Supreme Martial System
124 Prisoners
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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124 Prisoners

Within the enemy base, 19 silhouettes can be seen

Noobelist slumped as he flew back to them, he couldn't see their Senior Brother's body anywhere.

It was supposed to be a Victory celebration, but with all the sudden unforeseen events that had unfolded, they couldn't do anything at all, and they even lost their Senior brother Ma Dong.

Mo Ying finally regained his consciousness as he looked around and asked.

"Where is Senior Brother Ma Dong?"

Everyone's face darkened as they shook their head.

Mo Ying gritted as he spoke: "All of you recuperate, we'll guard this base and make it our frontal base as we destroy all of the enemies bases. Senior Brother Ma Dong wouldn't like your faces right now, he might ridicule your faces if he sees you! calm yourself! Senior Brother Ma Dong is definitely alive."

Everyone's faces immediately calmed as they nodded and refilled their Spiritual energy.

Lu Piao is still unconscious as he had overexerted his Spiritual Energy and is most likely in a state of coma.


Somewhere within the Dungeon.

Zhihao had been walking inside the caves.

Zhihao then asked the system: "How many entrances have we been to?"


=A total of 1,846 Entrances.

Zhihao sighed as he chose another one and entered it.

Zhihao dashed towards another cave entrance as he used his spiritual energy.

After just a few hours, Zhihao finally reached the end as he saw a big silhouette of a something like a snake, but it's actually longer than the Centipede he met before.

Then the Silhouette looked at Zhihao as it spoke.


Zhihao was stunned as he never met one that could actually speak.

Zhihao replied: "Snake?"


=It's an evolved beast, An Eastern Dragon that had just broken through to the first of its stage.

The dragon slowly started to float up as it looked at Zhihao like seeing its prey.

Zhihao asked the system: "It's the most valuable one we got so far right?"



Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "I`ll be getting some dragon meat today!"

The Dragon frowned as it glared towards Zhihao and shouted: "Your audacity has astounded me human, I won't be sparing your puny li..."

But before the dragon could finish, Zhihao appeared in front of the Dragon as he sliced it's head off out of its body.

Zhihao clapped his hands together as he spoke: "Okay! Time to dissect this cute snake"

After a few minutes, Zhihao finally separated the scales, skin, and meat from the dragon and kept it in his spatial ring.

Zhihao went back to the entrance as he continued his search for the exit.


Within the Sky, above the enemy base that Ma Dong's party had conquered.

Ying Mai is giving Ma Dong some of her spiritual energy to rejuvenate his lost energies.

Ying Mai was shocked as she saw how fast Ma Dong's injuries are healing, even the chipped part of his stomach had almost been fully recovered.

After a While, Ma Dong opened his eyes and saw Ying Mai treating him.

Ma Dong then spoke: "I guess, you saved me Celestial General Ying Mai"

Pausing for a bit, he then continued: "You`ll be violating Master's orders if you did that."

Ying Mai paused for a bit as she looked at Ma Dong, she continued and spoke: "I guess you heard, well It's not violating his order since you have already finished your battle, I`m only helping out a little."

Ma Dong then nodded as he replied: "Thank you Celestial General."

Ying Mai nodded as she replied: "No problem, you should return to them, they are feeling very sad when you suddenly vanished after all." she stopped her Spiritual Energy after speaking, Ma Dong had already recovered 5% of his energy and 95% of his current physical body.

Ma Dong nodded as he replied: "Yes Celestial General"

Ma Dong immediate stood up as he bowed and flew down.

Ying Mai nodded and immediately.

"Pffft! hahahaha! Pffft! That was too hard! Ah ah! at least I could hold it off until he's gone, arrg, my stomach huhu noo! ahhh hahaha pfft!"

Ying Mai laughed as whenever she sees Ma Dong she could still remember what happened a few months ago.


Ma Dong descended from the sky as he saw his Juniors.

Ma Dong smiled as he shouted: "What the hell are you guys being so sad about? did someone die?"

The 18 of them immediately looked at the sky as they saw Ma Dong's figure descending from the sky.

Immediately, all of them cried as they rushed towards Ma Dong and embraced him, Ma Dong was like their second father, as he was the one that would always take care of them.

Ma Dong smiled as he laughed and spoke: "Hahaha, there, there, it's all over, for now, we shall celebrate, but not too much, we'll conquer more and more of their bases, It's been 2 months now!"

"Yes, Senior Brother Ma Dong!"

Ma Dong smiled at them, but suddenly, he looked towards the Giant Pyramid, beside it, there was a big dome-like structure.

Ma Dong immediately spoke: "Follow me!"

Seeing Ma Dong became serious, they immediately removed their previous mood and became serious as they followed Ma Dong.

Ma Dong immediately crushed the walls and became shocked of what's inside.

"There were humans here!"

The people inside were shocked and got scared for a second, then they realized that it was a human cultivator, they immediately exclaimed.

"We're finally saved!"

"Oh thank you, great heroes!"

"We owe you our lives!"


A lot of noise was heard after they realized that they were finally saved.

Ma Dong frowned as he asked: "What were you guys doing here?"

One of them spoke, a man in between the age of 40s to 50s.

"We were captured here, and we did some things to us that we couldn't understand, but after it, they just locked us here."

Ma Dong looked at their figure and signs of malnourishment can be seen in just a single glance.

Ma Dong spoke: "Share our rations to them!"

"Ming Yi go and give them some foods, lead them out!" Ma Dong ordered.

"Yes, Senior Brother." Ming Yi replied

Ma Dong then shouted: "the rest of you, follow me! Let's free the rest of them!" After speaking, he immediately went inside.

"Yes Senior brother!" everyone followed Ma Dong as they went inside.

Ma Dong gritted his teeth as he spoke in a low tone: "How dare they imprison our people! They'll pay for this!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》