Supreme Martial System
138 The War for Supremacy: The Final Stand
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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138 The War for Supremacy: The Final Stand

Bugal limped down as he sat on the ground, Bagul joined him as they waited for their energy to be refilled.

The massive barrier they created used almost all of their stored energy.

Bugal then spoke: "We'll rest for now, I`ll need to recharge my energy."

Bagul then continued: "Yes Brother."

Bagul immediately sat down as he spoke: "We'll rest here for now as we refill our energy tanks, Rah! Come here!"

Just after finishing his words, Rah immediately came forward.

"Ready to receive orders."

Bagul then spoke: "How many goliaths have you made in this world?"

Rah was shocked, then just shook his head and spoke: "We've only made two of them."

Bagul nodded as he spoke: "Bring those two here, We'll wait until you arrive before we give chase again."

Rah immediately bowed as he replied: "Yes, It will be done immediately!" After speaking, Rah immediately waited for the Heavenly Flame Descend to vanish. He then spoke.

"So we're going all out now, or nothing at all."

Bagul then shouted at him: "Also bring the Mothership!"

Rah, this time was speechless, the Battleship is where they send their signals to the closest scouts in the universe, but if they'll use it now, that would be a loss of connection if they lose the battle, it will take decades for any reinforcements to come, or to know their current status.


Zhihao flew after releasing his skill, he then counted the ones he had killed using almost all of his power, he barely killed a quarter of them in total, about 3 Billion enemies.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he increased his phase.

Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao finally came back and immediately shouted.

"Everyone! Fully replenish your Spiritual energy, They will arrive here anytime now!"

"YES!" Everyone replied as they started to gather Spiritual Energy from the Earth.

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er immediately came towards Zhihao and hugged him.

Ning'er then cried as she spoke: "Please don't leave us, Okay?"

Zhihao then asked: "Why do you even think that I`ll even leave you?" Zhihao smiled as he patted

Ning'er's head.

Ning'er then spoke as tears in her eyes flowed down: "I kept having this ominous feeling that you`ll be leaving."

Verushka then tightened her hug as she spoke: "I have the same feeling."

Xiao'er then nodded repeatedly as tears flowed down to their cheeks.

Zhihao was shocked, he then thought of what the System spoke of years ago.

Zhihao then had a bad feeling about this as he looked at where their enemies would come from.

He then spoke: "Don't worry, I`ll try my best to survive this, You`ll just have to believe me and wait for me, no matter what, Okay?"

The three of them nodded as they hugged Zhihao tighter.

Zhihao then spoke: "Let's recover our Spiritual Energy first."

The three of them finally let go as they nodded and sat beside Zhihao.

Zhihao then looked at a Silhouette near them and spoke.

"Wentian, Thanks for coming to our aid."

Wentian smiled as he spoke: "Don't worry about it, If you guys lost, we would be the next target, It's just us that wanted to prevent that too."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Let's recuperate for now."

Wentian nodded as he, and the other four sat and started to recover their Spiritual Energy.


After a few hours, Zhihao's Heavenly Flame descend finally vanished.

Bagul immediately ordered Rah to go and wait for his order when he got there.

After a few minutes, Rah finally arrived as he contacted Bagul.

"I am in the hanger now, Vice Commander."

Bagul nodded as he replied: "Wait there, My Brother and I will summon a Void gate."


Bagul looked at his Brother, Bugal and spoke: "Brother, We need to summon a Void gate."

Bugal immediately nodded as they both concentrated their energy.

Bugal flew up in the sky more than a kilometer away, while Bagul stayed down in the ground, the both of them immediately connected their Energy, and as such, a crack within the air can be seen.

Bugal and Bagul immediately opened their arms wide as the crack extended as it finally became something like a big gate!

Immediately, after the big gate was formed, a silhouette of a mechanical thing slowly walked out of the portal, one by one, all of its limbs slowly got out of the Portal, and soon, its the whole body finally got out, every step it takes sent tremble to the Earth as it walked out of the portal.

The head looked like a big bean while emitting clear neon blue lights going out of it its big eye within the center of its head, Something as big as a mountain had appeared, It looked like a Giant Metal crab!

After a while, the other one slowly got out together with Rah.

Bugal looked at Rah as he spoke: "Is it fully energized?"

Rah nodded as he replied: "Yes Vice Commander, It has been fully energized."

Bugal nodded as he spoke: "Good! We march now!"


All of them marched with the same phase as the Goliath and headed towards Zhihao's Eternal Glory Empire.


Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao felt the fluctuation of Energy as he spoke: "Two Mythical Realm pinnacle power? Have another two of those monsters arrived? or is it something else?"

Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er walked closer to Zhihao, standing by his side, Immediately, One after the other came following them, Han Wentian and the other four, Ying Mai, Ma Dong, and the rest of Zhihao's Direct Disciples stood by his side.

Every cultivator, weak or strong had stood behind the walls of Eternal Glory Empire, The ones Living within the Eternal Glory Empire, and also the Kingdom's around it, even the Sacred Ground sects of the Human Race had behind Zhihao.

Zhihao looked around as he saw the fighting spirit burning within their eyes, prepared to do what's needed for them to survive this crisis, Zhihao smiled as he looks at all of them then spoke.

"We shall make our final stand here!"


Every living soul within the Whole of the Cultivation World had responded to the call of survival, The final stand that they would do. Failing is not an option starting today.
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    《Supreme Martial System》