Supreme Martial System
119 Struggle
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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119 Struggle

Inside the Maze/Dungeon

Zhihao proceeded after Dealing with the Ogres.

He sometimes encounters some other creatures, some are in a group, while there are also individuals.

Zhihao lost count of the Time he had spent inside the Cave.

Zhihao asked the system: "How long has it been?"


=Four days and three hours.

Zhihao sighed but still continued walking forward. He then continued to ask some more questions since, the System is the only one he could talk to, to relieve his boredom.

"So, How long have I traveled inside this Maze like Dungeon?"


=8,175KM in estimation.

Zhihao shook his head as he immediately Dashed forward, but then, a light suddenly appeared in his vision. Zhihao smirked as he rushed forward immediately.

But then, what Zhihao thought to be an exit was something he couldn't imagine.

A Big room appeared in front of him, the size of a big city, and what bewildered him more is that he can see hundreds or Thousands of cave entrance, he couldn't even count anymore.

Zhihao sighed as he shook his head and spoke: "I`ll return now, I can't..." But before he could finish speaking, a notification popped up in his head.


=You`ve entered a separated Dimensional domain, Exit had been closed.

Zhihao opened his eyes wide as he spoke: "WHAAAAAT?!"


Somewhere within the Gailea Continent.

There were a group of people clashing with the Invaders, It was Zhihao's Direct Disciples.

It was a minor battle, They led some of the enemies to follow them.

Ma Dong confronted the enemies as he provided cover for his juniors.

There were about 10,000 enemies that had followed from the small base that they had infiltrated

Ma Dong shouted: "All those weaker, form a line as you deal with the enemies, Lu Piao! Decrease their numbers from behind!"

Lu Piao replied: "Yes Senior brother!" After speaking, He immediately quickened his phase and circled around the enemies rear.

Ma Dong continued: "Mo Ying! Get the Exhausted to fall a bit as they rejuvenate!"

Mo Ying replied: "Yes Senior!"

Ma Dong then looked at the 4th in power ranking within the 20 of them and called: "Noobelist, Go assist the left side, hold down the enemies and prevent them from fully surrounding us!"

Noobelist Immediately replied: "Yes Senior Brother!" After replying, he immediately supported the left side.

Ma Dong looked at the surroundings as he fights the Transcendent Beings in a 2 in 1 fight. Ma Dong then Ordered.

"Yanran! Support Noobelist!"

Lin Yanran immediately took a recovering pill as she replied: "Yes Senior Brother!"

Then one of them shouted: "Enemy reinforcements!"

Ma Dong immediately looked at the arriving enemy as he frowned. he then ordered.

"Everyone on defensive formation, slowly retreat! Lu Piao! Return!"

"Yes, Senior Brother!" All 19 of them replied.

"Create some distance! The ones in the Rear! Bombard these animals back into their world! Cover our escape!"

"Yes, Senior Brother!" The 11 from the Rear replied as they bombarded the enemies with all their spells.

After a while, they had made some distance, Ma Dong shouted: "Full retreat! Their reinforcement is arriving!"

"Yes, Senior Brother!"

All of them focused their spiritual energy and flew away as they retreated.

Ma Dong looked at the enemies as they fled with all their might.

They had killed almost half of them, but they were already exhausted.


In the distance, a Silhouette is floating as he commanded: "Do not pursue further!"

The invaders immediately stopped as they retreated.

The one that spoke is Rah.

Rah thought for a bit as he shook his head: "So you are not annihilating our forces here to train your subordinates, Training them for when our headquarters noticed what is currently happening here."

Rah looked back as he flew back to their main base. he then spoke in a low tone: "Why'd our archon have to die. Now we don't have any means to communicate the Main world."

But then a smile appeared on his face as he spoke: "They should be arriving here in a year's time, even without the communication, those assassins have to arrive here even if we didn't contact them, we need to hold our grounds for at least that time. we'll have our chance to survive bigger if they arrive"


Ma Dong and the rest finally caught their breath as they slumped in the ground.

Ma Dong sighed as he spoke: "We've improved, but it's so tiny that we could just describe it as none."

Everyone's face sunk as they nodded, they could feel how little their improvements had become.

Ma Dong then continued: "What do you guys think the best solution would be? We can't return to the Empire until we've become stronger!"

Mo Ying was about to talk then was stopped by Ma Dong as he said: "Let them think for now"

After a few minutes, there was still no response, but when Ma Dong was about to speak, someone stood up.

It was Noobelist he spoke: "We need to surpass our limits, by doing so, I think we can do some things."

Ma Dong nodded and then asked: "Which things are you talking about?"

Those invading enemies had some enmities now with many of the survivors from the Human Continent. Ma Dong's group had been killing their comrades that they had shared day and night for the past two days, they wanted to confront them immediately.

But with only Ma Dong's presence within the group of Disciples, it was too intimidating in the eyes of the Invaders, so no one dared to do anything without their Transcended beings. But one could imagine that in the future, their group would be lead by Ma Dong as their great enemy if it comes to war, as more of their comrades will die in their hands.

Noobelist suggested: "We have three options Senior Brother One is to separate us in a group of four or three, and we do the same things over and over again. the second one is for when we continuously spar with each other and try our improvements in the enemies, and the third one is when we fight the enemies, we'll separate each other, Individually fighting groups of them."

Ma Dong nodded in confirmation. He then replied: "We'll do your suggestions then, the second one is what will do for three months, the third one is for 6 months, and the first suggestion is what we'll do for three months, when that time comes, we'll decide on the date that we'll be meeting. Understood?"

"Yes, Senior Brother!" everyone nodded as they replied.


In the sky, someone is floating while watching them.

It was Ying Mai, She sighed as she spoke in a lone tone: "I hope all of you guys survive this year, Master instructed me to watch over you and prevent Rah from intervening, but I can't help you guys if you are about to die, I`m truly sorry"

After speaking, Ying Mai immediately flew further up to cultivate as she watches them daily.

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