Supreme Martial System
146 The War for Supremacy: Conclusion, and Answer
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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146 The War for Supremacy: Conclusion, and Answer

Eternal Glory Empire's wall.

The millions of people standing as they looked at the two fighting in the plains. their mouth had been opened to its limit as they were shocked by what had just happened.

Their Lord who was having so much trouble earlier had now overpowered the enemy! and too much at that!

Maraduk smiled as he spoke: "I`ll cripple you know."

Right after speaking, the Dark Spears floating within the air pierced Bugal's limbs, one by one striking his body, but what's worst is not how the spear is striking him, but that, the spear itself is avoiding his vitals.


Bugal shouted as the Spears are actually sealing his power, draining it as it transferred the energy in his body towards Zhihao's body.

Bugal gritted his teeth as he spoke: "I won't die without killing you!"

Maraduk smirked as he replied: "Oh? I'd like to see you try then, well?"

Maraduk smiled as he waited for Bugal's response, but after a few seconds, he then continued.

"You are barking in the wrong tree here, you haven't even figured that out? I`m not the owner of this Body, I`m a Contracted God, The God of Death at that."

Bugal widened his eyes as he smirked, he then spoke.

"So that's it, I`m dying from a God's hand, not from a Human."

Maraduk then summoned another powerful aura as it formed into a Scythe like a weapon.

Bugal was shocked at first, but then he smiled and spoke.

"That must be the Death's Scythe."

Maraduk smiled as he asked: "Oh... You know about my beloved weapon?"

Bugal snickered as he replied: "Yeah, Maraduk Garlant, The God of Death, The one true kill of Hell's Gate."

Maraduk chuckled as he spoke: "Ohh, Go on, continue, continue."

Maraduk sat on the ground as he watched Bugal.

Bugal sighed as he smiled and continued: "It's the Symbol of Hell's Gate Realm, The Death God, Maraduk held it with Might and Authority as he governed the power of Darkness for billions of years."

Maraduk chuckled as he spoke: "You know more than you knew, so... where did you learn it?"

Bugal smiled as he replied: "That... Is something I won't ever tell you."

Maraduk then spoke happily: "Kikikiki, I guess there's no more time for you then?"

Bugal shook his head and spoke: "Thank you for listening to me, I had already gathered enough energy."

Maraduk's eyes immediately glowed as he felt something was amiss, Maraduk slashed forth as it cut through half of Bugal's body, but before it reached Bugal's core, Maraduk cursed.



=Maraduk's contract has been fully completed.

Maraduk cursed inwardly as he spoke: "D*mnit kid! Retreat!" After speaking until then, Maraduk's soul immediately returned to his original body, in the Hell's Gate Realm.

Just right after speaking, Zhihao's consciousness returned to his body as he saw Bugal.

Bugal witnessed the exchanging of souls as he laughed madly.


Right after speaking, Bugal's core immediately glowed as a very concentrated energy within it is preparing to explode.


=Warning, The explosion can kill everyone living in this world.

Zhihao immediately rushed but then, before he could reach it, the Core exploded with Bugal's final words.

"Goodbye kid, I might see you in the afterlife! Hahahahaha! Kaaa.. ahhh!"

The Energy Core immediately exploded in front of Zhihao, The explosion was about to happen, but then everything turned slow, as Zhihao heard a notification,



Just right after that, a Silhouette appeared that came out of Zhihao's body, he then spoke.

"I Am the system, your system."

Zhihao was shocked, he wanted to move, but couldn't.

The Silhouette then spoke again.

"I promised you three times of Time escape, But I guess this might be the last one."

After speaking, The silhouette tapped Zhihao's forehead as Zhihao immediately became free, moving out of the time freeze.

Zhihao then spoke: "You are... The system?"

The silhouette then spoke: "Yes, I am The Supreme Martial God, My name is Arthariaz."

Zhihao only looked at him as he pondered for a bit.

Arthariaz then continued: "I was one of the Leading God's before, within the God's Realm, and the name of my star is the Blazing Supreme Realm."

Zhihao then looked at Arthariaz as he asked: "You are a God, but how'd you become my System then?"

Arthariaz smiled as he replied: "I died."

Zhihao became shocked as he asked: "Did the mower powerful Gods kill you?"

Arthariaz chuckled as he replied: "No... It was my Brother."

