Supreme Martial System
128 A family reunion
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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128 A family reunion

Within the Floating Fortress.

Zhihao finally entered the Fortress and immediately went to look for his wives.

Zhihao scanned the whole Fortress but couldn't find any of them, he then walked towards his baby's room to check their status, but only the maids were there fixing the room.

Zhihao then asked: "Where are they?"

One of the Maids replied: "Ah! Lord, they had gone out, they wanted the two Young Masters to see the whole Empire."

Zhihao nodded as he asked again: "Since when were they have gone to? and where do you think they went?"

The Maid immediately replied: "Master, since this morning, I think they went to the park."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and said thanks, after that he immediately flew towards the park.

After a while, Zhihao finally arrived and found his three wives, they were talking to each other.

Zhihao immediately descended as he hugged the three of them immediately. he then spoke.

"Sorry, I got really delayed."

The three of them got shocked, then they immediately calmed as tears flowed from their eyes.

"It's okay, at least you are back now." Ning'er replied as she closed her eyes and held Zhihao's arms.

"Un, as long as you are back." Xiao'er smiled as tears flooded down her face.

"Hmmp! You still know how to come back!." Verushka pouted as tears in her eyes build up, she folded her arm like someone really mad.

Then Zhihao felt a surge of aura from his back, although it wasn't strong, it's not weak either, he just let them do whatever they wanted to do, he doesn't want to ruin his time with his wives after all, and they can't do anything to him anyway.

Then a sound came from Zhihao's head.

"Pak! Pak! Pak!"

Three simultaneous sounds echoed through the air. then the three spoke.

"Why are you bullying Mama, Mom, and Mother!"

"Yeah! Don't Bully them!"

"Why you bully mamas!"

Zhihao was shocked when he immediately turned as he hugged the two of them.

The two boys immediately realized who Zhihao was as he hugged him and shouted: "Dad!"

Zhihao then noticed someone else suddenly looked at the little girl beside them that was currently pouting.

Zhihao then looked at the girl and Verushka alternately.

Zhihao then asked: "Her name?"

Verushka replied: "Hilary"

"What a good name." Zhihao spoke as he approached her. Zhihao then asked.

"Do you know me?"

Hilary shook her head as she folded her arms.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I am your Father."

Hilary glared at him and spoke: "Mom say I should no talk to stranger!"

Hilary immediately ran towards Verushka as she hid behind her.

Hilary then looked at her Mom as she asked: "Who is he mom?"

Verushka smiled as she replied: "It's your Dad"

Hilary then looked at Zhihao then replied: "Definitely don't look like me, I look like you Mom!"

Verushka smiled as she replied: "Of course, but he's your daddy"

Hilary then looked at Zhihao as she walked around him while holding her hands behind her body, observing him. looking like a boss watching her sinned underling.

Hilary sternly looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Let me bite your finger then, prove your identity."

Zhihao got bewildered as he looked at Verushka.

Verushka sighed as she spoke: "It's a special ritual where we can detect what kind of relationship we have with one another."

Zhihao nodded in response as he replied: "Okay, you can take a bi..." but before he could finish speaking, Hilary had already bit his arm.

Zhihao smiled as he released his defensive qi in the bitten area so that she could penetrate his skin.

Immediately, Hilary's eyes brightened blue as she looked at Zhihao then attacked him with her powerful hug as she spoke.

"Daddy! Woo! I have a daddy too!"

Zhihao smiled as he pats Hilary's head and spoke: "Let's go inside then." After speaking, Zhihao lifted Hilary in the back of his head while picking up both Baichen and Jingyi in his arms.

Zhihao's children immediately became excited as the trio of them shouted.

"Charge!" Baichen spoke excitedly

"Attack the fortress! We got Daddy as a sacrifice! Go go go!" Hilary spoke with determination, looking serious just like how her mother usually is.

"Daddy! faster faster!" Jingyi spoke as he wielded his tiny sword.

Zhihao smiled as he looked at his wives beside him, he wishes that he could just spend his days like this.

Zhihao then spoke to them.

"After we've repelled and shoved away all those invaders, We'll leave peacefully, okay?"

Ning'er, Xiao'er, and Verushka smiled and simultaneously nodded.

Such a life is not a bad thing. it's actually a good way to live their lives after having a stable living. they could just focus on developing their economy instead of trying to become strong.

Amro hearing this smiled as he scanned Zhihao's children. Amro placed a spirit brand in the back of the three kids. It just means that these three are his utmost priority to protect within the future.


Somewhere in a very far end of the galaxy, a silhouette approached a man sitting on the throne. the one that approach spoke.

"Master, the vanguards that we had sent to the Cultivation realm had been out of contact for more than 4 years already, and the Archon in charge had been missing in action, his life crystal is also being drained slowly."

The one sitting on the throne opened his eyes as he spoke: "So, he's finally dead huh, that annoying guy."

"Yes master." the reporter replied.

"I don't know how, but there is definitely a strong enemy out there." Pausing for a bit, the man sitting on the throne continued.

"Send one... no, my two vice commander."

"What? Master?" The reporter was shocked, those two were supreme beings in their realm, and only He, their Master is stronger than them, Although they haven't conquered the whole realm yet, it's already 75% in its grand completion.

The one on the throne glared at him as he waved his hand.

Immediately a force pushed the reporter as he slammed through the walls.

The reporter immediately replied: "Thank you for Master for being merciful, I shall fulfill your duties."

The man on the throne stood up as he spoke to himself: "I'll rule the whole universe, I`ll make everything under my feet. Cultivation realm, Sword and Magic realm, you two shall be my stepping stone before I kill my way to reach you again, If I alone wouldn't be sufficient, then I`ll bring along a whole realm, I`ll have my vengeance!"

After speaking, the man walks out of his throne room, glaring at a very shiny universe.

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