Supreme Martial System
150 The Test of Power
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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150 The Test of Power

Dawnton Holy Empire.

Within the Grounds.

Takeji, Yoshiro, Nanami, and Maya approached the crystal.

Takeji looked at them as he spoke: "Which one of you wants to go first?"

"ME! ME!" Both Nanami and Maya lifted their hands up as they volunteered.

Nanami saw this and immediately spoke to Maya: "Rock, Paper, Scissors?"

Maya smirked at her as she replied: "Why not, you foul being!"

The two of them smirked as they started their ultimate battle.

Nanami slumped in the ground as she spoke: "Best of 5 out of 9?"

Maya smirked again as she spoke: "Make way you lowly human, mwahahaha!"

Nanami slumped again as she laid in the ground pretending to cry.

Takeji smiled as he spoke: "You guys are seriously enjoying this."

Nanami immediately stood up as she fixed her uniform and spoke.

"Of course, It's a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Takeji was about to reply, then a bright red light glowed beside them, everyone in the hall immediately looked towards the Crystal.

The crystal is glowing a fiery red color as they saw a staff shaped object inside.

Everyone that knew it immediately smiled.

The King also nodded as he spoke: "So, It's a Fire Sage!"

Maya hearing this frowned as she spoke: "But I wanted to wield a big and massive broadsword!"

Nanami immediately laughed as she spoke to Maya in a teasing way.

"Don't worry Mayachin, I`ll be the one wielding it for you." Right after talking, Nanami went forward as she touches the Crystal.

Just after touching the Crystal, a Bluish color appeared with the sign of a staff too.

Nanami looked at the King as she asked tremblingly: "What is this? What kind of trick is this?! I need a sword showing up!"

The King smiled awkwardly as he spoke: "I`m really sorry, but that is your Talent, I can't really dictate what talent you have, You have the talent of an Ice Sage."

Nanami looked at the King as she wanted to say anything, then she felt a very horrible aura behind her, the aura of mockery, she slowly looked behind her as she saw Maya grinning from ear to ear.

"HA HAHA! I guess it's your way of saying, you can wield a big sword huh!? Hahahaha Serves you right!" Maya teased Nanami as she showed her tongue and while grinning.

Nanami awkwardly returned beside Takeji as she ignored Maya.

Takeji smiled at the both of them as he spoke: "Yoshiro?"

Yoshiro sighed as he spoke: "Okay, Okay, I`ll go."

Yoshiro walked towards the Crystal and touched it, a Bright green light glowed out of the Crystal as a silhouette of two swords showed up, Yoshiro immediately smiled as he grinned at the Two, Maya, and Nanami.

Nanami and Maya pouted as they both looked at a different direction.

The King smiled again, this is definitely a great talent, he then calmed himself down as he shouted: "Sword Master, Earth Elemental!"

Everyone in the hall clapped as they nodded.

Nanami and Maya looked at them as they returned their gaze towards the King and asked.

"Why did you clapped at him and not from me?" Maya objected immediately.

"Why was he the only one getting clapped at and not us?!" Nanami spoke as she pouted her lips in a very cute way.

The King sighed yet again, Maya and Nanami are both very hard to deal with, as they talk about what they have in their minds immediately, he then replied.

"It's a very great talent, and there hasn't been any sort of that kind of talent for thousands of years, so we just appreciate that it had shown itself again."

Nanami and Maya just pouted as they accepted the explanation.

The King saw their disapproval as he continued: "Although your power is great, It had shown itself from the History, and they were great sages, both the Ice Sage and Fire Sage invented these crystals too, they were the ones that created it and made us survive for thousands of years.

Hearing the King's word, Nanami and Maya both smiled as they nodded, the Both of them looked at Yoshiro as showed him their tongue, like they had won a war.

Yoshiro fights back as he spoke: "At least, I`m Strong, and Wielding two swords at that! HAHHAHAHA"

Hearing his word, Maya and Nanami looked at each other as they both wanted to fight with words.

Nanami's eyes immediately brightened up as she spoke: "At least, we're not all brawns! Bleeeh!"

Maya immediately got what Nanami is saying as she continued: "Yep! At least our talents are intelligent, unlike yours who's only pure Muscle power, hahahaha!"

Yoshiro frown as he looked at the King and asked: "Did the previous one that owned this power created something?"

The King wanted to finish their fight as he thought for a bit, he analyzed the situation as he thought.

'He'll never win against women, women always win, so if I supported him, the war of words would never finish..." Just right after that, The King smiled awkwardly as he spoke.

"It has been too long, and there were no records about anything towards a Sword Master with elemental powers."

Hearing the King's words, Yoshiro walked down as he averted his eyes from the Preying duo.

Maya and Nanami snorted as they looked at each other and made a Hi-5.

