Supreme Martial System
123 Conclusion
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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123 Conclusion

Back to where they Ma Dong's group of twenty were fighting.

Ma Dong gritted his teeth as he looked at the Giant Spaceship, then immediately warned his Juniors.

"Stay alert!"

But after speaking, Ma Dong heard some noise coming from his Juniors.




They were attacked when they removed their focus on the enemies.

Ma Dong was about to look but then he resisted as he took a pill and immediately charged towards the Giant Spaceship.

But when he's about 250 meters close, the other spaceships immediately went to support their Mothership and focused fire on Ma Dong as they delay his approach.

Some of the Disciples covered the injured as they obliterated the enemies approaching them, while the others directly clashed with the enemies and tried to clear a big space for them.

Mo Ying shouted: "Noobelist! Go take command!" after speaking, he didn't wait for his answer as he immediately went towards Ma Dong.

Lu Piao immediately blasted off as he also went to support Ma Dong.

Mo Ying and Lu Piao immediately went beside Ma Dong as they spoke: "Senior Bro! We're here!"

Ma Dong being in the predicament almost lost his will to fight, but seeing his two juniors suddenly smiled as he shouted: "To die here, or to live is one of our trials! Get your sh*ts together you Brats!"

The Three of them smiled as they blitz their way through the surrounding Spaceships.

Lu Piao and Mo Ying provided cover while Ma Dong charged his Spiritual Energy as he wanted to finish this Giant Spaceship in a single blow.

Lu Piao grinned as he wildly let his spiritual energy explode, he cast a skill.

"Lightning Emperor's Glorious Road!"

It was a skill that Lu Piao was cultivating before, but this is something he could only use once in a battle, He unleashed his last skill which drains almost all of his Spiritual energy.

Immediately a cage like lightning that leads from their position towards the Giant Spaceship was formed as it blocked all entries, from outsiders.

All the spaceships that hit the barrier that was made by Lu Piao were immediately destroyed as it exploded and turned to ash.

Mo Ying smiled as he roared and used his final skill too.

"Flaming Heavenly Arrows!"

Immediately, thousands and thousands of round flames emerge as it turned into sharp flames covered the whole area.

Mo Ying then roared as he shouted: "Seeker!"

Immediately the arrow looking flames blitz as it followed all the spaceships.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a while, more than half of the enemies spaceships were destroyed.

After finishing their skills, the two of them, Lu Piao and Mo Ying lost consciousness as they fell from the sky.

Ma Dong exclaimed as he shouted: "Your efforts shall not be in wasted!"


Ma Dong shouted to at the top of his lungs as he charged forward with his fully focused Spiritual energy in his fist.

When Ma Dong reached 10 meters, he lifted his fist towards the Giant Spaceship, he then clashed from the Energy Barrier of the ship.

Ma Dong was shocked but then gritted as he shouts.


Ma Dong crushed the barrier as he fists collided with the Giant Spaceship.

Ma Dong immediately went through to the whole giant spaceship as it exploded.

He smiled as he looked towards the sky, as he spoke.

"It was a good fight, hahaha, Master! Please protect my family!"

After shouting, he immediately lost his consciousness and was engulfed by the explosion.

Noobelist saw everything as his eyes were wet with tears, the enemies had started retreating, and all of their workers started to evacuate. he then ordered.

"Everyone who's free save Senior Brother Mo Ying, and Senior Brother Lu Piao! I`ll go find Senior Brother Ma Dong!"

"Yes Senior Brother!" the ones that were vacant immediately answered as they rushed.


In the sky, someone is actually shaking as she clenched her fist and gritted her teeth.

Ying Mai wanted to help them, but Zhihao ordered her to observe unless someone much more powerful than all of them came.

She then looked at the escaping enemies as she immediately went towards their direction.

When Ying Mai had figured out that she was finally out of their sight, Ying Mai started her slaughter, there were still at least 2,000 ships, more than 30,000 soldiers and a couple of hundreds of thousands of workers. but through her rage, it immediately ended within a Single Minute.

"I've eradicated them, I wish you all to improve further with these guys as my offering to your growth, you guys won your first battle."

After speaking, Ying Mai immediately went back to her battle Arc as she observed in the sky.


Somewhere within the Dungeon, a Silhouette was walking.

Zhihao slumped as he asked the system: "Hey, Can I return to Earth while I`m stuck at this Dungeon?"


=Due to the special restriction, you could only go there for about 6 hours.

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Can you notify me if it's the Afternoon on Earth? I`d at least like to spend those times when them."


=Got it.

"Thanks" Zhihao replied with a sad expression on his face.

Zhihao was expecting a good fight but he waited for another Month just to one slap a monster to death, he was too sad after that as he collected its carcasses, and its meat is even poisonous so he left it to rot there.

Zhihao grumbled as he now lacks motivation.

After a while, he finally came back to his starting point and marked the one he had just finished.

He then picked up the smallest hole out of curiosity and immediately entered it while crawling.


=You could've just smashed the walls so you didn't have to crawl.

Zhihao was shocked as he replied: "Ah! That's right!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》