Supreme Martial System
143 The War for Supremacy: God of Death
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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143 The War for Supremacy: God of Death

The Battle immediately continued, as Zhihao's people picked up their weapons and charged through the rest of the enemies.

Ma Dong and the rest burst into power as they tried to eliminate the rest of the enemies, wanting to aid Zhihao in his combat.

Zhihao rushed towards Bugal as he tried to attack him head on, but it immediately failed as a shock was written all over his face.

Bugal casually waved his hands as he blew Zhihao away with his energy.

Bugal then casually spoke: "You have indeed become powerful, but not powerful enough!"

Zhihao was about to charge again, but a silhouette appeared by his side and spoke.

"Master! I've fully recovered."

It is Ying Mai, she had finally recovered her full power as she prepared to aid Zhihao, then another group of silhouettes followed, It is Ma Dong and the rest of Zhihao's Direct Disciples, they immediately spoke.

"Master, We're here!"

Zhihao calmed down a bit as he ordered.

"All of you, distance yourself, I`ll try my best to hold my ground against him, while all of you give him your best skills!"

All of them nodded as they replied: "Yes!"

Zhihao immediately rushed towards Bugal as he spoke: "This time, It will be different!"

Bugal casually smiled as he spoke: "Additional puny creatures won't help much!"

Just right after speaking, Bugal went berserk as he unleashed his power and threw it in the sky.

Zhihao's face went dark as he shouted: "TAKE COVER! PROTECT YOURSELF!"

Ying Mai and the rest became shocked, but immediately, the concentrated Energy gathering in the sky had scattered to thousands and thousands of energies.

Ying Mai immediately summoned her Battle Arc as she shouted: "Come under my Arc now!"

Ma Dong and the rest immediately dashed towards the bottom of the Arc, then they saw two silhouettes that were still a little far away.

It is Noobelist and Xun Ai.

Ma Dong, Mo Ying, and Lu Piao were about to get the two of them, but Ying Mai immediately stopped them as she spoke.

"It's too late!" Ying Mai clenched her fist and tried to form a barrier,

Zhihao noticed the two of them as he immediately dashed towards the two of them trying to at least save them both, but before he could react, he heard Bugal shout.


After the shout, the energies that was hovering in the Sky shot down towards the ground with incredible speed.

Noobelist noticing that the both of them wouldn't be able to make it, he smirked as he spoke.

"Xun Ai, Please protect our Juniors in my stead, okay?" Noobelist immediately gathered all his Spiritual Energy within his hands after speaking.

Xun Ai looked at Noobelist and then spoke: "Senior Brother, what are you talki..." but before she could continue talking, she saw Noobelist released a powerful Spiritual Energy that he had gathered in his hands in her direction.

Noobelist then shouted.


It was a skill that he just created within this instant.

Xun Ai was shocked as she was pushed by Noobelist's skill, It felt like she was being pushed by a soft yet powerful cotton like power, Xun Ai looked at Noobelist and witnessed a very horrible scene as she screamed.


Noobelist's body had been penetrated by the massive downpour from Bugal's skill, piercing through every part of his body, he tried to dodge everything avoiding his vitals being hit, but with thousands of Energies raining down at him, he could barely live.

Ma Dong immediately caught Xun Ai as he dispersed the pushing force that came from Noobelist's power.

Ying Mai's Battle Arc received almost 90% of Bugal's power, and the Battle Arc immediately vanished after receiving a fatal destruction to its exteriors.

Ying Mai and the rest didn't bother about the Battle Arc though, they just looked at what happened to the two, Noobelist, and Mei Mei.

Ma Dong immediately lets go of Xun Ai as he went towards Noobelist's body.

After just Arriving Ma Dong took Noobelist's away together with them, he then spoke.

"You`ll live, you understand? You`ll definitely live! That's an order!"

Noobelist smiled as the lights in his eyes dimmed, he then spoke.

"huff...Senior Brother huff... Ma, I feel huff... very heroic today."

Ma Dong smiled noticing Noobelist's life force going away in a rather fast phase, he then replied.

"Yes, I saw it."

Noobelist smiled as he continued: "I huff... also felt huff... very handsome huff... doing that."

Ma Dong's eyes immediately became wet as he nodded and replied: "Yeah, That was very accurate of you."

Noobelist chuckled as he continued: "haha arg.. huff, I`m a little wet huff... by the blood huff... all over huff... my body, but I still looked huff... look good."

Ma Dong nodded again as he replied: "You definitely looked good out there."

Noobelist smiled with his teeth revealed and tears immediately flowed down from his eyes and continued.

"I still looked good, haha, I looked good."

Ma Dong was about to reply, but then his chests felt pained when he noticed something, Noobelist's life force had been fully consumed, Noobelist died exactly at this moment.

Ma Dong gritted his teeth as he returned back with the group, they immediately descended from the sky as they placed Noobelist's body with the rest.

Xun Ai's body immediately trembled at the sight of Noobelist's death, he was very dear to them, he was one of their role models, he made them laughed countless times, and struggled with them through pain and hardship, now, one of the few people that they had looked up too had also laid his life, saving Xun Ai.

All of them immediately stood up as they glared at Bugal.

Ma Dong immediately ordered: "Let's help our Master now!"

Everyone immediately replied.


All of them charged forward as they gathered energies within their body preparing to launch an assault.

Ying Mai followed suit as she prepared to Aid her Master.

Bugal then spoke: "Hahaha, I guess one is not enough..." but before he could finish, he felt a very strange surge of energy and immediately looked at it, It was Zhihao standing in front of him with some distance.

Zhihao's heart went cold seeing Noobelist while remembering his other Direct Disciples that had died due to Bugal, he then also remembered the countless lives that had died protecting their world, a Notification immediately popped up in his mind.


=A Forbidden technique had been activated, Due to the combination of Host's three skills.


=Berserker God's Rage, Berserker God's Wrath, and Berserker God's Sin, Divine Dragon's Wrath had been combined into one.


=You've activated Berserker God Asura's Contract, God of Death had been summoned.

-Warning, the negative effects will depend on Host's cultivation, and in certain circumstances lead to Death.

Zhihao's aura immediately changed as the bluish Spiritual Energy he was releasing turned to black, invisible arms grew behind his shoulder, while wings sprouted in his back, and a horn grew in his forehead.

Zhihao's dark eyes looked at Bugal as he spoke: "Hohoho, so you are the poor soul that this kid wants dead, I guess it leaves me no choice now eh?"

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