Takeji smiled awkwardly as he coughed and spoke: "It's my turn now I guess."

After speaking, Takeji walked towards the Crystal as he touched it, a bright light shone out of the crystal, a pure white light with a silhouette of a sword and shield was shown.

The King and all of his subordinates smiled as he spoke: "The Knight of Light had finally appeared."

All of them clapped together as they nodded in satisfaction.

Takeji returned towards his group as he spoke to them: "Maya, Nanami, they are clapping just because the testing of power has been done."

Takeji immediately comforted the two of them after returning to them.

Maya and Nanami only snorted as they folded their arms in front of them.

Yoshiro rolled his eyes towards the two ladies as he chuckled and held Takeji's shoulders.

Takeji nodded at them as he looked at the King, Takeji then remembered Zhihao as he spoke to them.

"Zhihao, why not try your talent too? you might be able to help us in our fight with the Demons."

Zhihao smiled as he pondered, he received a few knowledge from Arthariaz, and the Sword and Magic realm is part of this, Zhihao then looked at the two behind him as he spoke.

"Ma Dong, Ying Mai, Try it yourselves."

Both of them immediately nodded as they replied: "Yes Master!"

Ying Mai led the way as Ma Dong followed behind.

Takeji was bewildered as he thought 'Such a good looking man, and a beautiful woman too, the both of them can enter the entertainment industry and they will immediately become superstars, are they Zhihao's Secretaries?'

Takeji only shook his head as he removed this thought in his head as he looked at Ying Mai.

Ying Mai noticed his stare, she then removed her stern expression as she looked at Takeji and smiled, she had a thought in her head 'If anyone is being Kind to my Master, I shouldn't show any ill-will towards them' She then walked passed Takeji as she returned from her usual expression.

Takeji became stunned as he muttered in a low voice: ''A Goddess...''

Yoshiro beside him is also shocked, what a beauty indeed! he then spoke: "An Angel..."

After that, Ying Mai looked at the Crystal as she touched it. a blinding light shot out of the crystal as it showed a scarlet red light with her silhouette in it.

Zhihao then recalled one of Arthariaz's memory as he smiled: "A Goddess's Talent, the Talent of Blood Flames, Phoenix's Blood Flame."

Everyone was shocked after witnessing something they had never had seen before, they then looked at their King for an answer.

The King woke up from his daze as he spoke: "Ahem! I haven't seen any records of that before, Maybe... It's a talent for fire? but with the silhouette of a woman, that's a talent of a Woman in controlling fire, that's just my thoughts."

Ying Mai then immediately walked back to Zhihao's side as she stood behind him.

Ma Dong then walked to the Crystal and touched it, a burst of brown energy burst out of the crystal as a Silhouette of a Hammer was shown inside.

Zhihao grinned as he spoke in a low tone: "The Talent for Power and Strength, Tyrannical Mighty God's talent"

Ying Mai heard it and immediately smiled.

Zhihao noticed her smile, Zhihao then looked at her as he spoke: "Your talent is of a God's Bloodline, the strongest and most purest too, a Goddess's Talent, the Talent of Blood Flames, Phoenix's Blood Flame."

The King sighed as he spoke: "I haven't seen one of such too, but I think it's a talent for Blacksmithing due to the hammer's silhouette."

Ma Dong immediately walked back as he stood behind Zhihao.

Zhihao then stood up as he spoke: "You both have great talents, I will explain everything in Private after we finished everything here."

Zhihao walked towards the Crystal, he then patted Takeji and spoke: "We're all humans, so we can't really help you with your fight, I`m counting on you."

Takeji sighed as he nodded and replied: "Don't worry, I`ll make it so that you can come back alive, we need to have those autographs from Zheng Shuan-sama too."

Zhihao snickered as he walked towards the Crystal, Zhihao then approached it as his hand touched the crystal, Sadly after a few seconds, nothing happened.

The King and the rest sighed but they still smiled, they were expecting too much if they actually want more than four.

The King was about to speak, but then something happened.

It wasn't like the other ones that came first before Zhihao, a calm light slowly flowed out of crystal as it started to have colors of different variation, the light became an Aurora after just a few seconds, then inside the Crystal, Zhihao's figure, not a silhouette appeared, this figure is flying over the universe with different kinds of power floating around him, then it immediately vanished, an Ephemeral, It was immediately hidden inside the Crystal.

The King was about to talk, but he couldn't.

Zhihao pondered for a bit, he then found something in the knowledge that Arthariaz had given him, he immediately thought inside his head.

'A Supreme Ruler's Talent, one that stands at the Peak together with Other God, But it is bleak, it will depend on myself if I could actually reach it.'

Zhihao muttered in a low tone.

"The Creator's talent, Gods of all the Gods, The First Being's Talent."

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