grand Hall.

Everyone in the Grand Hall is mesmerized by the overwhelming sight of what's in front of them.

Zhihao noticed this as he thought of a way to avoid getting so much attention in this new world, he then thought of a few solutions, but then he saw something very interesting in Arthariaz's given knowledge, he smirked as he started to tinker with the crystal's energy.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong were only shocked for a brief moment, they are already used to it as such, they calmed themselves up and looked at Zhihao, then just after a few moments, they both saw Zhihao releasing a very thin strand of his energy towards the crystal's core.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong just sighed as they both shook their heads and had a thought inside their head.

'Ah! My Master is doing something again, sigh...' Ma Dong casually shook his head as he went silent.

On the other hand, Ying Mai chuckled as she saw the energy that Zhihao has been releasing is actually messing with the crystal's core, she has the thought of: 'Master should be doing something very fun.'

The both of them looked at their Master with anticipation, then they immediately noticed the smile that appeared in Zhihao's lips as it quickly vanished.

The both of them immediately thought inside their head.

'Master is playing a prank I guess, He's enjoying it too."

Zhihao finally walked away from the crystal, and within just a few seconds, two silhouettes appeared out of the Crystal and spoke.

"Human! We are the Sage of Fire and Ice, This is the special function of our Crystal, once it has been touched by an extremely innocent and talentless human, it will release a very powerful aura, as such we pity you, but at least, we gave you a minute of inspiration, I hope you do well in being a normal human."

Right after the two silhouette spoke, the Crystal broke as it crumbled down to specks of dust.

All of the ones inside the Grand Hall sighed as they shook their heads, they just thought that Zhihao would be an additional help for their conquest, but for the talent crystal to actually point out that he's the most perfect human that has no talent at all made their hope vanish instantly.

Even Takeji's group sighed as he shook his head and looked at Zhihao with pity.

Zhihao looked at all of their reaction as he spoke: "Okay king, you do know that I`m a very untalented human, so you should really put some protection for me right? well, I just need some things, I won't take any manpower from your empire."

The King nodded as he smiled and replied: "I will immediately have your new homemade behind my Castle, there, you would be protected, our Castle would be destroyed first before they can come to your house."

Zhihao smiled with satisfaction as he walked back, but before he could, Takeji blocked his way.

Zhihao tilted his head as he asked: "Is Something wrong Takeji?"

Takeji frowned sadly as he held Zhihao's shoulders and spoke: "I`ll definitely make you return to Earth, I promise you, Zhihao-san."

Zhihao smiled at Takeji as he answered: "That's good, Take your time though, Don't rush it or you might make a mistake, and could lead to one of your friend's life." After speaking, Zhihao's smiling face changed as a sad expression emerged from it.

Takeji was shocked after seeing such an expression as he gazes at Zhihao's walking figure, it felt like there's a very heavy burden that Zhihao is carrying, he wanted to ask, but it would possibly make his mood much sadder.

Takeji shook his head as he spoke: "I`ll definitely win this so that we all could return." He then noticed Zhihao's friends faces, the both of them are carrying the same expression as Zhihao,

Takeji sighed after witnessing such burdened people, he then spoke in a low tone.

"No matter what it is, I`ll definitely help you solve it one day."

Zhihao returned to his original position as he saw Ma Dong and Ying Mai standing behind him.

Ying Mai was about to comfort Zhihao, but decided not too, instead she just changed the subject.

"Master, Low profile?"

Zhihao heard Ying Mai as he nodded and replied: "Low Profile."

After a few minutes of conversation around the whole of the Grand Hall, the King finally spoke.

"Heroes, You`ll need to learn about how the things work in our World."

Takeji, Yoshiro, Maya, and Nanami looked at the King as they wait for him to continue.

The King nodded and spoke: "You`ll be able to learn your levels and magical powers as well as your attributes if you looked at your Status window, you can see it if you think of the word "Status Window"."

Takeji's group immediately did what the King said as all of them closed their eyes and focused on making the status window appear.

After a while, they finally summoned the Status window as they looked at it, Maya and Nanami immediately jumped excitedly as they spoke.

"Kyaaa! Like those in the games!"

"Yep! Really felt like we're inside the game!"

Takeji sighed as he looked at the King and asked: "What does S in Talent mean?"

The King smiled as he answered: "S talents are of the best of the best, there hasn't been an appearance of an S talent like this happening in our World before."

Yoshiro, Nanami, and Maya also looked at the words as they all spoke.

"We're S too."

The King casually smiled as he nodded and replied: "Of course, you are the heroes of our World, that is to be expected."

The four of them became a little excited as they nodded their head.

The King then continued to speak of his plan for them.

"I`d like the four of you to learn Magic and Swordsmanship from our best Magicians and Swordsman, They will be arriving here in a few moments, I`ll bring you four to our Treasury as for all of you to be equipped."

The King then looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Young Man, and the two others behind you, they can also come along with us. I`ll also give you types of equipment for safety purpose, and for your self-defense if you wanted to go out for a walk, but before you do that, please notify me first, all of your safety is our priority after all."

Takeji smiled at the sincerity of the King in protecting Zhihao's group.

Zhihao casually smiled as he didn't reject it, he might see something good in there. he then looked at Ying Mai, and Ma Dong as he spoke.

"The Both of you, Let's go."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded their head as they replied: "Yes Master."

Zhihao led the two of them as they followed Takeji's group, then Zhihao tried to do something as he closed his eyes, he tried to feel the energies within the whole empire and tried to scan for the Treasure room.

After finding the room, he felt something is blocking his scan, he then shook his head as he spoke to Ying Mai and Ma Dong.

"Something is inside the Treasury, be sure to be alert, but don't do anything before I actually make my own move."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong immediately nodded as they replied: "Yes Master."

After a few minutes of walking, they had finally arrived at the front of the treasury's room, Zhihao, Ma Dong, and Ying Mai were all shocked as they saw the statue of a Woman and a Man that looked like they are the Guardian of the room.

Zhihao then spoke.


Ying Mai and Ma Dong are both still staring at the Statue as they both have the same conclusion, the statue definitely looks like one who can be deemed as a Goddess!

Both of the statues were wearing a Knight's armor set, but without a helmet, as they both held their sword and pointed it at the ground.

Then, a voice interrupted the Three's daze as it spoke.

"That's my Grandfather and Grandmother."
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    《Supreme Martial System》