Supreme Martial System
135 The War for Supremacy: Sword Dance
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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135 The War for Supremacy: Sword Dance

Within the Battlefield.

The fight had already started, Ma Dong, Mo Ying, Lu Piao, and Noobelist had started their fight a few minutes ago.

The four-legged creatures had started bombarding them, they numbered around millions, and every shot they take injured a lot of warriors from the Cultivation World, some even got killed when they were hit simultaneously.

Ma Dong and the rest started to rush towards the location of those four-legged creatures.

But the path separating the two groups are arduous, transcendent beings are in place to protect them, while Rah had been killing his way to them too, and another problem was the floating Spaceships, the small ones aren't much of a trouble, but there are around 100,000 of those big things, and the small ones were numbering about hundreds of millions, they are really in a pinch in this battle now.

Ma Dong ordered: "Mo Ying! Confront Rah, Lu Piao and Noobelist go and kill those small flying bugs, kill as much as you can!"

Ma Dong paused for a bit as he looked at the other 16 Direct Disciples of their Master as he ordered them: "Try to block those invisible creatures, they are killing more of our Empire's soldiers!"

The 16 of them nodded and replied: "Yes Senior Brother." After replying, they immediately rushed towards the epicenter of the battle to start aiding their comrades.

Ma Dong located all the Invisible enemies he can see in his path as he fought and kill his way to the enemy's rear, he needed to kill those four-legged creatures no-matter-what.

Ma Dong kept getting wounds but he ignored it as he rushed his way in.

Ma Dong then ordered the Eternal Royal Army: "All of you guys push forward! We'll end the war today!"

The Eternal Royal Army immediately nodded and replied: "Yes!" as they roared and pushed the front lines.

A sea of never-ending enemies are in front of them, but that didn't end their motivation, their motivation is that they wanted to away the invaders away from their lands.

For the first time in the history of their world, Humans, Demons, and Beast are banding together to push away their enemies, the invader of their world.

The ones in the front that was getting injured were immediately brought back to the rear to recuperate, while the ones dying were immediately placed at the rear, they wanted to at least have their corpse as a whole to send to their family, and It's an honor to fight with someone that would sacrifice their lives for the world.

Ma Dong smiled as he looked at the massive difference in numbers, they numbered around 200 Million, but the enemies are like billions and billions of ants, a never-ending flow of enemies are witnessed as they arrive one after another.

Ma Dong then shouted: "For everyone that die, we shall kill thousands!"

"WOAH!" Everyone shouted unitedly as they pushed forward.

Ma Dong then shouted: "I`ve already killed more than 10,000 enemies!"

Lu Piao immediately responded: "Senior Bro! I got at least 8,000!"

Mo Ying laughed as he spoke: "14,000 from me Senior Brother Ma dong."

The rest of the disciples immediately responded.





Ma Dong shook his head as he shouted: "Either we come victorious after this or we die!"

"YES! WAAAA!" Everyone shouted in unison as they surged their spiritual energies fort.


Within the Dark space that Bugal created.

Bugal has been slashing his katars, brandishing it as he continuously struck Zhihao's body.

Zhihao struggled as he kept thinking for a solution.

Bugal then spoke to him: "Should I remove my domain? ho ho ho"

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he glared at the darkness, then suddenly remembered something from the books he read.

Zhihao smiled as he started to do something.

Bugal instinctively moved away and stopped his attacks as he prepared to defend against any unexpected attack from Zhihao.

Zhihao then started to imitate the one he saw in those books, Zhihao started to lift one of his sword up, while his Blade is within his stomach, Zhihao lifted one of his leg and glared to his front.

Bugal was shocked as he saw Zhihao directly looking at him, he got tense and immediately prepared to block any type of attacks.

Zhihao then started to gather spiritual energy towards his weapons as he started to move his whole body.

Zhihao started to jump in a circular movement as he kept brandishing his weapons as it unleashes waves after waves of sharp energies, slashing the air as it flew across all the directions.

Swosh! Swosh! Swosh! Swosh!

Bugal was shocked as he blocked the attacks, but the attacks are breaking through his defense as it directly penetrated his skin, instead of blocking he started to evade them, then he saw another shocking thing, his Darkness Domain started to have horizontal holes in it.

Bugal panicked for a bit as he retrieved his domain and dodged the rest of the energies slashes.

Bagul was shocked when he saw the wounds all over his Brother's body, he immediately went beside Bugal as he prepared to help Bugal defend the attacks.

Zhihao finally got out of the domain as he smiled and looked at the two of them.

Zhihao spoke: "That was refreshing."

Bagul then noticed all the wounds in Zhihao's body is already recovering fast.

Bugal shook his head and spoke: "I can't defeat him with my strength alone."

Bagul nodded as he summoned his weapon's final form, a powerful surge of energy immediately rose out of Bagul, the weapon became one and looked like those of a scythe but it's only about a meter long, with three chains in the read, and at the end of the chains were some sharp spikes covering it.

Bugal then shouted: "We shall end it today!"

The both of them, Bugal and Bagul immediately dashed forward to clash with Zhihao.

But Zhihao had scanned the group of peoples below, they are almost depleted! He needs to do something!

But when he came back to his sense, Bugal then appeared in front of him, wielding his katar, while Bagul is in his back wielding a weird weapon.

Zhihao immediately burst fort as clashed with the both of them, but this time, Zhihao couldn't follow up, two of them is really a big challenge to him.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he tried to endure further into the battle.
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    《Supreme Martial System》