Supreme Martial System
122 These ones are tough
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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122 These ones are tough

Somewhere in the sky, twenty floating silhouettes were rushing.

It was Ma Dong's group. they are ready to start their Mission in destroying enemy bases.

Ying Mai followed them from a greater distance as she observed their improvements.

Ma Dong and the rest finally reached their Destination, he immediately commanded.

"Start the battle! Bombard these filthy things back to their home planet!"

After Ma Dong had spoken, all of them shouted together as they bombarded the enemy base.


After bombarding, Ma Dong immediately ordered: "Draw your swords! Confront those b*stards!"

They immediately went and charged as they clashed with the enemies.

It immediately became a fight of 20 vs 100,000 as enemies kept coming out of their base.

The 19 Direct Disciples was led by Mo Ying, Ma Dong left the commands to him so that he could focus on fighting the Transcendent Beings.

Ma Dong immediately looked towards any enemies he could confront so that his Junior Brothers and Sisters could continue their momentum.


Within some other base, a silhouette is watching some images in the hologram.

"Send at least ten Transcendent beings! We just need to stall them from wrecking our bases! We need to hold on until the HQ notice our situation."

"Yes, sir!" Immediately they scattered as

It is Rah, He currently has no choice but to just watch, ever since they started fighting Zhihao's Disciples, he wanted to kill them immediately, but there's someone preventing him from engaging the battle.

Rah adjusted the hologram towards the sky as he zoomed its focus.

There was a silhouette standing in a ship, and it looked like it's directly looking at him.

After a while, the woman smiled and muttered something as the hologram immediately shuts down.

Rah gritted his teeth as he slumped down his chair.


Ma Dong and his party of Disciples had finally broken through to their base.

Ma Dong noticed that inside the base is actually full of four-legged invaders, maybe it's their line of defense for when the enemies had actually broken through to reach their base. Ma Dong immediately cautioned them.

"Careful of those four-legged invaders, We don't know their strength!"

"Yes!" They immediately slow downed their phase as they approached the enemy's base.

Ma Dong and the rest slowly closed the gap between them, and in just a moment, they saw the middle body of the four-legged invaders opened as energy gathered in it as it released a plate-sized beam of energy.

Ma Dong immediately shouted: "Brace yourself!"

Immediately all of them formed a defensive energy. and in just a few seconds, the energy collided with their barrier.

Booom! Boooom! Booom!

Ma Dong was slightly shocked, although it's power is not that big, but they are releasing it faster than two humans shooting arrows! their shields can't hold for an hour if this continues.

Ma Dong pondered for a bit as he smiled, he then spoke to Mo Ying: "Take command! Mo Ying!"

Mo Ying was about to ask but with the current circumstances, he could only just reply: "Yes Senior Brother!"

Hearing this, Ma Dong immediately dove down towards the Pyramid like structures as he gathered his spiritual energy in his whole body.

Ma Dong has the toughest body within all of them as he practiced the Art that Zhihao had given him the Titan Blood Vein Art.

Ma Dong for the first time after so long felt his blood bumped as he became over-excited, his blood pumped harder as his veins enlarged further providing him with a lot of boost towards his Spiritual energy.

Ma Dong smiled but the smile was too evil caused by his face's characteristics, although when he smiles, he looked like a messiah, but when his smile out of excitement was revealed, it looked very sinister, like a god of death is smiling at you.


He finally reached one of them as Ma Dong smashed the four-legged invader's mouth. afterward, he immediately went to the other one as he ripped the limbs out of them. blue colored blood splashed as Ma Dong killed them one by one.

Ma Dong regained his calm after feeling satisfied, he then looked at his Junior Brothers and Sisters as he shouted: "They have great firepower but lacks defensive power! Obliterate them!"

After hearing Ma Dong's words, they immediately replied: "Yes, Senior Brother!" after replying, they immediately dove down towards the enemies dodging the energy balls.

"Argg!" one of the female Disciple took a direct hit in her body and was slightly damaged thanks to the uniform.

Lu Piao heard this as he immediately caught to the female and led her down.

Lu Piao immediately replied: "Recuperate your energy, join us afterward!"

The female Disciple is named Ying Yalan, she replied: "Yes, Senior Brother" she immediately took a pill for recovery as she circled her spiritual energy.

Lu Piao nodded as he went back to support the fight.

After just a few seconds, Ying Yalan rushed towards the enemy's base.

The twenty of them sliced and diced the enemies, while Ma Dong smashed them as he splits their bodies in half.

But then the Largest Pyramid structure's top opened, and more than 3,000 spaceships flew out of it.

Ma Dong noticed it as he immediately flew towards the Direction as he fired his energy towards them.


A large sound echoed through the battlefield as 8 of those ships went down.

Ma Dong frowned, but just after his hit, the biggest ship in the middle opened its mouth as 5 sword like things floated beside it and shot some focused energy in the middle.

Then at its mouth formed a humongous energy and shot it toward's Ma Dong.

Ma Dong only had a few seconds to react as he focused his energy to solidify his body and dodged.

Ma Dong dodged the focused energy as he smiled and said: "These ones are tough"

The group of 19 stopped at what they are doing when they noticed the huge Spaceship, they smiled when they saw that their Senior Brother, Ma Dong dodged the laser-like thing. but then their smile froze as they saw the huge amount of blood dropping out of Ma Dong body.

Ma Dong gritted his teeth as he looked at his side, in his body a 1/4 of a plate's size was removed near his stomach.

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