Supreme Martial System
132 The start to an end
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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132 The start to an end

Zhihao sighed as he followed where she's gone to, but then he felt two massive energies entering their world.

Zhihao was shocked as his heart slumped, these powers are something he can't match yet, and two of them at the same time.

Zhihao immediately shouted: "They had arrived!" all of them heard this as they arrived beside Zhihao.

Ying Mai, Verushka, Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately arrived first, while his twenty Disciples and the Eternal Royal Guards arrived last.

Everyone flew towards the sky as they prepared for any unexpected attacks.

Zhihao then spoke to Amro as he asked: 'Amro, can you protect them all?'

Amro shook his head as he replied: 'No, the number of your people are more than millions, I couldn't do anything. my maximum is 12 including you.'

Zhihao was shocked, he then asked: 'removed my protection, place it to my wives and my 9 Disciples that are the weakest.

Zhihao gritted his teeth by the choice he made, but he had no choice, he had to pick some too.

Amro nodded as his power surged forth and covered the ones Mentioned by Zhihao.

Zhihao noticed that the two powers had stayed in the farthest south from them.

Zhihao looked at the citizens staring at him, he pondered for a bit as he sighed and ordered.

"If they are not coming to us, we will come to them! We go!"

After speaking, Zhihao immediately led the charge of slaughter towards the enemies.

He remembered that what Dzaroka spoke before, that they gathered their powers through their bases.

Zhihao scanned his Eternal Royal guards, they were already Peak to Pinnacle stage of Divine Realm, and with the help of their equipment, they'd be able to take out bases after bases too.

"Everyone! We'll split into three groups! Ning'er and Xiao'er go with the 2nd group, Verushka, Ying Mai the 3rd group! I`ll lead the first group towards their strongest warriors."

Everyone nodded as they replied: "Yes!"

Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately went to Zhihao's location as they killed his lips and spoke.

Ning'er: "Please be safe, return to us alive."

Xiao'er: "Don't do anything dangerous please, Just stay safe."

After speaking, the both of them headed towards the 2nd group.

Verushka came closer to Zhihao as she hugged him and spoke: "If you dare die before me, I`ll follow you and kill you there myself!" Verushka immediately left towards the 3rd group.

Ying Mai smiled as she spoke: "Master, Please be safe, we shall meet again after this." Ying Mai followed suit as she tightened her hands into fists and followed Verushka.

Zhihao then shouted: "The more bases we destroyed, the bigger the chance we can win this!"

All of them replied: "Yes!" as their wills bared iron, and hearts as strong as steel. From the get-go, they wanted to kill the enemies, this is their time for it.

Zhihao then shouted as he flew towards the south with the dedication: "Let's drive those foul things back to whence they came from!"

Everyone shouted simultaneously as they rushed forward: "WAAAAAA!"

Zhihao then continued: "For our world! For the safety of our beloved ones! WE FIGHT!"

Zhihao steamed roll all the bases they could pass and destroyed every living invaders as he passed by.

Just within a span of 3 hours, the three groups had already demolished about 10,000 bases.

Zhihao looked around as he saw his subordinates covered in blood from their own and their enemies.

Zhihao then ordered: "Rest for an hour, recover your spiritual energy!"


Amro then spoke to Zhihao: 'Are you sure that you`ll be confronting them?'

Zhihao replied: 'Yes, why do you ask?'

Amro sighed as he spoke: 'Those two are at least Demi-God Realm cultivator between lower, and middle stage.'

Zhihao shook his head as he replied: 'I have no choice, there were millions of normal citizens there, I can't get them to be involved with this too.'

Amro sighed then looked at the Silhouette behind him and smiled as he spoke in a low tone: 'Just like you eh'

The silhouette only smiled but didn't reply.

Amro just shook his head and watch Zhihao's point of view and spoke: 'I wish he won't have the same end as you did.'

The silhouette only nodded as he smiled at the same time.


Within the enemy's main base.

The Rah is watching within the hologram as he spoke: "Kul Marques(Admirals), that's the one, he was only stronger than one of us a few years back, but now, his improvement had caused me to be astonished, he's almost as strong as one of you.

The two silhouette then smiled as they nodded, Zhihao in their observation is almost as strong as them.

One of them spoke: "Let them wreck some more bases, it will be his bonus for reaching this far.

Rah immediately replied: "Yes!"

The two silhouettes then walked out of the base as they checked for things.


Zhihao and the rest finally recuperated as he ordered: "Let's continue!"

Immediately all of them replied: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao led the charge as they destroyed more bases, one after another.

Zhihao kept checking the location of the two, but they are still not moving.

Zhihao snickered as he spoke: 'Overconfident, but I guess I need to thank them later too.'

The slaughter continued as they reached halfway to their main base, It has been exactly been a day since they had started and crushed about 320,000 bases.

Zhihao then ordered: "Recover!"

"YES!" Everyone answered as they went into meditation to recover their spiritual energy.


After an hour, Zhihao was about to order again, but then he noticed that the two powerful being is coming towards them with a group of soldiers.

Zhihao then shouted: "They are coming! Prepare for battle!"

Everyone immediately tensed up as they prepared to engage the enemies anytime.

Zhihao looked at the horizon and immediately, they appeared.

One of the two spoke: "So... Shall we start?"

A smirk appeared on their faces after speaking.
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    《Supreme Martial System》