Supreme Martial System
121 Dao Of Shame
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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121 Dao Of Shame

Somewhere inside the Dungeon that Zhihao went in.

Zhihao tried to enter one of the Entrances, but he had been inside of it for about 6 hours already.

He tried to reach the end by flaying faster. once in a while, Zhihao and the system would talk.

After a few moments, Zhihao was shocked as he saw a lot of high-grade spiritual stones within the cave walls.

Zhihao smiled as he withdrew a Hammer type weapon in his collection as he smashed the Cave wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A lot of horrible continues sound echoed throughout the cave.

Zhihao smiled as he counted the High-Grade Spiritual stones dropping every time he destroys a part of the wall.

Zhihao continued, then when he hit another part, a sound was heard different from others.


Zhihao exclaimed: "What the hell?!" he asked in confusion as his hands are still vibrating together with his hammer.

Zhihao asked the System: "What the hell happened?"


=That's the Domain's Barrier, It supports the whole Dungeon. It won't be destroyed unless the creator either removes it himself or he dies.

Zhihao nodded as he understood what the system had said. he then spoke.

"Okay, There's still more walls!"


After a few days, Zhihao had made a very big space, almost has the same size as his mansion.

Zhihao sat down to rest and asked the system: "How many did we get?"


=7,242,424 High-Grade Spiritual Stones.

Zhihao smiled at the number of Spiritual stones he had gathered. then he pondered for a bit as he asked again.

"How many days was I in here?"


=26 Days 23hours 59seconds.

Zhihao was shocked as he exclaimed: "That long?!"

Zhihao shook his head as he walked, but then he suddenly stopped as he looked around.

He contemplated for a while then he sighed, he then asked the system again.

"Which direction was I heading to before? I forgot"


=The one in your back

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Thanks!"

Zhihao walked immediately to continue his journey inside one of the holes.

After a few more days, Zhihao finally saw the end of the cave, It's another big vacant room!

Zhihao then walked inside as he looked around, but just when he was about to walk back to where he came, he felt some strong spiritual energy fluctuation.

Zhihao released his Energy as he scanned the whole area. He then suddenly looked up as he saw something. he focused his spiritual energy in his eyes as he probes what that silhouette is.

A very long creature, with hard shells, about as long as half a kilometer in length but only 30 meters in width. but then he found something interesting as he looked ahead.

"Centipede?! A Giant freaking centipede? you guys got it here too?!"

Zhihao was shocked, as he asked the System.

"Is this guy strong?"


=It has only been 2 months since it started its evolution It is still in Heavenly Establishment Realm, and it's actually breaking through again, after a few weeks it will enter Divine Origin Realm, Suggesting that Host wait for that, the Materials in that creature can be made to create some good quality armors.

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Oh, right! I read in some books that they use monsters carapace to create weapons and such. That's a good idea! I`ll wait"

Zhihao sat by the side as he started to cultivate and wait for the creature to further evolve.


Ma Dong's party of twenty.

The rest of the Direct Disciples had finally reached the limits of Divine Might's Realm.

But on the Other Hand, Ma Dong had been too focused on his cultivation the past few days.

Whenever Ma Dong heard them talking about the First spar they did, Ma Dong immediately walks out as he vanished through the shadows and started cultivating far away from them.

He had already reached Legendary Spirit Realm through the Dao of Shame and focused his full attention to cultivation whenever he remembers or someone broughts up the shame of what happened that time.

But due to that, he found a new source of power through the Path of Shame.


After a while Ma Dong finally came back fully refreshed.

He looked around as they had already finished resting and started refilling their spiritual energies.

Ma Dong then nodded as he stated: "Today, We'll start our real mission, and that is to destroy the enemies' bases"

Everyone of them opened their eyes as wills as strong as steel immediately revealed within.

Then someone asked: "Senior Brother, How many enemy bases are we going to destroy?"

Ma Dong smiled as he spoke: "As Many as we can until the end of our 1 year long Mission!"

Everyone of them stood up as they replied: "Yes, Senior Brother!"

Ma Dong then continued: "Within an hour gather all of your spiritual energies, we'll start immediately!"


All of them shouted in unison as they gat back to refilling their energy.


Within the Sky another one had finished breaking through to Legendary Divine's Realm pinnacle.

Ying Mai opened her eyes as she started to look around in all direction, she then muttered.

"I reached this level for only 2 months, If master started since young, how strong is he actually?"

Ying Mai smiled as she recalled her master's face and blushed a little. she then sighed as she said in a low tone.

"Even if I can't be together with Master, I`ll be satisfied as long as I can be by his side, I`ll follow him forever."

Ying Mai vowed inside her heart as she immediately dropped tears from her eyes to her hand and spoke.

"This tears shall be my love, and the fire that will burn it will be my Master's given power to me, I Shall vow to the heavens with these tears as a vessel of my feelings and only Master can have or release it!"

After speaking, the sky had turned dark as 24 lightnings had struck her hands.

Immediately, The liquid tears turned into crystal like gems. Ying Mai then burned those tears, but it didn't crack or anything, It just vanished from her hands together with the fire.

Ying Mai then felt her something Missing in her heart as she nodded.

What Ying Mai did was a ritual for sealing one emotion from a person.

Ying Mai sighed as she sat in a cultivation position and continued cultivating.
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    《Supreme Martial System》