Zhihao as he looked at Arthariaz in pain.

Arthariaz chuckled as he spoke: "It was millions of years ago, but I`ll have to tell you something, and you could either decline or accept it, I will respect your will, and whichever you choose, I`ll still save you and your world, Is that okay with you?"

Zhihao didn't hesitate as he nodded and replied: "Yes."

Arthariaz then started: "The contract you had, with Madaruk, is actually a contract of Death, once you died, he'll take everything you had, and when I said everything, I mean everything."

Zhihao was about to talk again but decided to just listen for now.

Arthariaz then continued: "He is one of my Disciples, The God of Death, Maraduk, I changed the form of contract to the minimum, and that is Exile, for 50 years."

Zhihao was shocked, then immediately asked: What do you mean by exile?"

Arthariaz nodded and replied: "It is as what the word means, but it is a way like, you going to a vacation from some other random planet because you will be exiled from this planet, for 50 years."

Zhihao nodded, it is better than dying too.

Arthariaz then spoke again: "This energy, is something that you won't be able to revert, destroy, or swallow, but I will push it away."

Zhihao didn't respond as he continued listening.

Arthariaz then smiled as he continued: "Now, This would be the story, of how the worlds with peace will and as chaos will emerge, that is If my Little Brother succeeds."

Zhihao frowned then asked: "If he succeeds? In what?"

Arthariaz looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Killing all the Gods that are protecting your peace."

Zhihao was shocked, his little Brother is a God too right? why would he even do that?

Arthariaz then made a sad expression as he spoke: "My Brother, Betrayed the Gods, and Joined forces with the Titans."

Zhihao then pondered for a bit as he asked: "Titans? you mean like Giant humans? or creatures?"

Arthariaz snickered then spoke: "No... Titans are the total opposite of us Gods, we seek balance, peace, and harmony, but the Titans, want Chaos, and Destruction."

Zhihao then finally understood as he nodded.

Arthariaz then continued: "I don't know when my Brother will start, but there is one thing that I am sure of... and that is, he will kill all the Gods, and Bring the Titans outside their Realm to start the destruction of all the worlds."

Zhihao started sweating as he thinks of what will happen if the Titans actually broke through, he then asked.

"Then, why are the Titans not getting out of their realms? are they trap?"

Arthariaz nodded as he spoke: "Their whole Realm is entrapped inside the God's Realm, all corners of their Realm, the God's can immediately go, which is why they are having a hard time."

Zhihao asked another one.

"Then why aren't the Gods just kill the Titans?"

"Because, we Gods, drew our power from the light, and the Titans drew it from the darkness. Once we entered their Realm, they will be stronger than Us, but if they entered our Realm, we'll be ten times stronger than them." Arthariaz explained.

Zhihao then realized something: "Then, If your little Brother became the strongest God in your Realm."

Arthariaz smiled as he nodded.

Zhihao then figured out Arthariaz' Brother's Plan.

Arthariaz then continued: "The Fate of all the planets, shall be decided by you, Or if you decline, I`ll try to find somebody else, after a million year had passed."

Zhihao became bewildered as he asked: "A Million Year? What do you mean by that?"

Arthariaz just smiled as he spoke: "I only have 10% Of my current power, and I`ll use that Power, to drive the Explosion, but I would only be using something like a Pebble within the Ocean of that 10% driving away the explosion."

Zhihao then frowned as he asked: "Then... why do you have to vanish for a long time?"

Arthariaz smiled as he spoke: "I`ll use my Remaining power, To protect your worlds, the Two Worlds you lived, I`ll create the best formation outside of your world, so no one from other worlds can enter it, but the ones that are inside, can both Enter and Exit the world at the same time, Even a Millions of Me won't be able to destroy that protection."

Zhihao was shocked, he then nodded as he asked: "Then, why didn't you just use it to protect the God's Realm?"

Arthariaz chuckled as he replied: "Well, you definitely are stupid, hahaha, Your two worlds, are tiny, compared to a Whole Realm, If I did something like that, I'd only covered One over a Million percent of the Whole realm."

Zhihao was shocked, but then remembered something as he smiled and spoke: "You seriously like to call me stupid, since the beginning."

Arthariaz chuckled again as he spoke: "That I do."

Zhihao then nodded and spoke: "I`ll accept it! And I`ll destroy their plan for you!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》