Supreme Martial System
125 A Snail?
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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125 A Snail?

Inside the Dungeon.

Four years has already past as what Zhihao thought to be just a casual walk in the park made him stuck for years.

Zhihao had been going to back to Earth at least 6hours per month to restock some food, the stocks of food he reserved had already been fully consumed by then, as such, he bought a lot of canned goods from the MS Mega Mall.

Zhihao is at the entrance again as he pondered for a bit and spoke to the system.

"There's only 24 left, so where should I go? System, do you want to pick this time? you haven't picked even once."


=I guess, I`ll pick for now.

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Go on then."


=I Don't want too, I changed my mind.

Zhihao sighed as he replied: "Still as grumpy as always, Okay, I`ll go to again!"

Zhihao immediately dashed forward the one he chose.

After a few minutes, he had already seen the end of the Cave, but what actually surprised him was that it's actually so big, there is also some form of seals with four pillars in it.

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he asked the system: "What's are these things?"


=It's a seal Created by a supreme being, maybe some from the God's realm did this.

Zhihao was shocked, God Realm? That was the epitome of power! and it's where Yi Yan also lives.

Zhihao nodded then asked again: "What type of seal is it?"


=A type of seal that can seal even the mightiest of the gods.

Zhihao was yet again shocked as he exclaimed: "Something that can seal away even the mightiest gods? How powerful is this seal then?"


=Maybe it's the epitome of all sealing formation, It continuously drains the power of whoever is inside it.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "I Guess they are preparing it for someone then? there's no one here."



Hearing the notification but no words from the system Zhihao immediately became serious it could only mean one thing. there is something here, and it should be really powerful.

Zhihao immediately scanned his surroundings as he focused all of his spiritual energy around the grand cave.

But before he could finish, he heard a voice.

"Hoo! a Living being, a demon? beast? or is it human?"

The voice was thunderous as if it had come from the Gods itself,

Zhihai immediately withdrew his spirit sense as he prepared to escape, but then he remembered that the whole dungeon was controlled by only one powerful source, and it might just be these ones doing.

Zhihao prepared for a big fight as he drew out his swords.

But before he could prepare, a powerful aura immediately burst fort as it smashed towards Zhihao.

"Do you even think you could go against me?! I one of the four supreme beings of all the realms!?"

Zhihao was shocked, it felt like he became an ant as a whole mountain is crushing towards him, he felt powerless for the first time in front of someone he couldn't even see!

The voice spoke again: "Do you want power? to stand amongst the top and look down even the Gods?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit, then he replied: "No"

"What do you mean no? do you think you can escape this labyrinth I made myself?" the voice replied.

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he replied: "If it's free I can, no strings attached, but there is something like setting you free, then no, I already got a companion."

"Ohh, then how about riches? if you don't want riches, I could also grant you this world itself!"

Zhihao shook his head as he replied: "Nope, You can set me free, and I`ll try to find someone who would, what do you say?" Zhihao tried to imitate the voice as he replied.

The one behind the voice immediately felt enraged as he already knew that he's being sarcastic now. he then spoke.

"I have decided, I don't want your help anymore, I had been here for millions of years, and waiting for another one to come after you died is also an option"

Zhihao pondered for a while, yes if he didn't negotiate with this, he'll be stuck here forever.

Zhihao then sat as he spoke: "What about we trade?"

The voice pondered for a bit as he replied: "Continue"

Zhihao then answered: "I can help release you, but you wouldn't harm anyone I feel you shouldn't, and I`ll set you free."

The one that the voice came from smiled as he asked: "That's all?"

Zhihao then pondered for a bit as he replied: "You`ll be my one of my men until I die of natural cause, Deal?"

The voice pondered for a bit as he nodded and replied: "I will concede then, but only until you die, you can't transfer it to someone else."

Zhihao smiled as he answered: "Deal!"

The voice smirked as he spoke: "Be glad human! you`ll be the first one after so many years to see my appearance." after speaking, the one where the voice came started to move.

The Earth vibrated with every move he made.

Zhihao was shocked as he prepared himself for what's to come.

Then little by little, he approached Zhihao through the shades of Darkness as his silhouette appeared and spoke.

"Human, witness my appearance! I am Amro! The Ancient Celestial Beast! The Mighty..." but before he could finish, Zhihao had already interrupted him.

"A Snail?!"

Amro got enraged as he shouted: "How dare you call this supreme being a..." but before he could finish, Zhihao interrupted again.

"System, are you sure this guy is a Celestial Being?"



Amro got especially enraged as he shouted: "How dare you! I am the All-mighty Darkness..."

Zhihao yet again interrupted: "Yeah, Mighty snail right?" he asked in a matter of factly matter.

Amro then immediately shouted: "I`m a Divine Beast! The Celestial Beast Tortoise! one of the Heavenly creatures that walked the universe with the Supreme being himself!"

Zhihao nodded then asked: "And then?"

Amro's face darkened as he gnashed his teeth and replied: "I am what Gods call the incarnation of darkness, the great Spectral Earth Tortoise!"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Okay, I got it."


Author's note.

Amro was driven from the name Amro4games, he's the author of "A Snail's Wisdom" I used his name as it's actually a turtle that looked like a snail due to it's oval like shell.

So i decided to include amro's name in this novel :D

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