Supreme Martial System
127 Returning
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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127 Returning

Inside the Dungeon, Zhihao had been lying unconscious for days.

Zhihao finally opened his eyes as he felt his whole body is aching all over.


Zhihao laid back again as he couldn't stand up right now. then a voice spoke.

"Kid, you're still alive, lucky for you"

Amro smirked as he looked at Zhihao.

"Barely, haha" Zhihao replied as he smiled.

Zhihao then asked: "How long have I been out?"

Amro replied: "About 28 days"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "That long huh."

Amro looked at Zhihao as he spoke: "Kid, I only know one thing and that is, you are destined for great things"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Thanks"

Amro then shook his head as he replied: "I don't know until when can I live, but I`ll promise to uphold my vow to you, but there is a day that I`ll be leaving your side and might not come back"

Zhihao then looked at Amro as he asked: "What is it?"

Amro smirked as he looked at the nosy kid and replied: "It's not within your power kid, not yet I guess, but you should remove the idea of you helping me in that time, you are still too weak"

Zhihao then nodded.

Amro then spoke: "Kid, I had 30% of my power previously, but after I morphed into my original state, I only have 5% left, but don't worry, it's enough to assist you in your endeavor"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Thanks"

Amro nodded as he spoke: "Let's go out then.

Zhihao nodded and just after that, everything around them became blurry as they immediately got out of the Cave, he's now at the foot of the mountain.

Zhihao sighed as he thought: 'these powerful creatures are really something else.'

Amro then spoke: "Kid, I can't help you by powering you up, Your power is not something that I have compatibility with, but if you can find someone that is compatible with my power, I can merge with him and give him my powers temporarily."

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Okay, got it"

Amro then spoke: "I`ll go inside of your body, for now, Just call out to me inside your mind and I`ll immediately go out" After speaking, Amro immediately warped inside Zhihao's body.

Zhihao was shocked after Amro went inside of him, he immediately felt a surge of energy gathering inside him.

Zhihao then asked: "I thought you can't help me?"

Amro replied: "If it's ordinary Spiritual Energy, I can still supply you, and some of my characteristics can also go and harden your body."

Combined with Tyrannical God's Body, and Amro's characteristics, Zhihao's physical body immediately healed as his internals that was damage was being fixed double the speed when he received his Physique.

After a while, Zhihao fully recovered.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, It's time to go back then."

After speaking, Zhihao immediately flew up to the sky as he headed to the Eternal Glory Empire.

It's almost 5 years since he went inside the Cave, He would be returning yearning for his loved ones.


After a while, Zhihao finally came back to Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao descended to the Floating Fortress. he immediately went towards his Direct Disciples training ground.

When Zhihao reached the training ground, Zhihao was shocked, all 20 of them are alive, but what shocked him is that they had already reached Legendary Realm, although only Ma Dong is in Legendary Pinnacle Realm, The rest is within the middle, while three of them is Legendary Peak Realm.

Zhihao then looked at them as some are missing an arm, or even a leg.

Zhihao asked the system: 'System, do you have any pills to help them regrow their Limbs?'


=Yes, Sacred Root Pill, costs 258,277 Cultivation points.

Zhihao nodded as he counted how many of them lost their limbs.

Zhihao then replied: 'I need 12'


=Order confirmed, all items are placed in Host's Inventory.

Zhihao immediately withdrew the Pills as he walked towards them.

The twenty of them noticed Zhihao as they stood up and greeted.


Ma Dong then walked as he smiled and spoke: "Master, we've completed our mission."

Zhihao nodded then the twelve pills floated in the sky as it flew towards the ones that had lost their limbs.

Zhihao then spoke: "Take it."

Those that had received it replied: "Yes Master" They immediately swallowed after speaking.

They didn't ask what it is, but their Master's words are their law, they won't hesitate even if he commanded for them to die.

Immediately, their limbs grew, starting from the bones, muscles, veins, until the skin, It became like it was there all this time!

They wanted to exclaime in shock, but forced it back as they already knew their Master's power, they felt that anything is possible so long as their Master deemed it to happen, even if he wished the Heavens to fall and the Earth to rise.

Zhihao nodded as he walked close to them. Zhihao then spoke.

"What have you done for the whole year of your mission? Ma Dong."

Ma Dong immediately walked in front of Zhihao as he replied.

"Master, We've destroyed and recaptured the lands of 1,245 bases within the time of the Whole year, and when we came back, we started tempering our cultivations."

Zhihao then spoke: "I can already see your improvements, and I definitely want to celebrate with you guys"

Zhihao paused as he looked at the Direct Disciples of him that lost their limbs, those injuries were definitely something that was dealt by the ones he fought before. Zhihao then asked.

"How did you guys lost your limbs?"

Ma Dong immediately replied: "Master, during the lasy day of our mission, that's the time they came," Ma Dong paused as he looked at his juniors, then looked at Zhihao as he continued.

"There were enemies that we couldn't see, but they are there, and every hit they are doing can cut us, we went berserk and scattered are powers just to kill three of them, there were at least a hundred of them, we couldn't kill them all as we retreated."

Zhihao nodded as he pondered for a bit: 'Something like an Assassin?'


=Those are the Lokratiz Soaran's special assassination group, an invisible unit of theirs.

Zhihao replied to the system: 'Thanks.'

Zhihao then spoke to them: "The enemies main forces could arrive any day now, warn every of it, and also after that, Cultivate and temper yourself further, the war will break out anytime, Go."

"Yes Master!" They immediately scattered to spread the news.

Zhihao then spoke in a low tone: "The war is about to come, I need to prepare too."

After speaking, he immediately went inside the Fortress.

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