Supreme Martial System
129 Different Flavors of Flames
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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129 Different Flavors of Flames

Arriving inside the Fortress.

Zhihao smiled as he played with his kids. Hilary is playing with Zhihao's arms as she got pulled up and down by him.

Baichen then asked: "Dad, where did you go? it's been so long!"

Jingyi nodded repeatedly as he asked too: "Yes dad, Where'd have you gone to?"

Zhihao then smiled at them as he replied: "I've been to a very mysterious place, and made a lot of benefits."

Baichen and Jingyi nodded then asked: "What benefits father?"

Zhihao then smiled at them as he replied: "It's to help your Father's Empire grow, you`ll get it once you've grown bigger."

They both replied at Zhihao with a "Kay."

After replying, they went to their mothers to play.

Hilary then spoke: "Father! We very stwong now! see?" While speaking, Hilary summoned a Dark flame in her hands.

Zhihao was astounded as he wanted to touch it. but then Hilary shouted.

"Don't! Daddy will get huwt if you touch it!"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Really? but your father is really strong you know?"

Hilary glared at her Father being boastful, she then snickered and replied: "Twy it then! Don't say I didn't wawn yu!"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and lifted his hand and tried to poke it, but as soon as he did, he felt an extreme pain coming from his finger.

Zhihao looked at his finger then saw something miraculous, the skin is rotting, while the meat and bone in his finger decayed.

Zhihao was shocked and at the same time surprised! What kind of power was this?

Hilary then extinguished her flame as she spoke: "See! Told you! look now daddy is huwt! I`m sowwy daddy, wu wu wu."

Hilary immediately cried when she saw Zhihao's finger being destroyed by her flames.

Zhihao patted her head as he spoke: "I told you daddy is strong, look at my finger now."

Hilary opened her eyes as she wiped away the tears, she was shocked when she saw her Father's finger all complete. she then looked at her Mother as she shouted.

"Mom! Mom! Look! Daddy fingew didn't get huwt!"

But to her surprise, the Three mothers were actually shocked as well.

Zhihao noticed this and explained: "It's my physique, I cultivated it since young."

The three of them sighed and nodded.

Baichen and Jingyi heard the commotion as they immediately came back to their Father's side.

The both of them run fast as Baichen spoke: "Dad! Look at my powers! look! look!"

Jingyi didn't want to be beaten by his brother so he summoned his skill too: "Daddy! Me too, look! mine is more beautiful!"

Zhihao was shocked yet again, Baichen summoned a Blue colored flame, while Jingyi summoned a green one.

Zhihao then looked at his Wives and asked: "What are these?"

Ning'er sighed as she explained: "We don't really know either but when they started cultivating, that's the power they got out of their bodies from the get-go."

Zhihao nodded as he poked Baichen's blue flame. this time too was another shock, he's feeling extremely cold, but his finger is getting evaporated! What kind of power is this!

Zhihao then looked at Jingyi's flame and poked it with his other finger. This time, Zhihao felt a cool breeze of wind while his finger disintegrated scattering in the air.

Zhihao hugged them immediately after fully recovering his fingers.

Zhihao then spoke: "You guys cultivate diligently okay? You need to protect your Mothers and Sister in the future."

"Got it, Dad!" Baichen and Jingyi smiled proudly as they replied.

Hilary then pouted as she spoke: "Daddy, I`m going to be stwong too!"

Zhihao patted Hilary's head as he replied: "Yes, yes, of course, but as your older brother, they need to protect you too, right? you are their little Sister, after all, the Princess of our Empire, okay?"

When Hilary heard the word princess, she immediately brightened up as she nodded and replied: "Okay daddy!"

Then Hilary continued: "Daddy, I`m sleepy."

Baichen and Jingyi also yawned as they replied: "Us too Dad."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, you guys can sleep now."

After speaking, Zhihao called the Maids to deliver them to their room.

Zhihao then looked at his wives and spoke: "They will be arriving anytime now, I hope you guys won't force yourself to go with us."

The three of them smiled as they replied: "Of course we'll refuse, no matter what, you are our husband, we always nodded when you don't want to go with you, but this time, it's different."

Zhihao sighed as he asked: "Can you please not? What about Baichen? what about Jingyi? Hilary? if something happened to you guys, they will really be sad, you three know right?"

Xiao'er then looked at Zhihao firmly as she replied: "They'll be sad too if you are gone, and so would the three of us."

Verushka then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "You won't be able to change our minds this time."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "But there would be one simple thing you need to do when you go with us that time, okay?"

The three of them nodded as Verushka asked: "What?"

Zhihao continued: "If it became extremely dangerous, you`ll all retreat to the Fortress."

The three of them wanted to rebuke but Zhihao then continued.

"I have a way to preserve my life, but for the three of you, there wouldn't be, and I`d feel sad if anything happened to any of you three, understand? I can't protect you all by that time."

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke: "No matter where I am, I`ll definitely come back to you guys, even if I turn into a ghost, I`ll madly rush to you guys when you get into any sort of danger, Okay?"

The three of them blushed, then Verushka held Zhihao's hands as she pulled Zhihao into their bed.

Zhihao was shocked but just went with the flow, as the flames inside his heart burned fiery flames.

Ning'er immediately shouted: "That's not fair Veru! You're really taking the lead again this time!"

After speaking, Ning'er immediately joined the two of them.

Xiao'er immediately blushed as she spoke: "Me... Me too!"

Hearing this word, Zhihao pulled Xiao'er together with them.

Amro can see everything through Zhihao's eyes as he spoke: 'Okay, I guess it's time for me to sleep, he forgot to introduce me, this dam guy.'

After speaking, Amro immediately closed his eyes as he fell asleep.
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    《Supreme Martial System》