Supreme Martial System
147 Farewell
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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147 Farewell

Within the Frozen time and Space, Zhihao and Arthariaz are having a conversation.

Arthariaz looked at the horizon as he touched Zhihao's shoulder.

Immediately, all the wounds that were dealt with him by Bugal's detonation healed in a very astonishing speed.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Thanks."

Arthariaz then smiled at him as he replied: "Don't worry about it, It's just a Minor thing."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Gods are really strong huh."

Arthariaz smiled but didn't reply.

Zhihao then asked: "What is in the God's Realm?"

Arthariaz looked at Zhihao as he answered: "It's the Realm full of powerful beings, one which you can see Gods in every turn of your head if you go out."

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he asked again: "All the ones living within the God's Realm are born with Godly powers?"

Arthariaz nodded as he spoke: "All infants that had been and will be born in there had always been at the lower stage of the Demi-God's Realm, If you have the Bloodline of the Supreme Beings, then you`ll immediately enter God's Realm lower stage after being born."

Zhihao nodded as he asked another one: "Then, all the Gods there are good and just?"

Arthariaz then looked at Zhihao again as he replied: "They have roles to fulfill, contracts to do, and vows to finish, Every God has different characteristics, like Maraduk, The God of Death, although he is a God, his responsibility lies within the Dead, and that is his role."

Zhihao understood a tiny bit now as he looked at Arthariaz, he then spoke: "Can I bid farewell to my family?"

Arthariaz shook his head as he spoke: "No."

Zhihao smiled sadly as he looked down at the ground.

Arthariaz sighed as he continued: "But you can leave a note."

Zhihao then looked at Arthariaz as he smiled and said: "Thanks."

Zhihao immediately pulled out a couple of papers, and writing tools he bought from Earth he then began as he wrote to everyone who is important to him.

Zhihao made at least 30 notes as tears flowed from his eyes, '50 years.' Zhihao thought.

Arthariaz then spoke to him.

"I can't decrease the timespan of the cultivation world like how I did to Earth, but I can at least make it slower, the 50 years you`ll be gone would be 15 years here."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Thanks."

Arthariaz then continued: "I`ll need to enter my sleep after this, I`ll pass a little knowledge I know to you to help you in your travels."

Zhihao was shocked as he looked at Arthariaz then asked: "For how long?"

Arthariaz looked at the horizon as he spoke: "I don't know myself."

Zhihao then frowned as he asked: "How are you producing all the items that you gave me?"

Arthariaz smiled but didn't answer.

Zhihao then looked at Arthariaz, scanning for any interspatial Rings or any accessories that can keep items, but after a few seconds, he didn't find any of such things.

Zhihao then asked: "I want to know."

Arthariaz sighed as he replied: "I`m using my life force."

Zhihao became shocked as he spoke: "Wha... why are you doing this when it can endanger your life?"

Arthariaz smiled as he replied: "Those points that I make you do, it actually supplies my life force."

Zhihao then asked again: "Then, why not stay with me? I`ll do more to gain a lot of points."

Arthariaz chuckled as he replied: "All those points you had gained, only filled a tiny drop in my gigantic appetite, so I would die before you could gather enough points to at least sustain my life."

Zhihao frowned but didn't ask anymore.

Arthariaz then continued: "I`ll leave you with the System, you can just check it by thinking 'Status' Inside your head, there you can just a do it yourself."

Zhihao smiled as he thought: 'Status!'

Different types of windows appeared in his mind. Zhihao then spoke.

"So there's no more of that notification sounds huh."

Arthariaz chuckled as he replied: "Oh, that?" He pulled out something behind his back as he showed it to Zhihao, it was a triangular music instrument that you can see in an orchestra on Earth.

Arthariaz then pulled a metal hitter as he hit the Triangle.

*Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!*

Zhihao immediately fell to the ground after realizing it. he then asked.

"Where the hell did you get that?"

Arthariaz chuckled as he replied: "I got it from the store from where you died, the store before you walk to the bridge."

Zhihao facepalmed as he sighed. he then spoke,

"Arthariaz, I`ll do my best to destroy your little Brother's plan."

Arthariaz smiled and replied: "Do not rush, when that time comes, you`ll feel a small pain in your lower stomach, that is where the God's seed from Berserker God's power comes from, and from your heart, and the brain is where your other Physiques are lurking, those are God's powers, they will hurt for a period of 3 seconds, and that is an Alarm for all Gods to prepare for battle."

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Okay, I got it." Zhihao then looked at Arthariaz and immediately became shocked, he then asked.

"What's happening! Why are you fading!?"

Arthariaz smiled as he replied: "I`ve already finished preparing the defensive formation to Guard the two Worlds that you cherish, even if we fail this war, they will never be harmed for at least 10 million years."

Zhihao frowned as he asked: "Are you about to enter your Sleep?"

Arthariaz nodded and smiled, Arthariaz then spoke: "I`ll leave a part of my consciousness within your body, so when I woke up, I can immediately come to you."

Zhihao nodded as tears immediately gathered from his eyes.

Arthariaz smiled as he spoke: "Stupid, why are you crying? It's not like I`ll be going forever."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I`ll do my best."

Arthariaz smiled as he spoke.

"Leave your notes here, I`ll protect it until your wives find it."

Zhihao nodded as he placed everything on the ground he then became shocked as he saw both Ma Dong, and Ying Mai is so close to him, he then asked Arthariaz.

"Hey, What's happening? why are they here?"

Arthariaz smiled and replied: "They were trying to save you when the explosion happened."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke to the both of them: "You guys should protect our world, and help my Sons and Daughter to grow up."

Arthariaz chuckled as he spoke.

"Finding a summoning portal... Found 38 Summoning portal, checking the closest and most suitable place to be in... found 2, finding the best place for them to grow up... found 1..."

Zhihao smiled, but then realized something as he asked: "Them?!"

Arthariaz smiled as he answered: "They are too close to you, I can't move you out of place as it will cause an aftermath within the time, so they'll be coming with you."

Zhihao was about to protest but before he could, Arthariaz spoke.

"Goodbye for good, I`ll continue to be with you, but this time, It will be different"

Pausing for a bit, Arthariaz continued: "Be sure to make every day of your life be lived to the fullest."

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he shouted: "What do you mean goodbye for good?!"

But right after Zhihao spoke, time resumed, Arthariaz waved his hands as the explosion immediately contracted into a small orb until it completely vanished.

Zhihao then spoke: "WAIT!"

Arthariaz smiled as he continued to ignore Zhihao, and spoke.

"Summoning PORTAL!"

Zhihao's area immediately got lightened up by a blue color with a lot of seals.

Zhihao then tried to move towards Arthariaz, but it seemed impossible.

A dim light appeared from Arthariaz's forehead as it entered Zhihao's body.

Information kept flooding his brains, one after another as Zhihao held his head in extreme pain.

Ying Mai and Ma Dong finally caught up with Zhihao as they called: "MASTER!"

The three of them, Ying Mai, Ma Dong, and Zhihao's body lightened up in blue and white color as they vanished from the Cultivation World.

Arthariaz smiled as he faded from the air, without any trace.


Somewhere within a certain Empire from a different world.

The Grand Hall emitted a grand blue light on the floor as the four Magicians had finished their summoning spells.

After just a few second, Silhouettes of people covered with lights appeared in the circle.

A fairly built man within his mid-50s stood up with the crown on his head as he spoke.


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