Supreme Martial System
116 The Empire“s First War
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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116 The Empire“s First War

Above the Eternal Glory Kingdom.

Zhihao was about to take action then he halted his flight.

Zhihao immediately scanned with his spirit sense to detect the movements of his subordinates and enemies. It seems like they are doing great without his help, but although there aren't any casualties yet since the battle had only started, there is no formation within the whole of his army, they are just flying towards the enemies as they clashed. This looked messier than his toilet room from his previous life.

Zhihao thought of the Books he read and checked what's the greatest strategy to be used in this situation.

Zhihao immediately transferred his spiritual energy to his vocals as he shouted.


"Heavenly Establishment Realm Retreat and cover your comrades in the front!"

"All Divine Origin Realm and higher go in front and begin the clash as others retreat!"

"My Twenty Direct Disciples! Handle the Transcendent Beings!"

"Ying Mai! Provide assistance to the area that's Getting pushed!"

After they heard Zhihao's words, all of them smiled as they replied: "Yes LORD!"

The Morale that Zhihao had given them was enough to boost their strength two folds.

When everything is becoming stable and is steadily gaining momentum, Zhihao then continued

"Ying Mai! Battle Arc!"

Ying Mai immediately replied: "Yes My Lord!" Immediately, Ying Mai summoned the Battle Arc as it provided additional power to fire type skills of everyone that Ying Mai deemed her ally.

Zhihao watched as they fought back and gained the upper hand. Zhihao then can see that although they were gaining the upper hand, there were a lot of his men getting injured. He immediately commanded.

"Royal Army! Take the Injured to the base! Leave no one behind! get them treated immediately!"

The Royal Guards that felt dismayed as they couldn't do anything but watch as their comrades fight for them, and now that Zhihao had commanded them, They immediately felt their hearts beat fast as their will burned brighter like a sun, and they replied: "Yes Lord!"

After replying, all hundreds of thousands of Royal Guards immediately went to action as they rescued their fallen comrades.

Zhihao then thought for a bit, then looked at Ying Mai battling the enemies with the Help of his direct Disciples. Zhihao then spoke.

"Ying Mai! As my Celestial General lead the whole army to Victory, Failure is not an option!"

Ying Mai's eyes burn with passion as she replied: "As your will commands my Lord!" Ying Mai felt happy, that she got her Lord's order and felt like as a Celestial General, She would have to lead more battles like this in the future.

Ying Mai looked around for a while as she started to think of some things to turn the side.

Zhihao then did the same as he thought: 'It would be good to focus somewhere'

Ying Mai had the same thought as she ordered: "All Heavenly Establishment Realm experts! Go and push the right side of the battlefield!"

She looked at the Eternal Royal Guards as she ordered again: "Left part of the Royal Eternal Guard! do not Engage in attack! Focus on defending!"

Zhihao then pondered as she remembered this kind of Strategy and thought: 'The Crab pincer's Strategy, looks the same, standing their ground as the other side completely overwhelmed the enemy until they trap the enemies to their left and exterminates every enemy on sight. Not bad, Not bad at all."

Zhihao then pondered and thought: 'If she focused on the middle, It would be a Mess as the power would be divided in two, A good Idea indeed.'

Zhihao then saw a familiar silhouette in the sky as he spoke: "Rah? I forgot you were still alive"

Rah looked at Zhihao as he replied: "Retreat! This is a lost war!" after ordering, Rah immediately fled

Hearing their commander in charge spoke, The Lokratiz Soarans immediately retreat, although only 1/6th of their previous number was left alive.

Seeing their retreating figure, Zhihao nodded in Approval of this first war for his Eternal Glory Kingdom. Zhihao then thought a phrase that he read in one of the books, "In a hundred war, there would definitely be some loses too"

After thinking for a while, Zhihao looked at the running silhouettes around 100,000 citizens, he pondered, and thought: 'Mortals?'



Zhihao asked the system: 'Is something wrong?'


= Don`t mind me, It's not my place to intervene with this, It is your fate, and fate it is yours to handle.

Zhihao thought that the system is hiding something, he just shook his head, The system must have something that he just can't take.

Zhihao then commanded: "Take those mortals to enter the Empire!, all of you assist your comrades inside! Especially the heavily Injured ones."

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai in the distance as he spoke: "Ying Mai report to me of the events that happened!"

Ying Mai immediately replied: "Yes My Lord!" she immediately went close as she continued.

"Lord, we saw those mortals running from the invaders heading to your Empire, as such we deemed it fit to protect the weak and engage the enemies"

Zhihao nodded but when he remembered the System's weird behavior, he kept thinking of some other possibilities, then there is a word that came into his head: 'Spy?'

Zhihao then ordered Ying Mai: "Ying Mai, Heed my orders, No one of those mortals can Enter the Kingdom, But I permit them to establish a village near us"

Zhihao thought that if his assumption was wrong, he'll be killing those innocent people if they sent them away.

"Yes My Lord!"

Ying Mai was about to leave but then Zhihao continued.

"Give them something to eat for a month, and materials to make their Village."

Ying Mai smiled as she replied: "Yes My Lord" she immediately flew away to carry out Zhihao's orders.

Zhihao looked at the way the Lokratiz Soarans ran away as he spoke in a Low tone: "I hope my intuition is wrong"


Somewhere far away. someone spoke to the Air.

"Observers, had they fulfilled their purpose?"

"[email protected]*(! [email protected]#!*#$*%#$% ! @#$*@"

The Silhouette smiled as he spoke: "Not entering, but still being beside them helps too."

The Silhouette retreated as his face gleamed viciously.
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    《Supreme Martial System》