Supreme Martial System
126 Only one of us can live
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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126 Only one of us can live

Inside the Dungeon.

Zhihao is looking down to a snail with the size of a penny.

Amro noticed his gaze as he shouted in anger: "Are you looking down on this Celestial Beast human?"

Zhihao snickered as he replied: "I literally am, you are too tiny"

Amro wanted to rebuke but it's the situation he is currently in. he just glared but shook his head and let it be bygones.

Zhihao then asked: "How do I free you then? Do I need to break the seal?"

Amro chuckled as he replied: "Even if there are billions of you, you wouldn't be able to touch it, stupid"

Zhihao frowned and replied: "You do know I can just die here as I destroy all the holes so that you`ll be stuck here forever right?"

Amro glared at Zhihao as he sighed and said: "I`ll make my vow now Human."

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Thanks."

Amro gazed at Zhihao in bewilderment as he asked: "What are you thanking me for? We're doing a fair trade here."

Zhihao shook his head as he replied: "It's thanks for lending me your strength, It would be one more power that can guarantee the safety of my loved ones."

Amro smiled when he heard it as he thought inside his head: 'This kid isn't bad, maybe he won't be the same as my previous master.'

Amro nodded then spoke: "Okay, enough with your dramas kid, I`ll make my vow now."

Zhihao nodded in response.

Amro smiled as he spoke: "I vow, in the name of us Four Celestial Beast, That I Amro, Guardian of life, Spectral Earth Tortoise to protect those dear to him, and help him obliterate those that are against him! UNDER THE MIGHT OF THESE WORDS I HAD SPOKEN, I HEREBY VOW THAT WILL FOREVER KEEP THEM UNTIL I DIE!"

Zhihao was shocked, there were no words including the end of the contract, and that is when he died.

Amro looked at Zhihao as he grinned and spoke: "Bewildered kid? I find your characteristics to my Liking, so don't worry about the small stuff."

Zhihao nodded and smiled.

Amro then continued: "Just move your fingers as close as you can get to me, and I`ll enter your body through that, get it?"

Zhihao nodded as he stretched his finger, but when he's only one meter away, a force suddenly wanted to push him away.

Amro snickered as the barrier had only been weakened by only this much over the millions of years that he had been imprisoned.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he continued to force his hands inside.

Amro sighed as he shook his head and spoke: "That's enough kid, I think you won't be able to..."

But before Amro could finish speaking.

Zhihao's eyes became red as veins inside his body bulged bigger.


=Berserker God's Rage and Berserker God's Wrath had been activated. Warning to the host, it would be extremely lethal with your current cultivation. chance of death 87.92%

Immediately, Zhihao's strength reached Maximum as his Cultivation power reached almost the same as a Peak Demi God's Realm, Almost breaking through to God's Realm.

Zhihao ignored the warning as he smiled and spoke to Amro.

"You`ll protect them right?"

Amro was shocked as he shouted: "Stop kid! Back away now! That power is dangerous with your current level, you won't be able to handle it!"

Zhihao then spoke: "I need strength, You`ll help my loved ones even if I die right?"

Amro smiled as he spoke: "Don't worry kid, you won't die here"

Just right after speaking, Amro's body grew bigger as a powerful aura surged out of his body.

Amro's figure was like a Snail evolving into a massive creature, His shell grew bigger as spikes started to emerge out of it, limbs appeared as it goes out of his shell, sharp claws and teeth grew the same time as Amro's body.

Amro spoke: "Kid, I owe you one then."

After speaking, Amro tried his best to break through the sealing formation although it could only advance by a centimeter it actually helped a lot.

Zhihao gritted his teeth, as blood started flowing out of his face.


Zhihao screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to reach Amro, while Amro finally gritted his teeth as he stretched his claw towards Zhihao.

Amro noticed Zhihao's current state as he thought to himself: 'He won't survive!'

Amro immediately leaked some of his Spiritual energy as he wrapped Zhihao's body with it, protecting him from any possible dangers.

A burst of energy fluctuation immediately came out of their bodies as they tried to reach each other.

Then, when Zhihao touched Amro's claw, Amro immediately warped inside his body as the seal immediately forced him out, immediately throwing him towards the Cave's wall.


Zhihao hit the wall as finally lost his consciousness.

Amro immediately went out of Zhihao's body as he used his Spiritual Energy to heal Zhihao.

But just after Amro tried to heal Zhihao, another one immediately went out of Zhihao's body.

Amro exclaimed in shock: "You!, You are..." but before he could finish, the silhouette smiled at him as he made a sound while holding his fingers to his lips.


Amro immediately bowed respectfully as he replied: "Yes!"

The Silhouette then nodded as he exerted his force to heal Zhihao.

Amro exclaimed: "Young Master! Please hold! Your life force!"

The silhouette smiled as he shook his head and continued to heal Zhihao.

Amro immediately wanted to kill Zhihao just to protect this silhouette, even if he had to die and go back on his own vow.

Amro gritted his teeth as he shook his head and tears immediately flowed down his face.

The silhouette then spoke: "Don't worry, I've already died millions of years ago."

Amro's face immediately got enraged as he asked: "Was it him!?"

The silhouette only smiled as he entered inside Zhihao again.

Amro's face darkened as he made another vow: "It's either you die, or We die! I vow to the heavens, That it's either you die or us, My brother and Sisters will have our revenge someday!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》