Supreme Martial System
134 The War for Supremacy: Bugal“s Power
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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134 The War for Supremacy: Bugal“s Power

In the midst of the battle.

When Bugal's weapon was summoned, it felt like his power multiplied to ten folds.

Bagul was shocked when he saw his Brother summoned his weapon's final form, He immediately spoke.

"Brother! Why'd you summon your weapon's final form!?"

Zhihao was shocked too, such power up! It's definitely a cheat! he's cheating!

Bugal looked at Bagul as he spoke: "Bagul, I don't know why you kept looking down on him, but, I think he has something up his sleeves, and even though his power is not much against me, he has something else, It's not the power we used, it is different."

Bagul was shocked as he looked at his Brother and asked: "He's that strong that you`d admit it yourself?!"

Bugal smiled as he spoke: "Yes, he is."

Bagul felt his whole heart slumped, then he spoke: "Brother, Let me handle him, I`ll summon my final stage..." but before he could finish speaking.

Bugal approached him immediately as he patted Bagul's head and spoke: "Bagul, I treasure you as my little brother but believe me when I say this, You can't deal with him yet."

Hearing Bugal's words, Bagul slumped down as he felt weak now.

Bugal then looked at Zhihao as he smiled and spoke: "Are you ready?"

Zhihao then finally woken up from his curses inside his head and spoke: "Wait! Wait for a bit."

Bugal sighed as he nodded his head.

Zhihao then spoke inside his mind: 'System! How can I beat him when he's like that? How strong is he now?!"


=He's power is at the Demi-God's Pinnacle stage after summoning that weapon.

Zhihao sadly sighed as he asked: 'How can I beat him then?'


=Unseal your Supreme Martial God's Sword 1st Seal, It goes up to 5th seal.

Zhihao then asked: 'How do I unseal it?'


=20,000,000,000 Cultivation points are enough.

Zhihao sighed as he spoke: "Unseal it."


=Order confirmed.

After the final notification, Zhihao's sword transformed too, it's Guard immediately formed into something that of a Dragon's head, and its hilt grew some designs too, while the sword's edge turned into a blade.

Zhihao's aura immediately exploded as a Silhouette of a white dragon emerged out of him.

Bagul trembled as he spoke in a low tone: "He still can be more powerful than before?"

Bugal patted his head as he spoke: "Now you get it?" Pausing for a bit he spoke again.

"Distance yourself first, I might need your help if something unexpected comes again.

Bagul nodded as he flew in a distance as he looked at Zhihao's power.

Zhihao's power had increased five folds when he unsealed his sword's 1st stage.

Zhihao felt ecstatic as he looked at the sword and muttered: "How strong will I be if I unsealed the 5 stages?"

Inside Zhihao's head, Amro spoke to the silhouette: "Are you sure you are not gonna warn him?"

The silhouette shook his head as he looked at the view.

Amro sighed and spoke again: "He's still too far away from matching that Bugal guy."

Zhihao then spoke to Bugal: "I`m ready."

Bugal nodded as he prepared to attack, then suddenly all of his aura vanished together with him.

Zhihao was shocked, It's broad daylight, how can someone vanish immediately? but just after thinking something unexpected happened.

Bugal struck Zhihao in his back and smiled: "Let's have a good fight"

Zhihao immediately brandished his blade, but after waving it, Bugal was already nowhere to be found.

Zhihao smirked as he spoke: "F*ck! Not bad!" After speaking, Zhihao immediately vomited a mouthful of blood as the hole in his stomach healed immediately.

Zhihao searched his surrounding as he cast a skill.

"Record of the Burning World!"

Flames erupted out of Zhihao's body afterward, covering the skies with flame.

Bugal then revealed himself as he spoke: "A domain?" pausing for a bit, Bugal then smirked as he continued.

"I have one too!"

After just speaking, Bugal released his energy as everything turned dark around them.

Bagul smirked as he laughed and spoke: "Hahahaha, It's over! My big Brother unleashed his domain! you won't even know how you died inside!"

Zhihao was shocked as his Burning World had already been crushed and now, he couldn't even see his own hands.

Zhihao immediately cast his skill.

"Handsome Circle skill!"

After using the skill, Zhihao felt calmer as he scanned the whole area around him. He immediately noticed a silhouette approaching him from behind.

Zhihao immediately faced the other way and wielded his sword.

"Heavenly Flash Draw!"

Zhihao immediately hit him as he smiled, but his smile immediately froze when another attack hit him from behind.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "Nice!"

Bugal sighed and spoke: "You can still smile at a time like this? you are definitely different."

Bugal immediately attacked Zhihao.

Zhihao drew another sword as he blocked the two attacks immediately and replied: "You are getting slower grandpa!"

Bugal smirked and answered: "How about this then."

Zhihao smirked as he prepared to intercept the attack, but then another unexpected thing happened.

"F*CK!" Ten attacks from different locations appeared out of nowhere.

Zhihao wielded his sword immediately and tried to block as many as he can.

Bugal spoke: "Not bad, definitely not bad."

Zhihao smirked and healed himself up, he blocked 4 attacks but 6 others went through his body.

Zhihao then thought: 'I need to get out of this domain thingy, System, do you have anything out there to help me?'

After a few seconds of waiting, Zhihao didn't hear a response.

Zhihao widened his eyes in surprise as he thought: 'Even the system has nothing to counter it?'

Zhihao gritted his teeth and spoke to Bugal: "We need to finish this with me coming out victorious!"

Bugal laughed as he replied: "How selfish can you be, I have a mission too you know."

After speaking, Bugal immediately proceeded in chipping away Zhihao's life.


Inside Zhihao's mind.

Amro spoke: "Are you sure you wouldn't help him? This is too disadvantageous to him."

The silhouette finally opened his eyes and spoke: "He needs to gain experience, he has so much power but he's still not experienced like others."

Amro sighed and replied: "I wish he'll really come out of here victoriously."

Amro wanted to help, but currently, his Spiritual energy is limited, and can only protect those that Zhihao wanted to protect.

Amro spoke: "Good luck to you kid."
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    《Supreme Martial System》