Supreme Martial System
144 The War for Supremacy: Reunion
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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144 The War for Supremacy: Reunion

In the sky, two silhouettes can look down on all the beings below.

Zhihao's bearing changed after the Asura's soul, The God of Death had entered his body.

The pure black aura covering Zhihao felt like it could burn anything that came close to it.

Zhihao's three wives looked at him with fear in their eyes.

Ning'er immediately spoke to the other two: "What has happened to him, is that still our husband?"

Xiao'er just shook in fear as she slumped down to the ground.

Verushka also felt fear inside her as she replied: "That... I don't really know now."

The three of them looked at Zhihao wondering just what happened, is that guy really their husband?

Zhihao then chuckled as he looked at Bugal and spoke: "In which way would you like to die?"

Although Bugal hasn't noticed that Zhihao had another soul within his body, he certainly can feel the overpowered Spiritual Energy coming out of him.

Zhihao just sighed as he spoke: "Flying is a little tiring, we should just go to the ground now, It would be better to fight there too."

After speaking, Zhihao landed on the ground slowly, he then looked around after landing then he noticed Zhihao's wives and smiled, he slowly walked towards them and spoke.

"So you are my contractor's Wives? not bad, not bad."

After speaking, Zhihao tried to touch Ning'er's cheeks, but before he could, Ning'er evaded his hand as she spoke.

"Who are you? and what have you done to my husband?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "Don't worry, so long as your husband Is alive, I can't do anything to you, but when he dies, I`ll get to control his body, even if it's only a single finger left, ku.. kuku.. hooo."

Verushka frowned as she spoke: "What do you mean by that, when our husband dies, you`ll take over his body?"

Zhihao snickered this time as he observed the wives of the Body's Owner and replied: "Yep, well That depends on how long he can last, and after I take over his body, I`ll have my own body to use."

The three of them glared as they spoke: "My husband will live for a much more longer time than you`d expect."

The Death God inside Zhihao then replied: "Hahahaha, who cares how long? I have already been waiting for millions of years, and through the course of the time that I had to spend, within the span of 100 billion years, I already overtook 15 bodies, and those bodies were the bodies of Gods, more powerful than the one you are facing right now, what's there to be afraid of, waiting for another million years?"

The three of them went silent as they frowned.

The Death God then spoke again: "Or I could take his soul instead, right after the contract ends hihihi..." But before he could finish, the Death God heard something inside Zhihao's head.


=I`d appreciate it if you don't care the host's wives.

The Death God frowned as he snickered: "So, someone has already chosen this body? how come I got contracted? how weak are you?"

Right after speaking, the Death God's consciousness immediately went inside Zhihao's mind, The Death God walked as he searched for the one that spoke.

The Death God kept looking left and right as he walk around Zhihao's mind.

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er was shocked instantly, how come Zhihao's body became something like a doll?

The three of them just waited as they don't want to approach him right now, it might be a trap and it could lead Zhihao to sacrifice himself for the three of them.

The Death God kept walking as he saw a silhouette of a Throne as someone is sitting in it.

The Death God snickered as he spoke: "You should just give that throne to me."

The Silhouette smiled as he stood up and replied: "It's been a long time, Maraduk."

The Death God frowned as he shouted: "WHO ARE YOU! SHOW YOURSELF!"

The Silhouette then smiled again as he walked closer and closer towards the Death God.

The Death God got enraged as he gathered his power within him as he prepared to attack, but when he saw the face of the Silhouette, The Death God's eyes became wet as tears immediately fell down from his cheeks, he then spoke.

"Is that really you?"

The Silhouette smiled as he nodded and spoke.

"It's been a really long time, wasn't it?"

The Death God immediately knelt down as he spoke: "MASTER!"

Tears poured down from his face as he knelt and bowed sincerely.

The Silhouette casually approached him as he patted his shoulders.

The Death God then looked at him as he got enraged again and asked: "Master! who was it! Who was it that made you vanish for millions of years?"

The Silhouette just smiled as he shook his head.

The Death God gritted his teeth and asked again: "Was it him?"

The Silhouette just sighed but didn't answer.

Death God gnashed his teeth and clenched his fist as he spoke: "How dare him! To his own Elder Brother! The only Family he had left! What kind of immoral act did he do!" He then stood up as he continued.

"Master, I`ll kill him for you."

The Silhouette smiled as he spoke: "He had already gathered powerful subordinates at that time, and I couldn't stop him with them around, each of his followers are as strong as the 8 of you, so you won't be able to do anything."

The Death God frowned as he asked: "What is his objective Master?"

The Silhouette sighed as he replied: "It's to destroy the God's Realms so that the Titan's Realm can Replacing the Gods and finally rule the Universe, Chaos will be everywhere after that.

The Death God was shocked as sweats started to rush down his back, he then asked.

"What are you planning to do Master?"

The Silhouette smiled as he spoke: "I`ll create someone, that is much more stronger than I was before."

Maraduk frowned as he asked: "Why did you choose this human then? there are countless Gods over at the God's realm that can be trained."

The Silhouette just smiled as he spoke: "It's just like how I met all of you, I felt that you all would be soaring the God's Realm with me that time."

Maraduk smiled as he nodded and asked: "What do you want me to do Maste..." but before he could finish, he remembered something and asked.

"Master, I had a contract with him already! what will happen now!?"

The Silhouette smiled as he spoke: "Although I can't destroy the contract, I can change the contents of what's inside of it to exact Minimum of what your soul contract can give."

Maraduk smiled as he replied: "Yes Master."

The Silhouette then spoke: "After you are done with the business here, Gather your other Brothers, and I`ll try my best in my side.

Maraduk nodded as he replied: "Your order shall be done Master, We'll try to enhance our powers again."

The Silhouette smiled as he spoke: "Now go, and Finish this ordeal."

Maraduk smiled as he replied: "Yes, Master."

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