Supreme Martial System
141 The War for Supremacy: Bugal“s Power
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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141 The War for Supremacy: Bugal“s Power

Within the walls of the Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao and Ying Mai are both trying to recover as much as they can.

But after an hour, Zhihao only recovered half of his Spiritual energy as he suddenly heard a notification, and this time, It was definitely a loud one.



Zhihao wanted to ask what it was about, then another notification popped up.


=Someone is breaking through to God's Realm Lower stage.

Zhihao's face immediately darkened as he looked at the Dark Blue cloud forming behind the mountains, Zhihao immediately stood up preparing to charge and stop it, but he then heard another one.


=You won't be able to do anything, even if you go there, try to recover as much Spiritual Energy as you can.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he sat down in a meditation position and gathered Spiritual Energy again.

Ying Mai saw everything but paid no heed to it as she only knows how to trust his judgment now, she immediately went back to collecting Spiritual Energy.


After another hour, Zhihao stood up finally filling up all the Spiritual Energy in his body, he then looked at the Battlefield as he saw the state of the war.

The two Goliath's had already fallen, while the enemies are getting pushed back now, It's almost clear that they are finally winning.

Zhihao then looked at the giant concentrated blue cloud within the horizon, Zhihao gritted his teeth as he joined the Battle.

Zhihao rushed towards the Battle in within just a few minutes of time, the enemies had finally decreased tremendously, only about 10 million of them left, then he immediately felt something as he looked at the horizon.


=Bugal had successfully broken through to God's Realm!

After the announcement, a powerful explosion erupted from where the blue cloud came from,

Zhihao's expression drastically changed as he looked at where the Cloud of Energy had been gathering.

The blue cloud of concentrated energy had finally finished its preparation as it started to grow smaller, as it morphed into a humanoid shaped energy, then afterward, Armors appeared covering its whole body and within just a few minutes, it had already finished transforming.


A shout that reverberated throughout the whole area was heard together with a very suppressing aura filled with killing intents as it started to push them back.

Zhihao prepared for what's to come as he withdrew his sword and blade, but then Bugal spoke.

"I`ll let you feel what it would be like to lose someone!"

Bugal looked at the Battlefield as he stretched one of his arms, a concentrated energy gathered in Bugal's palm in a size of a bean as he aimed at the Battlefield.

Zhihao looked at where he was pointing and became shocked, those were his twenty Direct Disciples, Zhihao immediately shouted.

"Ma Dong! All Of you! GET OUT NOW! RETREAT!"

When they heard Zhihao's shout, Ma Dong and the rest immediately tried to follow as they flew away in all directions, After that, they immediately felt a very strong surge of aura coming from their side and looked at it.

They saw a silhouette of a humanoid flying in the sky, aiming at them with a densely concentrated energy in his hands, Their facial expression immediately darkened as they saw it's powerful energy, they then scattered through the air as they run at the maximum of their limits.

Bugal chuckled as he shouted: "FUTILE EFFORTS!"

Just right after speaking, Bugal released the energy he gathered in his hand Aiming at the scattering figures, The tiny bean sized energy expanded and grew as it shot towards the twenty of them, it has suddenly became the same size as a mountain.

Seeing this scene, Zhihao's eyes widened immediately as he rushed towards them, but before he could reach half of the distance, he immediately stopped as he saw 8 of his Direct Disciples falling from the sky.

Zhihao's eyes redened as he shouted.

"Cui Jianhong!"

"Feng Chang!"

"Deng Wuying!"

"Wan Zedong!"

"Han Xieren!"

"Wang Su!"

"Shao Xiang!"

"Wen Qigang!"

Zhihao's heart ached after seeing his Disciples dying in front of his very own eyes.

The energy that Bugal shot was enough to kill even him, he felt helpless as he slowly descended from where his Direct Disciples had fallen, he picked them up one by one as tears flowed down from his eyes.

Bugal smirked as he spoke: "I like the look in your face, Hahahahaha" After speaking, he just looked at the despair in Zhihao's face and felt utter joy in it.

Zhihao couldn't hear anything at all as he kept laying them one after the other, Ma Dong and the rest felt their heart tightened as they also picked up their fallen comrades, blood flowed down from their faces from the sight of it, It was their companions of both hardship and joy, the ones they spent so much time through the course that they had become Zhihao's Direct Disciples.

Everyone within the Battlefield saw the scene as they fell to their knees and dropped their weapons, utter despair can be seen in their eyes.

Even their great Lord, their Master who they revered to be Supreme couldn't do anything, how can they win the war now.

Hopelessness, Desperation, Anguish, Hatred, Sadness, every emotion that can display their current predicament had already shown from everyone within the Battlefield.

Bugal laughed loudly as he spoke: "I love this feeling! You all shall die slowly by my hands now!"

Zhihao hearing this became enraged as he immediately flew up in the Sky glaring madly at Bugal, he then spoke a word to Ma Dong and the rest.

"Take care of your brothers and sisters, I`ll handle the rest!"

Ma Dong and everyone else nodded as they cried tears of blood, they immediately took their dead Brother and Sister's back to the Empire's walls.

Bugal smirked after hearing Zhihao's word and replied: "Oh, how can you even protect them when you can't protect yourself?"

Zhihao gritted his teeth preparing to engage Bugal, but then Bugal spoke again.

"Let's see how you can take it yourself then!"

After speaking, Bugal immediately concentrated another energy within his hands as he aimed it at Zhihao.

Zhihao, enraged immediately drew his sword as he rushed towards Bugal with the intent of Killing him.

Bugal seeing this immediately smiled, he then waved his hands as he pushed Zhihao out of the way and spoke again.

"Now, now, don't be in such a rush, I want to see more of your Despair."

Bugal immediately looked at the ones that destroyed the Goliaths and aimed his hands towards them.

Zhihao immediately stabilized himself and looked at where Bugal was pointing his hands.

Zhihao's face immediately darkened as he saw them, the one Bugal is pointing at were where his Wives, Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er are at.

Zhihao immediately got enraged as he shouted: "DON'T YOU DARE!!"

Bugal now smiled wickedly as his eyes seemed like he had gone mad from the Joy of seeing Zhihao's face.

Bugal happily spoke: "HAHAHAH, Let me see you try stopping me again!"

The energy within Bugal's hand started to grow as it slowly released it's prowess.

Zhihao immediately cried as rushed towards his wives. Desperation, Anguish, and Hatred can be seen within his eyes as he shouted.


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