Supreme Martial System
131 What just happened?
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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131 What just happened?

Floating Fortress, within Zhihao's room.

Zhihao finally woke up as he tried to get up, but then he remembered that his wives are still in his body, tightly hugging him. he was about to kiss Ning'er then she opened her mouth as a sound came out.

"Husband... don't... leave us..." Immediately, after speaking, all three of them had tears fell from their face.

Zhihao felt warm inside his heart as he thought: 'I`ll protect you all, don't worry, even if I have to sacrifice my own life for it.' Zhihao then kissed their foreheads as he fixed their position and placed them in the bed.

Zhihao then walked out as put his clothes on.

After fixing everything, Zhihao then immediately went towards the Practicing yard.

Zhihao immediately looked at the sky as he called: "Ying Mai!."


Immediately, a figure descended as it landed in front of Zhihao and replied.

"Master! I`m here to obey." Ying Mai spoke after bowing her head.

Zhihao nodded as he asked: "Have you noticed anything weird about the ones that were moved to that City?"

"Master, we haven't seen anything to be suspicious about, but a lot of them sometimes looked at our Empire from the distance and immediately do their work, We assumed that they just want to live here too." Ying Mai reported.

Zhihao nodded as he pondered for a bit and thought: 'Is it yearning? that's it? am I really becoming too suspicious?' he paused his thought then immediately found another idea.

'Spying? they are gathering information about our location!?' Zhihao thought inside his head as he looked back to Ying Mai and ordered.

"Ying Mai, everything important that we're doing, only do it inside the Empire's wall."

Ying Mai immediately nodded as she replied: "Yes, Master."

Zhihao then continued: "You`ve already reached Mythical Realm middle stage? not bad."

Ying Mai blushed for a second as she replied: "It's all Master's work that helped me reach my current stage."

Zhihao nodded as he asked: "How many disciples and what realm are they under your command?"

"Master, I have 4 personal Disciples, and 12 Disciples in total, all of them are in Divine Realm pinnacle stage." Ying Mai reported.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Make sure to help them well, you`ll leave them here to protect the whole Empire when we engage our enemies."

Ying Mai nodded.

Zhihao then continued: "In any day, the enemies might arrive, you need to prepare yourself."

Ying Mai immediately replied: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao then waved his hand and spoke: "You may go now."

With a nod, Ying Mai immediately vanished as she had gone back to her Arc.

Zhihao then called: "Direct Disciples, forward!"

After hearing their Master's voice, they immediately arrived one by one and greeted: "Master, your orders."

Zhihao continued: "Within the 8 Spatial Rings in my hand, there are resources and materials that could be used to create weapons and armors. the armors can be sold as your suits are already high grade, but you all would need a better weapon, the rest would be given to the Eternal Royal Guards." Zhihao then handed them all the spatial rings after speaking.

Ma Dong accepted them and replied: "Thank you, Master."

Zhihao then spoke: "You may go now."

All of them immediately flew as they followed Ma Dong's lead.

Zhihao looked towards the sky as he walked outside the Fortress, It's been a long time since he did nothing.

Zhihao became dazed for a bit as he looked at the moving clouds, but then, a silhouette appeared in front of him as she rammed her head into Zhihao's chest, she immediately fell down flat in the ground.

"Ugh! what kind of rock blocks my way!" the silhouette looked at Zhihao as she pondered where she had seen this face before.

Zhihao then looked at the lady as he apologized: "Ah, sorry, It's my fault that I was not paying attention to where I am walking." After speaking, Zhihao held his arms out wanting to assist the fallen lady.

The silhouette took Zhihao's hand and looked towards Zhihao's face, she really seemed to have remembered him from somewhere.

Although Zhihao felt the same, he just shook his head and walked again after assisting the lady.

Then a shout from the lady was immediately heard: "AH! Sis veru's mating partner!"

Zhihao immediately stumbled after hearing those words.

Zhihao then looked at the Silhouette as he asked: "You are?"

The lady immediately replied: "I`m Sis veru's little Sister! Azalea!"

Zhihao opened his eyes and nodded as he replied: "Oh! The Beast Kin's current leader?"

Azalea nodded as she replied: "Yep! Yep!"

Zhihao patted her head as he spoke: "You should take proper responsibility too, you have your own people to protect."

Zhihao waited for a reply but there was none, he then looked at Azalea.

Azalea blushed as she spoke: "It's too sudden! I`m not prepared yet, I... I... I still have a lot of things to do with life, so..." after speaking up to that, another silhouette appeared.


It was Verushka, she immediately spoke: "Azalea, don't bother with him, he has no idea of your Beast Kin's tradition." after speaking, Verushka immediately glared at Zhihao.

Zhihao then asked as he opened his eyes wide: "Eh? What did I do wrong this time?"

Verushka sighed as she spoke: "Being patted in the head by an opposite sex means that he's proposing."

Zhihao was shocked as he looked at Azalea and spoke: "It was a misunderstanding! Really a misunderstanding! You should forget about it, Okay?" Zhihao tried his best to make the misunderstanding be cleared.

Azalea then cried as she spoke: "So I`m not good enough..." After speaking, she immediately ran away as tears flew out of her face.

Verushka sighed as she patted Zhihao's back and spoke: "Goodluck." giving Zhihao a thumbs up before flying back inside the Fortress.

Zhihao opened his eyes as he spoke in a monotone: "What just happened?"

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