Supreme Martial System
140 The War for Supremacy: A Great Cloud of Energy
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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140 The War for Supremacy: A Great Cloud of Energy

Eternal Glory Kingdom.

Normal Citizens had poured out of their hiding as they assisted the injured warriors from their Empire. This made the progress of recuperating doubled as the healed ones immediately went back to battle.

A lot of the civilians were caught in the skirmishes of two opposite powers, some are getting injured, while others immediately died, but they kept a will and resolve inside their hearts at all time.

-We're fighting together with them, even if rescuing the injured are the only thing we can do.

-They are dying, and getting injured because of us, how can we just stood by watching them fight for us!

-Even if we are Mortals, we are the Mortals of Eternal Glory Empire!

-To live and die together with the warriors, as a very honorable thing to do for us Mortals.

-We won't ever be afraid of death if it's to increase our chance of winning.

-A rescued warrior is a rescued chance!

-You invaders shall suffer the wrath of our warriors!

Different kinds of motivation pulled them to do what was thought to be impossible, never-ending fires of energy kept getting inside the Empire's walls, as they continued rescuing their inured and fallen comrades.

Zhihao noticed this as he smiled, He immediately looked at Bugal as he spoke: "You shall die today!"

Zhihao concentrated his Spiritual Energy in his body as he charged forward to Bugal.

Bugal smirked as he replied: "Let's see if you can make me!" Bugal immediately charged to confront Zhihao.

Immediately, when the both of them clashed, a strong wave bursts out from their weapon as the both of them continued slashing each other.

Immediately, when the both of their attacked collided, a strong wave bursts out from their weapons clashing, ignoring the force they emitted, the both of them continued slashing at each other aiming to kill the one in front of them.


Close to where Zhihao and Bugal are fighting, Ying Mai had already engaged Bagul for several minutes now.

Ying Mai is already getting pushed back as her Spiritual Energy had once again been depleted. Ying Mai then lost focused for a bit as she blacked out but immediately regained her focus.

Ying Mai then looked at where Bagul was before. She then spoke out of confusion after Bagul disappeared.

"Where..." But before she could finish, she immediately felt a cold blade entered the skin in her back.


Ying Mai screamed as she vomited a mouth full of blood, she immediately flew a distance away and put her defense up.

Bagul then spoke: "Blanking in the middle of a fight with someone stronger than you is a no-no."

Ying Mai glared at Bagul as she gritted her teeth. Ying Mai then scanned the damage Bagul had done to her, her face immediately darkened as she spoke.


Bagul chuckled as he spoke: "Yep! You won't be living for long now."

Ying Mai smiled as she spoke: "Not a big deal to me!"

After speaking, Ying Mai's Spiritual Energy burst as heat energy rushed through her body.


A loud explosion came from her back as Ying Mai's Spiritual Energy turned into flames, dissolving the poison.

Bagul was shocked, he then looked at Ying Mai and spoke: "You are Mad!"


Ying Mai also received some damages, but still, it is better than dying from poison and dragging her incompetence towards her Master.

"Huff... Huff... Huff... It's time for round two then."

Just right after she spoke, She immediately dashed forward to clash with Bagul enduring the pain she's currently having.

Bagul smiled as he spoke: "If poison wouldn't work much, then I`ll just kill you directly!"

Bagul and Ying Mai then continued their clash, then they both heard something.

"Heavenly Pierce!"


A very powerful aura immediately went past by them and made them stunned for a bit, it was too powerful, that the both of them stopped doing what they were doing. It was something that can be told to had come from the Heavens itself.

Ying Mai immediately stopped as she looked at Bagul and the one that shouted, It was Zhihao.

Bagul then slowly turned back as he looked at the one that shouted, Bagul is trembling as blood flowed from his lips.

They immediately heard another shout, and this time, It was from Bugal.

"You! I`ll definitely kill you!" Bugal rushed towards Zhihao prepared to kill him.

Bagul immediately pointed at Zhihao as he spoke: "You! You are playing dirty!"

After speaking, Bagul fell from the sky as he vomits and continuously loses a lot of blood.

Zhihao then snickered as he spoke: "You like backstabbing so much, can't take it if it's done to you? That's lame."

Bugal gritted his teeth wanting to kill Zhihao, but seeing the huge hole that was made in Bagul body, he immediately went to catch him.

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai as he spoke: "Let's retreat for now!"

Ying Mai immediately nodded as she flew to Zhihao side.

Zhihao looked at the Battlefield and then immediately returned to the walls.

The Battlefield had slowly, but in a steady manner headed towards victory, The two Goliaths are almost destroyed too. Zhihao smiled at the sight of it as he immediately returned to the walls.

Zhihao then threw a pill to Ying Mai as he spoke: "Recover, We'll fight them immediately as soon as they arrived."

Ying Mai nodded as she spoke: "Yes Master."

Zhihao and Ying Mai immediately sat in a meditation position as they gathered their Spiritual Energy again.


Someone in the Enemy's side.

Bagul and Bugal are in the area.

Bugal spoke as he tried to heal Bagul's wounds: "Little Brother, Don't give up on me, you are the only one I have living in this universe."

Bagul smirked as blood flow from his mouth, he then spoke: "Bro, I think I know my own situation better than you do."

Bugal immediately trembled as he spoke: "Stop talking, I`ll heal you, trust me."

Bagul smiled as he spoke: "I don't know brother, But I guess, I`ll just have to go first before you."

Bugal immediately slumped as he saw his little Brother dying.

Bagul then spoke: "Brother, let's do that, Let me be with you as you become stronger, okay?"

Bugal slowly nodded as tears flowed from his eyes, he then spoke: "I`ll avenge you, don't worry."

Bagul smirked again as he nodded.

Bagul then shook as he shouted.


Bagul's body is transforming as his body blurred, slowly, his body started to become cloudy, turning into a pure energy.

Bugal cried as he also did the same.


Their body of energy went into the sky as it formed into a cloud like a thing, merging the two different type of blue colored energy.

Bagul spoke his last word: "Bro! I`ll go first."

After speaking, Bagul's energy was swallowed by Bugal's as they merged into one, Continuously, a surge of powerful aura emitted from the strange ball of energy that Bugal and Bagul's body had merged into.

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