Supreme Martial System
149 Another World
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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149 Another World

Dawnton Holy Empire.

Within the Grand Hall, the King, the one wearing the crown that spoke from the previous chapter bowed his head towards the Summoning Circle, All of the ones gathering inside the Grand Hall followed their King as they also bowed and spoke simultaneously.

"We greet the four great Heroes!"

The Princess standing beside the King also joined them, but she only bowed and didn't speak nor greeted them. The Princess took a peak as he wanted to see the appearances of the ones that will be summoned.

The bright light of the silhouette manifested into a that of human being's form.

One of them immediately spoke with shock: "Wha... what happened? what was that bright light just now?"

Just after he finished speaking, two other voices came.

"Kyaaa! What happened?!"

"Where are we?!"

Two females spoke, as another one followed.

"Yoshiro, Nanami, Maya, stop panicking, let's wait for what will happen now."

After speaking, the four of them looked around as they saw people bowing to them.

Miyasaki Takeji, the one spoke before, looked at them as he asked.

"Excuse me, but where are we? and why are we here?"

The four of them were still wearing their School uniform until they were wrapped up by a bright light and was sent here without any warning.

The King lifted his head as he smiled and spoke.

"You are the Heroes that are summoned to our world to protect the Humans from the Demons, I seek your forgiveness for dragging you here without your consent, but the Demons had started a war and we had no other option."

Nanami grabbed Takeji's sleeve as she asked: "What is going on here?"

Takeju was about to speak, but just before he could speak, Yoshiro interrupted as he giddily jumped high in the air and posed. He lifted his hand up in the sky, as the other one held his waist, as his two legs are separated, one of it is bent, while the other one is straight, it looked like one of the poses that were made in the 80s after a rock singer finishes his song.

"We're Heroes!"


A deathly silence overcame the situation as they saw what Yoshiro did.

After a while, Yoshiro figured out something as he spoke in a lowly tone.

"Takeji, save me... I`m too embarrassed to move."

Takeji sighed as he pulled the collar of Yoshiro's Uniform and drag him back. he then looked at the King as he asked.

Nanami then looked around as she spoke: "Takeji, aren't this event something like one of those Mangas we read before? you know the one that is an average person being summoned to another world?"

Maya nodded as she smirked and whispered: "I guess, we'll be having special powers then!"

Maya immediately went inside her own world as she finally became one of those heroines from the books she had read, Noticing this, Nanami then smiled as she also went into her own world.

Takeji sighed as he looked at his classmates, he then looked at the King as he asked: "Is there a way to return us back to our World?"

But right after Takeji finished speaking, all of them heard a loud laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHA! That! That pose was awesome! Do it again! Hahahahaha"

All of them looked at where the sound came from as they simultaneously looked at Takeji's group of four, then they looked further as it didn't seem like it came from Takeji's group.

They saw three people behind Takeji's group as the King spoke.

"Who are you?"

Ying Mai and Ma Dong was actually speechless and bewildered after what had just happened, but they woke up after hearing Zhihao's words. they both looked at Zhihao as they spoke.


Zhihao was actually facing the ground as he kept holding his stomach due to the intense laughter he was having earlier, he remembered his two sisters on Earth as tears filled his eyes.

Zhihao then wiped the wetness out of his eyes as he faced them.

All of the people in the room was shocked, such a beautiful handsome man actually exists!

The Princess behind the King was stunned after seeing Zhihao's face, she then looked at the ground as she pinched her dress and looked around with the thought: 'Is there anything wrong with me?'

Zhihao pondered for a bit, then he smiled as he found an interesting thing to say, he then spoke.

"We're not part of the ones you summoned? We were playing cosplay in China but I guess It's just a Miscalculation then? you should bring us back to Earth." Zhihao immediately found some interesting play, so he just spoke of it due to the fun.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong couldn't understand anything right now, they just silently stood behind Zhihao as they wait for his words, they couldn't understand a single meaning behind Zhihao's words, but as Zhihao's subordinate, they wouldn't interrupt their Master in the middle of a conversation.

The King was shaken at first, he ignored the few words that he couldn't understand and pondered for a bit, if what this human was saying was actually true, then they really did commit harm to someone who's actually shouldn't be involved.

The King looked at Zhihao as he replied: "I`m truly sorry that you got involved in our mess." he then looked at Takeji's group as he continued to explain.

"The only thing we know of is that, when the Demon's Lord has been killed, You`ll obtain the power to return back to your own World."

Zhihao smirked as he spoke again: "Then, shouldn't you give us a Mansion? We got involved in your mess, and now we might even die, how should you compensate us? A Mansion with a lot of Servants would do."

The King felt down, he couldn't reject Zhihao's proposal due to the Heroes in his front, he'd look like someone that pushes others because they didn't have any use to him, but in reality, the King couldn't do that, as the resources they had are limited due to the production of their Kingdom getting smaller due to the Demon's invasion.

The King spoke tremblingly as he said: "This... you... you can just stay at our Castle first, we don't have any resources to build a Mansion yet."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Nah, Just an ordinary house would do, but I need it in a hidden place, like.. the Back of your Castle maybe?"

The King sighed a breath of relief as he heard it, he then replied: "Of course, that would do, if it's to your liking."

Takeji looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "I promise you, that once we kill that Demon Lord, we will have all of us returned to Earth."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Sure, thanks! your name?"

Takeji smiled as he spoke: "Miyasaki Takeji, A Japanese."

Zhihao then replied: "Zhong Zhihao, China."

Nanami and Maya woke up from their dreams as they heard Zhihao's words, they immediately turned around as they spoke simultaneously.

"Zheng Shuan-sama's fiance!?!"

"The Superstar-sama's Lover?!"

Zhihao looked at the both of them as he asked: "You know Shuan'er?"


Nanami and Maya jumped around as they both held their hands in excitement, after a while, the both of them walked closer as they spoke.

"You really are handsome! Even better from the Videos and Photos!"

"Yep! He's better looking in person!"

Takeji pulled the both of them behind as he spoke: "I`ll definitely have you return to Earth, I swear with my life."

Zhihao just sighed as he nodded his head and spoke: "Thanks."

Takeji then blushed a little as he spoke again: "Ahem, uh, Can we get... Like... A... an Autograph of Zheng Shuan-sama after we returned?"

Yoshiro, Nanami, and Maya laughed together as they held their stomach.

Takeji blushed again as he shouted at them: "Stop it, I know you guys want it too! or I could just have all four!"

Yoshiro and the other two then became silent as they sat on the ground, nodding their head.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke: "You guys are interesting, Maybe I should introduce you all to her too."

The four of them opened their eyes as they asked.


Zhihao smiled and nodded, all of them then heard a cough as they looked behind and saw the King.

"Heroes, Should we start now?" The King spoke to them as he waved his hand to his subordinates.

A big crystal was brought near the 7 of them as it was placed on the ground.

The King then spoke: "This is the Crystal of Talent" pausing for a bit, the King continued.

"The brightness and color of the Crystal will change depending on your abilities."

Takeji's group nodded as they approached the Crystal.

Zhihao, on the other hand, looked at the Crystal and smiled.

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