Supreme Martial System
120 Acting cool
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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120 Acting cool

Within the Mountains in a secluded place.

The twenty Direct Disciples had finally recuperated.

Ma Dong spoke to them.

"We'll start now, find your sparring partners."

Everyone replied: "Yes Senior Brother"

Ma Dong then called out.

"Lu Piao, Mo Ying, Noobelist"

"Yes, Senior Brother" The Three of them replied.

Ma Dong then spoke immediately: "We'll have a free for all, we'll do our best until there is only one of us left standing"

The three of them nodded as they replied: "Yes!"

They flew up in the sky immediately.

Ma Dong initiated the fight as he gathered his spiritual energy into his hands.

Ma Dong immediately struck the three of them when they haven't prepared themselves.

Between the Three, Noobelist received the most damage as he flew a few meters away.

Lu Piao and Mo Ying wanted to complain, but then they realized something.

Ma Dong spoke those realizations: "In the Battlefield, no enemies will wait for you all to be ready!"

Noobelist nodded as he immediately prepared to engage whoever is going to charge at him while he recovers his energy.

Ma Dong immediately cast his self-made skill.

"Pulverizing Smash!"

The skill was aiming towards Noobelist, as he's currently the weakest one amongst them all.

Noobelist tried his best to dodge but was still hit in his legs. He swayed while flying as he tried to create big distance.

Lu Piao then immediately charged towards Ma Dong as he focused his mind to blow him with lightning.

"Lightning Charge! Lightning Strike!" after casting a few skills, Lu Piao disengages and engage continuously at Ma Dong.

Mo Ying immediately followed up as he decided that if Ma Dong is to go down, everything would be easy afterward.

After recovering for some bit, Noobelist tried to sneak some attacks between the gaps that is being created while the three of them are fighting.

The four of them continued fighting with all their might.

When the other 16 Direct Disciples witness the scene of their fight, their gazes burn with fighting will as they immediately clashed with their opponents.

One of them spoke, It was the last one that was accepted by Zhihao as his direct Disciple.

"We won't reach anything if we continued sparring one on one!, let's copy our Senior brothers and have a royal rumble! No sides shall be taken, the last one standing shall be the victor!"

Every one of them nodded as they replied: "Yes!"

After just speaking, they immediately prepared and gathered their spiritual energies detecting who to attack and where to defend from.


Within the sky, a silhouette of a person can be seen.

"That's better, you guys will improve faster through that way"

The one that spoke was Ying Mai. after speaking, she immediately went to her form as she comprehended the Will of the flames, she's advancing faster and faster as time went by, she's already getting close to reaching Verushka's level too.

The only orders Ying Mai received are she's not to intervene unless someone like Rah appeared, and another one is just to observe their daily routines.

But there was also an order that she received from Zhihao other than something that has to do with his Direct Disciples, It's to watch closely the Civilians that arrived recently.

Ying Mai ordered some of her subordinates to watch and observe the civilians, and closely watch them if they are doing something suspicious.


After a while within the Mountain where the 20 Direct Disciples had sparred with each other, there were only 4 silhouettes standing.

Ma Dong, Lu Piao, Mo Ying, and Lin Yanran.

Lin Yanran was the one that won the battle within the Direct Disciples as she actually continued defending until they had run out of spiritual energy and fought them back one by one.

Ma Dong in the other hand had already beaten the three Junior brothers of his. but Lu Piao and Mo Ying don't want to give up as they kept standing up even after getting beaten to a pulp by Ma Dong.

Ma Dong then spoke: "Still not giving up?"

Lu Piao replied immediately: "I still have some Spiritual Energy left Senior brother"

Mo Ying then sighed as he replied: "Well, Lu Piao, even if we joined forces, I think that Senior brother has only used 30% of his original strength, and we're already spent just maintaining us from flying in the air."

The both of them sighed as they spoke: "Senior Brother, we give up" but just after speaking, the both of them fell from the sky as they finally lost consciousness.

Ma Dong sighed but then he immediately caught up to the falling two and landed them on the ground.

Ma Dong then looked at the last standing Disciple within the ground while the rest of them were laying flat unconscious.

Ma Dong smiled as he approached the last standing one, he walked beside her as he looked at the horizon as the stares at the dusking sun, he then muttered.

"Don't let your achievement today get in your head, there will be someone stronger than you in the wide horizon"

Ma Dong waited for a response, but after a few seconds, she still didn't speak.

Ma Dong then fixed his posture to look cooler as he stood with the stomach in and chest out posture, then he continued.

"Every step we take in life is a step towards our future, achievements and failures are standing side by side and in a later generation, it will help you to achieve your dreams."

Ma Dong then waited for a while, but still, she didn't respond. Ma dong thought.

'I guess she's too overwhelmed by her achievement'

Ma Dong nodded as he continued.

"Look at your three Senior Brothers over there, not to be someone bragging, but they ganged up on me! but still couldn't touch and defeat me, and those three are stronger than you, Even though I had some trouble dealing with them, I still walked out victorious, and I`m not letting it get into my head"

He didn't wait this time as he spoke.

"We'll continue to strive towards power as we practice and temper ourselves to help our master in the future, I hope all of you can survive this ordeal, and become stronger than before." Ma Dong was about to continue when he heard a sound coming from her.

"Uhnn" It sounded like a nodding one.

Ma Dong nodded too as he spoke: "Reality is, we're too weak to helm Master right now, but through more effort one day we can..." but before he could finish he heard another sound.

"Uhnn, uhhnnn"

Ma Dong then looked at her and found out that she had already been too exhausted and fell asleep while standing.

Ma Dong was shocked then exclaimed: "You...! You...! you were sleeping?!"

Ma Dong looked around as he saw no was awake.

"Ahem, ahem" after coughing, Ma Dong walked towards her as they placed all of them in the ground to rest.

"I just wish no one saw that" After speaking, Ma Dong sat down as he started cultivating.


Somewhere in the sky

"Kuk, hooo, Kuk! Pfft! no, I need to maintain my posture, Pfft, haha! ha! ahh! nooo! I need to maintain my posture! Pffft! nooo! that was too epic! HAhahahaha!"

Ying Mai was having a laugh of a lifetime.

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