Supreme Martial System
137 The War for Supremacy: Retrea
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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137 The War for Supremacy: Retrea

The entire battlefield has become a huge mess, as corpses and injured beings are scattered throughout the whole area.

Zhihao and Ying Mai are still clashing with Bugal and Bagul as they try to kill at least one of them.

Zhihao had tried his best, but due to his previous fights, his spiritual energy is being drained more rapidly than ever.

Zhihao looked at Bugal and Bagul as they still have a lot of energy left, and it kept increasing every minute.

"I guess what that dude before spoke were true, You get energies from your bases." Zhihao snickered after he talks.

Bugal smirked as he spoke: "Oh, are you finally running out of energy? that's good for us then." Just after speaking, Bugal immediately launched continues attacks to Zhihao.

Ying Mai saw this and wanted to provide support for Zhihao, but then she was immediately attacked.

Bagul chuckled as he spoke: "Where are you going? how dare you look elsewhere while you`re still having a fight with me?"

Ying Mai gritted her teeth, she wanted to summon her Battle Arc, but that would drain her remaining Spiritual Energy that is almost close to none.

They are currently in a standstill, but once their Spiritual Energy got fully drained, it would definitely be different.

Zhihao immediately scanned his surrounding as he thought of any other alternative to turn the tides towards them. but after a few seconds, Zhihao gave up the thought as he shouted.


All of them heard Zhihao's words as they became immediately shocked, but they soon understand something, their Spiritual Energy was running out while their enemies are still fully energized.

Zhihao then continued his words: "Verushka, Xiao'er, Ning'er provide them some cover as you guys retreat!, ALL OF YOU GUYS IMMEDIATELY USE THE INTERVAL THAT MY WIVES WILL PROVIDE TO RETREAT!"

Everyone gritted their teeth as they don't want to retreat, but what can they do, they will lose if they don't.

They immediately replied: "Yes Master!"

After replying, they immediately went to their defensive formation as they helped the injured and carried the dead, while slowly going into a retreat formation.

Bugal smirked as he spoke: "Do you think we'll just let you leave?"

After speaking, Bugal immediately launch continues assault towards Zhihao.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he spoke: "Don't worry, the both of your heads will be mine sooner or later!" After speaking, Zhihao looked at Ying Mai as he spoke.

"Ying Mai! Retreat now!"

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao still intending to stay, but then she shook her head as she replied: "Yes Master!"

Ying Mai immediately supported the Battlefield after retreating.

Bagul immediately chased her saying: "Where are you going? We are not done yet!"

But before Bagul could chase towards her, Zhihao blocked his path.

Zhihao smirked at him as he trusted his sword upwards and spoke: "Don't go chasing now, or you`ll suffer again! Heavenly Flame Descend! form a Horizont Barrier for me!"

After shouting, The clouds made way for what's to come, as a heavily concentrated flame energy burst downward blocking their chasing path.

Zhihao then left a message before leaving: "We'll be back sooner than you think!" But just right after Zhihao spoke, his spiritual energy got drained after using it all to power up the Heavenly Flame Descend, he immediately shouted.


Immediately, three silhouettes appeared beside Zhihao as they supported him, It was Verushka, Xiao'er, and Ning'er.

Zhihao immediately ordered: "Immediately return to Eternal Glory Empire!"

His three wives were about to say something, but then they remembered their current circumstances and dashed towards the Eternal Glory Empire.

Everyone immediately answered: "Yes Master!"

Bugal tried to break Zhihao's skill but it took him at least 10 minutes to do so. after that, Bugal scanned his surroundings as he looked at the Battlefield, the only ones left are billions of corpses of his own men.

Bugal gritted his teeth as he spoke: "Make haste! We chase them and obliterate all living creatures in this world!"

All of his men immediately nodded as they replied: "Yes!"

They immediately gave chase and followed the tracks of Spiritual Energy left behind by the enemies.


Zhihao and the rest were only halfway through to Eternal Glory Empire, then he noticed that a lot of silhouettes are already on their tails.

Zhihao frowned as he spoke to his wives: "Leave me here, I`m going to consume a Sacred Origin Pill, I`ll try to hold them back, just order everyone to recuperate, I won't be able to hold them much, but I`ll try to last longer and follow you guys again."

The three of them wanted to stay too, but looking at the two strong beings, they felt powerless as they nodded.

"Be safe."

"Don't leave us for too long, Okay?"

"Hmmp! If you`ll ever do something crazy again, I`ll kill you myself!"

The three of them spoke as they let down Zhihao.

Zhihao swallowed a pill and immediately, his spiritual Energy came back to its original form.

Zhihao smirked as he charged immediately towards them.

Bugal was shocked when he saw Zhihao charging towards them again, and what's worst he's also fully recovered.

Bagul then spoke: "He recovered that fast?!" he was shocked by the recovering ability of Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately stopped midway as he started his Sword Dance.

Bugal immediately widened his eyes as he ordered: "Stop him no matter what!"

All of his subordinates immediately rushed toward Zhihao's location as they bombarded him.

Zhihao didn't mind the damage he took from them, but millions of energy kept hitting him and it's started to take its toll on his body.

Bugal immediately made it in front of Zhihao, but a bad news hit him, Zhihao had already finished his preparation.

Zhihao immediately unleashed sharp energies one after another.

Bugal and Bagul evaded as they got closer to Zhihao. Bugal immediately rushed as he received a few slashes and succeded grabbing two of Zhihao's arms.

Bagul immediately rushed towards Zhihao's back as he slashed.


Zhihao immediately bled by the power of the strike as he struggled and broke free of Bugal's clutch.

Zhihao concentrated his spiritual energy onto his fists as he attacked.

"Wind Circling Ball!"

Bugal tried to block, then he saw his hands getting crushed.

Bugal immediately retreated as he spoke: "Attack him!"

Millions and millions of concentrated energy blasted from the four-legged creatures and spaceships towards Zhihao.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he received the damage from all direction.

Zhihao then attacked one more time.

"Heavenly Flame Descend! Make it Rain! Heavenly Flame Descend! Horizontal Barrier!"

Zhihao immediately took another Sacred Origin Pill, this is his last time that he could actually take one, after that, he immediately retreated after pouring half of his power and retreated.

Bugal noticed this as he immediately shouted.

"Energy Barrier!"

Bagul noticed the wide area that Bugal wanted to cover, their whole army.

Bagul joined him as he shouted.

"Energy Barrier!"

Almost more than a quarter of their army had been decimated, but at least, there were still more than half of their original army.

Bugal looked at his army and immediately shouted: "I`ll definitely kill you!"

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