Supreme Martial System
142 The War for Supremacy: The Almighty“s Power.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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142 The War for Supremacy: The Almighty“s Power.

within the Battlefield.

Ning'er, Xiao'er, and Verushka were looking at Bugal's hand as the concentrated energy was released directed at them.

Everyone saw the mighty burst of power that came from Bugal.

All of them felt their heartache, their Lord's wives this time would have to suffer the same fate the same with their Lord's 8 disciples.

All of them couldn't help but close their eyes as tears flowed out of their eyes, praying for a miracle to happen.

Zhihao is crying tears of blood as he rushed forward to shield the three of them, then he heard their voices.

"Husband, It's okay, just be sure to avenge us okay?" Xiao'er looked at Zhihao as tears flowed from her eyes down to her cheeks.

"Honey, don't you dare follow us too early, we'll kill you in the afterlife if you do!" Verushka smiled after speaking, she had revealed the most cheerful smile she could ever do as her tears are threatening to drop from her eyes.

"Be sure to take care of our Sons and Daughter after you kill these invaders okay? Fight for us husband." Ning'er smiled as she spoke and clenched her fist toward's Zhihao, trying to encourage him to live on.

Zhihao's chest tightened as he felt despair and shouted in rage.


Just right after shouting, Zhihao's Spiritual Energy exploded, as the surge of power came to him continuously, he then heard a notification.


=You`ve opened the 3rd Skill of the Berserker God's Bloodline. Berserker God's Sin, Divine Dragon's Wrath. Cultivation power had temporarily advanced to Demi-God's Realm Pinnacle stage.

Zhihao ignored the notification as he continued to rush to his three wives, then he heard a voice.

"Kid, Have you already forgotten me? I already made a vow to the heavens, after all, Just focus on your fight."

After the words had been spoken, a silhouette of a turtle had gone out of his body as it quickly teleported to where his three wives are. A thundering roar then immediately sounded.

"Hmmp! A mere God Realm lower stage dare show its powers in front of the ones I seek to protect!"

A surge of powerful aura burst forth, emerging from the silhouette's body as it formed a shield like a wall that looked like a turtle's shell.

The silhouette then smirked as he spoke: "I am Amro! The Sacred Beast snai... TURTLE!"

The energy that Bugal had shot out of his hands bounced upward as it clashed with the Turtlelike wall.

Bugal was shocked that his energy was bounced just like that, he then heard the silhouette spoke.

"Now take my attack!"

Amro immediately gathered his Heavenly Energy and formed a Turtle shield above Bugal's head as it descended.

Bugal became paralyzed due to the overwhelming power that's coming from the Turtle Shell that floated above his head, he became scared as fear struck his heart. It then immediately hit Bugal's head and made a loud noise.


Everyone that has seen just what happened opened their eyes in shock as they all thought inside their heads.

'It didn't do any damage!?'

Amro coughed as he spoke: "Ah, Kid you should continue your fight with him instead, I`m the Sovereign of defense, So I can't even do any sort of damage."

Everyone immediately fell to the ground as they looked towards Amro with a single thought in their head.

'Why did you even attack then!'

Amro looked at Zhihao's wives as he spoke: "Hello Ladies, I`m Zhihao's buddy, I vowed to protect all of you, My name is Amro."

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er smiled at him.

Ning'er and Xiao'er then spoke: "Thank you."

Verushka, on the other hand, realized something and spoke.

"Then... why did you just appeared now?"

Amro coughed as he looked in the other way not replying.


Verushka immediately got what he was trying to do as she spoke:" YOU!!! YOU!!! BRING BACK OUR TEARS!"

Amro ignored them as he continuously coughed to avoid the topic.

Zhihao on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief as he spoke.

"Thank you, Amro."

Amro just smiled as he replied: "No worries kid, I got your back, Now finish your work with him.

Zhihao smiled as he immediately turned to Bugal and rushed towards him

Amro then spoke another word: "Kid, he's still too powerful for you, be more careful."

After speaking, something flew down Amro's lips as he thought inside his head.

'D*mnit!, I only had recovered 5% of my ability, and I already over-exerted my self.'

Amro immediately wiped his lips as he pretended that nothing had happened to him.

Zhihao heard Amro's words and looked back, then he saw Amro slightly trembling, he gritted his teeth as he thought.

'He used a very big amount of his power just to create those shields, so he still hasn't recovered his power yet, I need to finish this as soon as possible.'

Zhihao looked at Bugal as he rushes to him, he then spoke: "You`ll die Bugal, for invading our World, Harming the People under my protection, and attempted Murder on my wives! Those offenses will be judged that you`ll be sentenced to death!"

Bugal hearing Zhihao's words finally calmed down as he thought: 'So I can't kill those that that Creature is guarding.'

Bugal then looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Let's see if you have what it takes!"

After speaking, Bugal concentrated energies within his hands preparing to fight Zhihao head on.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he shouted back at Bugal: "Bring it on!"

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