Supreme Martial System
115 Returned to the Cultivation World- Wait! What!?
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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115 Returned to the Cultivation World- Wait! What!?

After arriving in the Mansion, Zhihao talked to his family and Zheng Shuan.

After a while, Zhihao left them to do some purchase.

Zhihao pondered for what he needed to bring in the Cultivation World.

After merging with his stats, he can practically think quickly now and figured out how to enhance his kingdom further.

Zhihao immediately summoned all the books and in a span of 30 minutes, he had already read about 180 books. Zhihao then immediately want to deal with his arising problems.

In Zhihao's brain processed some things.

-Demon Beast's Appearance

-Mortal Citizen's Danger

-Lack of Ores, Minerals and such

-Black Smithing

-Resources to counter that danger

-Equipping the Citizen's but through their own effort.

Zhihao's brain racked itself as it kept continuing: 'Guns? no too suspicious to buy here those things, Swords? Shields? armor? No.'

Zhihao then was only left with one choice. Metal. Although they had better metals in the Cultivation world, It's lacking in quantity, Zhihao wanted every civilian to have something to defend themselves at least.

Zhihao immediately called the Metal Factory.

Afterward, Someone answered: "Hello, How may I help you?"

"I need some metals to be delivered this noon, I`ll pay an additional 30%, I am Zhihao we had a business five days ago," Zhihao spoke to finished the deal immediately.

The one on the other line of the Phone immediately stood up as he thought: 'The Big Gun is back for more!' He immediately replied.

"Yes, sir! What sort of business do you wish now?"

Zhihao replied: "I'd like a hundred thousand Kilos of Iron delivered to my mansion, and..." Zhihao ordered all sorts of steels he could think of in producing weapons.

The man immediately Answered: "Right away sir! I already wrote everything! we'll Immediately go there and deliver your items!"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Okay, As soon as possible please." after that, he hung up the phone.

Zhihao walked towards the Living room after.


After arriving in the Living room, he chatted for a while with them.

Then Zhihao broke an issue with them: "Dad, Mom, I`ll be going in the Afternoon, I might be gone in a week or more, you guys can stay here if you want, I don't know how long I`ll be gone for this time, but I`ll definitely come back to see you all"

Zhilong and Bing Bing smiled sadly as they nodded.

Zheng Shuan then interrupts: "Can I go with you again?"

Zhihao shook his head as he replied: "You know the situation there, You can't, maybe until I settled everything."

The three of them nodded.

Ziyi then spoke: "Bro, please just come back safe okay? I don't know what you are doing, But I`ll wait for you! You need to see my wedding if I ever had one in the future, Okay?"

Ailing then added: "Me too! Bro! My wedding too!"

Zhihao nodded at the both of them as he smiled and replied: "Don't worry, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Zhihao then walked out as he sensed the Delivery trucks arriving one by one. then he spoke: "I`ll be going out now then."

His Family and Zheng Shuan nodded.

Zhihao walked to Butler Ma when he reached the Entrance, he then spoke: "Butler Ma, This is $10,000 treat them all to some restaurant don't leave anyone, even the guards, then come back after you guys ate your fill."

Butler Ma was shocked as he nodded and answered: "Yes Master" After answering Butler Ma immediately walked as he called all of the staffs and the guard.

Butler Ma was happy, being treated like this by their Master is definitely one hell of a blessing.

Zhihao wouldn't want any of his staffs inside the Mansion to see him making things vanish into thin air.

Zhihao walked to the Gate as he the Contractor greeted him.

"Boss, We got everything ready! where do you want it unloaded?"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "You guys arrived here really early, the Same place"

the Contractor replied: "Anything for you boss, your generosity in choosing our company is the biggest deal we've had, even if we combine all the past transactions we had." after saying that He immediately got his walky-talky and ordered his men.

Zhihao nodded and let them through the gates.

It was seriously like an adrenaline rush for all the men right now, they heard how magnanimous this guy is from their co-worker, getting a slice of that pot money would definitely be a good thing for them. even the drivers joined in unloading all the things.

After just 45 minutes, everything was already unloaded.

Zhihao was shocked as he asked inside himself: 'Were these guys on steroids!?'


=No, they are only inspired by your previous generosity by handing money for them.

Zhihao frowned as he replied: "Did I ask you?"


=Nope, but you are too oblivious to such thing, even though your intelligence has already been upgraded to something great, your lack of common sense is still bad.

Zhihao sighed, this guy definitely wants to get even with him.

Zhihao then ignored the system as he walked towards the Contractor, but before he could, a notification popped up.


=Hmmp! noob!

Zhihao's veins immediately bulged up as he wanted to go berserk with this system.

Zhihao then looked at the Contractor as he spoke: "Thank, It's all finished then?"

The Man replied: "Of course sir, everything has been unloaded out of the truck!" pausing for a bit, he asked his men: "Right boys?"


Zhihao sighed as he took the receipt, a total of $980k USD.

Zhihao then replied: "You guys bought your Card reader I presume?"

The Man replied: "Of course sir, here" He immediately handed the card reader to Zhihao.

Zhihao finished the transaction as he pretended to pull a stack of bill inside his coat.

"Here's 50k, you guys can divide it amongst yourselves"

After hearing Zhihao's words, every one of them smiled from ear to ear, there were 120 of them here, even if their boss gets half of those, they'll still get a lot. worth a whole month of their salary.

The Man received the money as he spoke: "Thank you, sir, this will be divided fairly between my workers!"

Zhihao nodded as he waved his hands.

The Man bowed as he talked to his Men: "No one is going home not drunk tonight! $45K will be yours! treat yourself to some alcohol tonight! you guys get three days rest! Starting tomorrow! Let's get partying!"

"Yeah!" his men were wild right now, they got roughly 350+ USD, even after they spend some of it on alcohol.

They immediately went back in their trucks to return it to the company and have a drink.


Zhihao then went to his backyard and placed all the metals in his 4 Interspatial Ring.

After that Zhihao walked towards his family.

Zhihao brought his Father, Mother, and Zheng Shuan in his room.

Zhihao then asked the System: 'How many time left?'


=1 minute, 24 seconds left

Zhihao sighed as he looked at his Parents and Shuan. he then spoke.

"I only have a minute left until I return. I`ll come back sometimes, but I`ll be a little busy on the other side. I hope you guys take care of yourself." after speaking, Zhihao immediately walked forward as he hugged his Father and Mother.

Zhihao then spoke: "I`ll come back, take care of your health okay?"

Zhilong and Bing Bing nodded as they teared up.

Zhihao smiled at them then looked at Zheng Shuan: "I`ll see you the next time I come back here"

Zheng Shuan nodded as she walked and held his hands. Shuan immediately replied: "I`ll miss you, please come back safely" after speaking, Zheng Shuan tried to hug Zhihao but then, A barrier immediately surrounded Zhihao as it lightly pushed Zheng Shuan away.


=A barrier has been summoned to prevent further loopholes being exploited. Time's up.

Zhihao was shocked as he looked at Zheng Shuan when he wanted to hug her too.

Then a Scar in the ground appears as it swallowed him whole.

Zheng Shuan immediately teared up as she slumped in the ground.

Zhilong and Bing Bing were shocked as that black scar-like thing appeared and swallowed their son.

They asked Shuan: "What happened?"

Zheng Shuan then calmed herself down as calmly replied: "That was the thing you use to go to his world"

Zhilong and Bing Bing nodded in understanding.


Zhihao Appeared in the cultivation world as he looked on the Horizon, but he was shocked to see something that is currently happening.

The invaders are having a war with his Eternal Royal Guards!

A War has broken out!
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    《Supreme Martial System》