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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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114 Shock

In the University where Ziyi will be enrolling

The three of them walked as Ziyi led the way as they finally found the registrar.

Zheng Shuan and Zhihao followed her and proceeded with the Transfer and walked out of the office.

After fixing the transfer files, they immediately went out.

Zhihao spoke: "I need to make some purchases, I`ll go to a mall, would you guys like to come? if not I`ll just drop you both to rest for the day."

Zheng Shuan and Ziyi spoke at the same time: "We'll go with you"

Zhihao nodded and they walked out of the Building. they immediately went to the parking lot and rode the car as they drove towards the gate of the University, but what they didn't expect was that there were actually a lot of people blocking the gates.

When the people blocking the gates saw Zhihao's car they immediately took some photos and started a chatter among themselves.

"That's a very expensive car"

"That's the car that Zheng Shuan's fiance have right?"

"Woah! Super Rich handsome oppa!"

"Give us back our goddess! NO!"

"Shut up! who would you want our Goddess to be with rather than that Handsome and Rich man?"

"Yeah!, Is there even anyone that matches her beauty? Would you like it if a foreigner has our Goddess instead?!"


"The news stated that the Zheng Family and Zhong Family had a meeting discussing their future, Is that true?"



They drove to the gates as a flood of people took pictures of them, luckily the Windows are fully tinted.

Zheng Shuan then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Zhihao, can I tell them that we are going out?"

Ziyi then intervened: "Don't worry sis just go on! I got your back!"

Zhihao sighed hearing their conversation as he nodded.

Zheng Shuan saw his nod as she blushed and smiled.

Immediately she opened the windows and spoke to the crowd: "Hello everyone, thank you for always supporting me" Pausing for a bit she looked at them and continued: "Zhihao and I are officially going out, I wish you wouldn't cause him any hard time"

After Speaking, Zheng Shuan smiled at them without any pretense as she got inside the car and closed the window.

When Zheng Shuan closed the window, there were no sounds that can be heard, and when they heard Zhihao's car started, they immediately made a way for them.

After Zhihao moved drove away and left the crowd.

A voice in one of the crowds spoke.

"Have you seen a smile as beautiful as that? that smile..."

"Woah, so it's true being in love enhances the beauty of a person"

"I... I`m going to support that guy from now on too!"

"Yeah! Protecting him means protecting our Goddess' smile!"


And that was the time that "Anti-Hating Fiance of Zheng Shuan" was established, but that was a story for some other time.


Zhihao then drove to MS Mega Mall as he parked his Car in the Parking lot.

The three of them immediately went to the department store.

Zheng Shuan then spoke: "Zhihao, I think they requested some toiletries right?"

Zhihao then pondered for a bit as he remembered and replied: "Yes"

Ziyi got curious as she asked: "Who are you guys talking about?"

Zheng Shuan blushed as she immediately walked faster.

Zhihao just smiled as he replied: "It's Zheng Shuan's sisters"

Ziyi got confused as she remembered that Zheng Shuan is an only daughter. then she thought: 'Maybe it's a cousin of hers' after thinking, she immediately followed them.

She saw them buying toiletries, then the next thing got her shocked Baby Items? Diapers? Baby shampoo? what?

Ziyi got shocked as they kept buying things for women and babies. then thought 'Maybe her cousin is pregnant.' She just followed them and stopped further thinking about things.

After a while, Zhihao had bought about 10 carts of necessities and needed some assistance from the workers inside the mall.


After Shopping, they immediately went to the parking lot to drop the things inside in the trunk.

The Workers was shocked, can you even fit everything inside that tiny trunk?!

Zhihao then handed them a $100 bill to share amongst themselves as he spoke: "You guys can go now, no need for further help"

The workers smiled as they replied: "Yes sir, we'll pick the carts afterward." they immediately walked away as they thought that someone will be arriving later.

After seeing them gone, Zhihao immediately pretended to place everything inside the Trunk, to prevent from any cameras catching the scene, after putting it in the drunk he immediately sucked it inside his Interspatial Ring.

Ziyi Was shocked again, after the 3rd card, she thought it would be so full that the trunk cover wouldn't close, but her brother continuously placed them one after the other. what the hell?

Ziyi then walked closer as she looked at the Trunk.

Zhihao noticed it and smiled as he said: "Come here Ziyi." after speaking, Zhihao withdrew a gold bar and an Interspatial Ring he had in reserve.

Ziyi nodded as she walked towards Zhihao while looking at the trunk, then was opened her eyes widely as she spoke: "Where are the things? What happened? How? What?!"

Zheng Shuan sighed as she definitely has that kind of thing happened to her when she went to Zhihao's other world.

Zhihao smiled as he handed two things to Ziyi and spoke: "Here, wear this ring"

Ziyi calmed down and took the ring as she asked: "It's to big for my fingers"

Zhihao replied: "It's just like the bracelet."

Ziyi then looked at the Ring as she placed it in her Pinky finger. then it immediately resized itself and perfectly fit her finger.

Zhihao then continued: "Try to think that this Gold bar will go inside that Ring"

Ziyi was pondering for a bit as she tried. and immediately The gold bar morphed as it was sucked inside the Ring. she was shocked as she looked at her brother then asked.

"This is?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "It's a storage Ring" Pausing for a bit, he continued: "Try looking at the ring as you focus on the gem then"

Ziyi then nodded and tried her brother's guide.

Immediately, in her mind, a wide space can be seen and there was a piece of gold bar in it!.

Ziyi then opened her eyes widely as she replied: "Bro! This is so cool!"

Zhihao smiled as he handed another three of them and spoke: "Give this to Mom and Dad later when we arrive, you should teach them too"

Ziyi then asked: "Brother, are you from this world? are you God? Or are you a magician?"

Zhihao smiled then shook his head and replied: "You can ask Dad and Mom, I told them everything, you'll know what I am"

Ziyi then nodded as she looked at Zheng Shuan and asked: "You know?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "Yeah, I think I know more than your Father and Mother, but I haven't experienced everything yet there."

"There?, Where?"

Zhihao then spoke: "You`ll know someday"

Ziyi then stopped every thought she had and nodded.

Zhihao then smiled as he said: "Let's go in, We're going home now." then He looked at Zheng Shuan as he asked: "Would you go home or come with us?"

Zheng Shuan smiled as she replied: "I`d like to meet aunty and uncle too"

Zhihao then nodded as they rode the Car and Drove back to his Mansion.


Author's Note.

I`m still at work! But I`ll update you guys again another chapter after I come back!


I`m going to change my Bonus chapters now, because the numbers had increased and I wouldn't be able to write 20 chapters if the Powerstones reached 2,000 :D I hope you guys Understand, a week with 30 chapters will take a huge toll on me when I`m not a fully time writer and I don't have any salary here, but the bonus would be almost be as good.

Update :

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What My rank this week will be how many I post in the next week, That will be the update!

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