Supreme Martial System
145 The War for Supremacy: Kneel
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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145 The War for Supremacy: Kneel

Within the Battlefield.

The Death God came back from Zhihao's mind as he immediately possessed his body.

Maraduk then turned around as he looked at Zhihao's wives and spoke.

"For my previous manners that caused you three to be offended, I sincerely apologize."

After speaking, Maraduk bowed deeply and then continued: "But there will still be a penalty for forming a contract with me, But it won't be anything bad, I assure you."

Verushka, Xiao'er, and Ning'er were shocked at the sudden change, Ning'er then shook her head as she asked.

"What did you do to Zhihao? did you take his soul?"

Hearing these words, Xiao'er and Verushka frowned as they prepared to fight, they'd rather have their husband die than someone uses his body.

Maraduk snickered as he replied: "Don't worry about him, he's only unconscious."

Hearing his words, The three of them sighed but still felt anxious about it.

Maraduk then continued: "I`ll be crippling him, and what happens next is for your husband to decide, Okay? Just tell him that for me."

The three of them nodded as they replied: "Just don't do anything to our husband, please."

Maraduk sighed as he then vowed: "Look here, I stake my name, as the God of Death, Maraduk, that If I ever harmed your husband intentionally, I shall suffer the wrath of all the Gods."

A golden paper appeared as it entered Zhihao's body just right after Maraduk spoke.

Maraduk then looked at them as he smiled and spoke: "Satisfied?"

The three of them nodded with a relief expression.

Maraduk then looked at the Sky and spoke to the three of them: "I`ll do my business now, make your men go back to somewhere safe."

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er nodded as they immediately shouted.


All of the cultivators and citizens heard this as they immediately replied: "YES!"

After just answering, all of them immediately flew faster, carrying the Citizens back to the Empire's walls.

Zhihao's wives then immediately returned to the walls.

Xiao'er then looked at a silhouette in a distance as she shouted.

"Ying Mai! Return!"

Ying Mai was about to follower her words, but then she shook her head and spoke: "My Ladies, I`ll be staying here, for now, in case anything happens."

The three of them pondered for a bit as they nodded, Ning'er then spoke: "Take care of yourself."

Ying Mai nodded as she replied: "Yes!"

Ying Mai noticed Maraduk's words earlier, "he won't do anything intentionally", but what if an accident occurs? will Maraduk protect their Master?.

Ying Mai became alert as she flew within a distance between the two. A silhouette then appeared beside her, It was Ma Dong.

Ma Dong then spoke to her: "If anything happens, I`ll try to delay it as much as possible while you save our Master."

Ying Mai smiled as she spoke: "So, you've noticed it too?"

Ma Dong smiled back as he replied: "I just hope there would be no accidents."

The both of them nodded at each other as they watched.


Maraduk finally sighed as he spoke: "Finally, it's become quiet now."

Maraduk scanned Zhihao's body to measure the limits of it, but he became shock instead as he spoke.

"Master! What type of body are you creating? Three powerful God's physique? will this kid be able to handle it?" Just after finishing his words, he heard a notification.


=He would, and I`m tempering his body to accept more of God's physiques."

Maraduk sighed as he nodded and replied: "Master, I will help this kid to seek for your Death's revenge and void the Plans of your Brother."


=I just hoped, that he has maintained his Strength from the millions of years that had passed."

Maraduk then started to sweat as he thought of his Master's little Brother.

'Millions of years ago, his little Brother is the 10th Strongest God within the Ranks of the God's Realms, if he continued to pursue power and strength... and what if he gathered more subordinates than before, they killed Master when he's ranked 6th...'

Maraduk breathed heavily as he shook his head and replied: "Master, We will definitely win this war."


=I surely hope so, I would like it if his plans never come to fruition.

Maraduk nodded as he replied: "Master, I`ll do my best together with my Seniors, and Juniors.


=God Realm blessed the Just, go and do your duties.

Maraduk nodded as he replied: "Yes, Master."

Maraduk looked at the sky again as he glared at Bugal and spoke: "Until when are you going to look down on me from there?"

Bugal snickered as he replied: "Just because you`ve obtained some power doesn't mean that I should go down there and stoop to your level, I`m not as kind as to decrease my power just to be your match."

Maraduk sighed as he scratched his ears and spoke: "You really are annoying, you know that?"

Bugal immediately gathered his power as he spoke: "It's not that I`m annoying you, It's just that I`m too powerful for you to comprehend our difference."

Although Bugal spoke like that he felt extreme fear from the time that Zhihao's aura changed. he became alert and started to be cautious around him, he even felt the short amount of time that Zhihao's aura vanished, but he didn't do anything as he thought that it was Zhihao's trap.

Everyone within the walls of Eternal Glory Empire is witnessing the current scene, Bugal was acting crazily before, releasing all sorts of energy out of his body, but when Zhihao's aura changed, he became somewhat like a tamed animal, not daring to bare his fangs.

Maraduk got really irritated as he spoke: "How long are you planning to look down on me? You are not fit to look down at me from above!" Right after speaking, Maraduk pointed his finger and shouted.


Bugal's body immediately shook as his body immediately felt powerless, feeling the extreme pressure pouring down from his body, the feeling of someone holding your life in their hands!

Bugal body within the span of 2 seconds immediately rushed towards the ground as he hit the ground.


An extremely ear piercing sound echoed throughout the whole field after Bugal fell, but what shocked everyone was not how he fell, but what is he currently doing, He is kneeling in front of Zhihao!

Bugal tried to look at Zhihao but before he could, Zhihao spoke.

"You have no right to look at me!"

Another force pushed Bugal's body as he felt like his whole body became like a stone, unable to move! He's in a kneeling position, bowing his head to Zhihao.

Maraduk then walked towards Bugal and spoke: "If it was up to me, I'd already kill you now." After speaking, Maraduk walked a few steps back as he continued.

"You are lucky, My contractor wants to kill you himself."

Maraduk smiled as thousands and thousands of Black looking spear energy came out of thin air all pointing at Bugal's body.

Maraduk then spoke again: "You only took a single step inside the God's Realm, I've been there for more than you can imagine kid, don't brag about your simple achievements."

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