Supreme Martial System
133 The War for Supremacy: Battle
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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133 The War for Supremacy: Battle

Within the enemy base, two groups had been glaring at each other already prepared to start the massacre.

Zhihao focused his attention on the two Demi-God invaders.

One of them spoke: "It would be unfair if the both of us go right?"

The other one named Bugal nodded as he replied: "So I should be the only one going right?"

The other one is named Bagul shook his head as he spoke: "It should be me, Brother, how many times had you stolen the first kill from me?"

Bugal replied: "Of course I should do that, I`m stronger than you after all."

Bagul then grunted: "No, this time, I should be the one to engage the enemy."

"All right, all right, just don't go dying on me, okay?" Bugal replied.

Bagul smiled as he spoke: "Thanks Brother, you're really the best Brother there is in this world!"

Zhihao snickered noticing that he's being belittled by the other two. he asked the system: 'How many points do I have?'


=Cultivation points : 42,870,121,992.

Zhihao was shocked, then he remembered the slaughter they did this past few hours and nodded.

'System, Is there something that can help us win this war?' Zhihao asked.


=Supreme Martial God's Aura can increase your allies and your power by two folds, but it costs 100,000,000 Cultivation points per hour.


=Supreme Martial God's Elemental Law of the Universe can increase your allies and your elemental powers and will also cost 100,000,000 Cultivation points per hour.


=Supreme Martial God's Fortitude and Fortification can increase your allies and your defense two folds and also costs 100,000,000 Cultivation per hour.

Zhihao was shocked as he asked: 'Do you have any sort of ties with that Supreme Martial God or something? how come you have a lot of his skills, and is my set also from Supreme Martial God?'

Zhihao asked but he didn't get any sort of respond, he just sighed as he spoke to the system: 'Please activate three of the auras that you mentioned.


=Order received.

Immediately after confirming the order, the system released the auras as it covered everyone that Zhihao deemed as his ally, even those people that are far away were affected.

Zhihao felt the power rushing through his veins as he smiled and shouted: "The slaughter begins!"

"YES!" All of them felt the increase in power that they had received. they were excited by the mysterious aura that came from Zhihao's body increasing their spiritual energy and might!

Zhihao led the charge as he immediately targeted the two beings.

Bagul immediately spoke: "Wait! Wait! We're not finished yet! not yet!"

Bugal sighed and said: "Should I help you Brother?

Bagul frowned as he dashed to intercept Zhihao while speaking to Bugal: "I don't need your help, Brother."

Zhihao smirked as he held the hilt of his swords and used his skill: "Heavenly Flash Sword!"

Bagul smiled but then noticed the enormous power within the two flashes of spiritual energy. Bagul immediately held his arms to block it.

"Swish! Swish!"

Bagul shook his head as he spoke: "Wow! What power! Are you sure this guy is only an 8th stage? not 9th stagers like us Brother?"

Bugal scanned Zhihao as he replied: "Yes, his power level stage is at 148,820, but something is different, his energy is almost the same as you, it's almost at the 10,000 barrier, he has 9,999 Energy level."

Bagul smirked and laughed: "Ohhh, that's nice then, a great talent indeed! Brother what's my energy level?"

Bugal sighed as he replied: "21,810 Energy level"

Bagul laughed and spoke: "I increased my Energy level again, hooo!" Pausing for a bit, Bagul looked at Zhihao as he spoke.

"Let's start weakling"

Zhihao frowned when he heard the two of them speaking then he thought: 'I`m behind by that much?!'

After thinking like that, Zhihao felt weak indeed, but then a notification popped up.


=Different Realms have different measurements, he only measured Energy as that's their Main source of power, You have your Elemental power, Cultivation Level, and Physique, he only measured your Power state.

When Zhihao heard this, he smirked as he immediately rushed towards Bagul.

Zhihao then unleashed his skills after skills.

"Linear Ray!"

"Fire Ball!"

"Fire Ball!"

"Linear Ray!"

"Nine-Tailed Lazer!"

Bagul was shocked as he summoned his Energy Barrier. The sound of the Barrier being summoned immediately sounded.


It looked like the back of a Turtle's back but blue in color.

Bagul was shocked though after the Nine-Tailed Lazer shot his barrier, it started the form cracks.

Bagul looked at his Brother wanted to ask for help, but then Zhihao blocked his view.

Zhihao smiled as he cast his skill.

"Heavenly Flame Descend!"

Bagul waited for something to come out of Zhihao's finger, but none showed.

Bagul smirked as he laughed and spoke: "Stupid! hahahha..."

But after finishing his words, the sky above him started to open up as the clouds looked like they are making way for something.

Bugal immediately took action as he spoke: "Not good!"

A Concentrated flame energy shot down from the sky out of nowhere.

Bagul immediately focused his energy and poured it towards his Barrier.


The sound of the descending concentrated flames after hitting Bagul screamed wildly.

Bugal immediately took out his weapon as he dashed towards Zhihao, The weapon looked like a double-edged blade, but someone has a crescent-shaped tip, it looked like a crescent moon being stabbed by a big pole.

Zhihao noticed Bugal's approach as he immediately prepared to defend against his attack.

Bugal immediately used one of his blades to push Bagul out of the concentrated flame, while he used the other one to slash at Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately dodged and looked at the two enemies as he smirked and spoke: "Not bad for someone that has 20k points in energy base."

Bagul got enraged as he wanted to charge immediately, but then someone appeared in front of him as he stopped Bagul and spoke: "Forgive me for underestimating your capabilities, we should start now too."

Bagul looked at Bugal as he spoke: "Brother! I can still keep going! I can..."

But before he could finish, Bugal looked at him and spoke: "You are not ready to fight someone like him yet, the fact that you didn't even measure his capabilities is a proof."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Not bad for a character, it's like that guy before, he's a great warrior too, like you."

Bugal smiled as he spoke: "Bagul, stay far away for now."

Bagul wanted to rebuke, but his Brother is serious right now, he immediately flew into distance.

Bugal then looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "I will show you how I respect strong warriors."

After speaking, Bugal then summoned his energy out as he directed it to his weapons, It immediately morphed into something like two katars as it wrapped his whole hands.

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "That's good then, Let's start?"
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    《Supreme Martial System》