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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Title : The Bond between the four.

Inside the Floating Fortress, in the room where Zhihao rest.

Different kinds of sounds can be heard.

Then, a voice was inside shouted in pleasure: "Zhihao, wait it's too sud... AHH!"

Zhihao immediately pushed his index finger slid directly inside the moist pearl and wreaked havoc, prompting the latter's body to arc, and her mouth emanated a moan of pleasure. Zhihao after noticing that Ning'er was ready immediately penetrated inside her as he ravaged her whole body.

Due to the number of times that they enjoyed each other's bodies, Zhihao already knew the numerous weak points insides their bodies and he decisively stirred her up.

Verushka immediately interrupted him as she spoke: "Why are you leaving me unattended?"

After speaking, Verushka immediately lifted Ning'er up while pushing Zhihao down, Making Ning'er ride Zhihao instead.

After changing their position, Verushka immediately sat on Zhihao's face as she pointed her tiny slit towards' Zhihao's lips.

Zhihao immediately penetrated the slit between Verushka's legs as she exclaimed.

"AHHH! Unnn, Yes, Honey, more!"

Zhihao's tongue techniques already became refined and he moved, according to Verushka's desire.

Twisting there, slurping sounds echoed amidst the bedroom and as Verushka started moving up and down a string of liquid lingered between Zhihao's mouth and Verushka's slit, indicating the connection that they had.

Xiao'er didn't know what to do as she just stared at the three of them.

Verushka got excited then noticed Xiao'er's problem as she smiled and pulled her and kissed her lips.

Zhihao then noticed Xiao'er as his hands crawled from her legs towards her private place, and immediately after reaching the place, Zhihao penetrated Xiao'er p*ssy.

Xiao'er couldn't help but exhale in pleasure as she shouted: "AHHH! Ummm!"

Xiao'er's figure fidgeted upon feeling the cold, yet warm touch of Zhihao's finger entering inside her. Her expression became tender and her eyes glazed and filled with desire as it landed on Zhihao's face.

A moan filled with pleasure and pain echoed inside the room as their body connected, both Verushka and Ning'er's body arched up as they endured the searing pleasure that they are feeling inside of them.

Zhihao kept licking and pumping at the same time, and after a while, he heard a bigger sound.

"KYAA!! NOO! AHH!!" a shout of pure ecstasy escaped from Ning'er's mouth as she slumped back towards the bed, and she's having some pulsation towards her stomach after she came.

Verushka smiled as she spoke: "Unnn! Xiao'er, your turn."

Xiao'er immediately nodded as she positioned herself above Zhihao's Manhood, but just when Xiao'er touched the tip of Zhihao's, Zhihao immediately moved his Junior brother and penetrated Xiao'er's inside.

Xiao'er immediately got shocked as her eyes rolled upward.

Verushka immediately held her back as she kissed her again and fondled her chest, Xiao'er did the same thing after finally calming down.

Xiao'er was too sensitive and immediately got knocked down by Zhihao's Manhood while billions of Zhihao's micro soldiers entered her womb.

Xiao'er shouted in extreme pleasure: "AHHH!"

With a moan that practically became akin to that of a scream, Xiao'er's inside repeatedly contracted, enveloping his cock in a suction force which begged him to deposit his semen.

Zhihao felt the extreme pleasure unbearable anymore as he deposited a mouthful of his liquid inside Xiao'er

Xiao'er immediately slumped down to the bed, trembling from the extreme pleasure she felt from Zhihao's climax.

Verushka smiled as she spoke: "It's my turn now honey."

Zhihao immediately held Verushka's body and lifted her up.

Verushka was shocked as she asked: "What are you doi..." but before she could finish speaking something she hasn't done before happened.

Zhihao looked at Verushka's slit as he pointed his Manhood and pulled down Verushka immediately penetrating her p*ssy.

Verushka smiled wildly as she exclaimed in pleasure: "AHHH! F*CK!, YES!"

Verushka wrapped her arms and legs on Zhihao's body, while he kept pounding her really hard.

"More...Harder!" Verushka screamed and Zhihao felt that her insides throbbed rhythmically, sending him dangerously on the edge as he spoke,

"I can't endure it anymore... I'm sending everything, inside you, Verushka." Zhihao gritted his teeth while he whispered in her ears and the hold that Verushka did on his body tightened further, as both of them reached the end of their climax and with a final thrust, Zhihao's cock repeatedly throbbed as he deposited, several rounds of semen inside her.

In a while, when Verushka was almost passing out, Ning'er woke up as she smiled and spoke: "I'll do that too!"

Every shell, cover, and mask were removed that day as they just let their bestial instincts take over and engross themselves to the extreme pleasure of sex.

Time went by faster than usual as 10 hours had already passed

The four of them panted as they laid in the bed, hugging and cuddling together.


Hello everyone, Author here, This chapter won't be published because Some might feel alienated by the contents. I`ll also post this in the comment section if anyone wants to read it.

It's a R-18 chapter, also forgive this author for having no experience in making such a scene :D I hope you guys like it!.

This chapter was done with the help of another Author.

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Chapter's Title : The bond between the four of them

Zhihao was fully exhausted today, after he unleashed his sexual frustration for more than the 4 years that he had been stuck inside the Dungeon.

The four of them chatted in a low voice as they slowly dazed themselves to sleep.

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