Supreme Martial System
136 The War for Supremacy: Reinforcements
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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136 The War for Supremacy: Reinforcements

Within the battlefield, The whole war is already becoming messier by the seconds as it continues on.

Ma Dong couldn't give out any more orders as he's already almost exhausted, bringing out his whole power just to reach the rear end, but he couldn't do it as the enemies kept pouring their numbers at him.

The rest of the 19 is almost completely exhausted, while the Eternal Royal Army had already decreased their numbers more than a quarter of their original count, while almost half of them had already been either unconscious or fully injured while exhausted.

The momentum they had earlier had now vanished, as they went from their offensive push to a defensive stand.

Although they were already losing, they still held their wills firm and never gave up.

Ma Dong was already almost collapsing and immediately retreated towards his Juniors.

Ma Dong looked at the sky afterward, staring at the one-sided battle too, his Master against two powerful beings, he gritted his teeth and shouted.

"Like what I said earlier, It's either we become victorious or we die trying! To me my comrades!"

Everyone, immediately burned with passion as they took their second charge, but just then several millions of figures appeared in the sky after Ma Dong and they had charged.

Ma Dong felt weak at this sight, they thought that it was the last of their men within the field.

Ma Dong slumped down, he then looked at his comrades, but then another shock appeared behind them! They are already surrounded! Another group of silhouettes from behind them appeared, numbering more than hundreds of millions of soldiers.

Ma Dong sighed as he shouted: "Master, At least you should live! We'll hold them for as long as we can! Avenge us!"

When everyone heard Ma Dong's words, they immediately became motivated, if their Lord can live through this savage war, they would definitely have their vengeance through Zhihao's hands, Their sacrifice would not be in vain.

Zhihao looked at them as he pondered, Zhihao then looked at the silhouettes approaching, but not to Ma Dong's expectation, Zhihao smiled and continued to battle the two, he then shouted.

"Men! Reinforcements have arrived!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of them immediately looked at the approaching silhouettes, they were the other two groups! Ma Dong then looked behind, and he saw a lot of Human warriors approaching them, from Heavenly Establishment Realm and under!

Ma Dong smiled as he spoke: "Comrades! We shall take it to the end! Charge!"

They found a second wind of power as they charged and confronted the enemies.

Ying Mai, Verushka, Ling Ning'er, and Shen Xiao arrived first as they started their massacre from the rear.

The Heavenly establishment realm warriors were from the Kingdoms under Zhihao's Eternal Glory Empire's Rule! They came to provide reinforcements too!

They immediately pulled out the injured and weakened members of the Eternal Royal Army as they transferred their Spiritual energy to them.

The healed, and rejuvenated members of the Eternal Royal Army immediately thanked them as they joined in the war again!

Ying Mai and Zhihao's wives started the slaughter as they kill their way in.

The one-sided slaughter before started to become even again, a war that would dictate the fate of their world has is already in the progress.

Zhihao smirked as he started fighting again.

Bugal and Bagul sighed as the war is indeed going to be dragged longer.

They started to pour everything they had to deal with Zhihao.

After Bagul and Bugal started to pour their all into it, Zhihao started to sweat as his face darkened.

Zhihao immediately cast: "Handsome Circle Skill!"

Although it helped, it's just a minimal advantage. Zhihao then tried to use the Sword dance again.

Bugal immediately noticed it as he spoke: "Stop him! Immediately Bagul!"

Bagul immediately went wild, his brother only did that expression when they are sparring with their Master before, but now, Bugal actually acted like that towards their opponent, Bagul only knows one thing, and that is, something powerful will be unleashed if Zhihao continued the thing he'll do.

Bagul immediately charged towards Zhihao as he wildly brandished his scythe.

Zhihao's momentum immediately got lost as he started defending.

Bugal immediately followed up and charged at Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately felt the pressure again, he looked at the war happening below and it's still in a standstill, now he's forces are actually exhausted, even the reinforcements.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he Unleashed two of his area of effect skills.

"Record of the Burning world!"

"Flaming Road of Destruction!"

Bagul and Bugal immediately retreated for a second, as they charged again.

Although it is nothing much, Zhihao still made a few seconds of break out of the two's combined bombardment.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he continued to engage the both of them.

Ying Mai, Verushka, Ning'er, and Xiao'er saw Zhihao's predicament, they wanted to help him, but their hands are tied right now. then a figure appeared as it rushing towards them, there were also another 5 of them behind him.

It was Han Wentian!

Han Wentian immediately spoke: "The five of us will cover one of your position! Help him!"

Verushka wanted to go, and so is Ning'er and Xiao'er but then they looked at Ying Mai as they shouted simultaneously: "Ying Mai! Go!"

Ying Mai immediately nodded: "Yes, Mistresses!" After speaking, Ying Mai immediately rushed towards Zhihao's aid.

Ying Mai is currently the strongest amongst the four of them, so they immediately sent her to him.

Verushka smiled as she spoke to Wentian: "You seriously have a good timing this time."

Wentian smiled as he spoke: "Yes, When I detected the sign of two powerful beings coming here, I and my comrades in arm joined together as we rushed getting here."

Xiao'er and Ning'er smiled as they spoke: "Thank you."

Wentian smiled as he spoke: "No problem, now let's deal with the problems here!"

Although Wentian and the other four were only at Legendary Realm middle stage and peak stage, they could help a lot as well.

Ying Mai finally arrived as she did a surprise attack towards Bagul, with her Flame Type cultivation, she's actually more powerful when she entered Zhihao's spell range, not as much as Bugal or Bagul, but it's really gonna be a big help just to delay them for a minute or two.

Bagul dodged as he glared madly at Ying Mai.

Ying Mai immediately went to Zhihao's side and spoke: "Master, I`ll delay the other one as much as I can, please finish your business with the other one."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded: "Let's do this then!"

Ying Mai and Zhihao rushed towards their enemies immediately, doing each of their duties.

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